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  1. Do attraction points play a role? Just ended the game and had like 5 points with Boyle. Why nothing happened?
  2. Idk, I killed all the dolls and then started to kill the boss. He healed himself but I kept fighting and I killed him lol. I used Rowen Boyle Robin and Hibearu
  3. I skipped all this thing haha so how do I make night and how it works?
  4. Can't find one in Shadow Isles (I've done turtle quest)
  5. what are sword singer spells? I've seen some Angels and Rowen was talking about this sword singer stuff. But nothing happens. She still uses only wrench lol. And why no one uses Ingrid btw?
  6. I have Phye in my party and his blade is once upgraded. So I come in this cave with this fire (it's demonic cave, right?) and I can't go on
  7. Every time I go to defeat demons in Ravwyn, Phye says his blade is not strong enough and I have to find demon cave. But I can't also my game is really slow on the shadow isles so I can't find it any tips?
  8. that guy had different situation. The game was always slow. By me on some locations it's okay (most cities), on some super fast (caves), on some just slow (dragon wasteland). But shadow islands... It's just sooooo slow I can't. And it's not because of my computer cause menu is always working okay
  9. I might be silly haha but I just can't decide who should I leave in the party Can you give me some advices? Who do you use and who will be more useful in the future
  10. All the programs are closed. And on some locations everything is perfect. But on some I'm too slow.
  11. I picked it up. But I can't give it to mayor's daughter
  12. Is it only by me that on some location characters are extremely slow?
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