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  1. I just beat Kubaba by using Rowen, Phye and Hiberu Thanks for all the advice :wub:
  2. Hi! Any advice on how to defeat Kubaba? Thanks in advance.
  3. Use your broomstick (in the inventory) to go back to Ingrid's house.
  4. I'm having the same problem too, maybe it's just a bug?
  5. Just a quick question, where is Nan's store? Thanks.
  6. Okay I got it. Please ignore my previous post. Thanks a bunch
  7. Isn't Robin suppose to join my party after I find the hot spice? Super confuse!!
  8. Hi! Anyone can advice me on how to activate the wake up call? Thanks.
  9. Boyle won't arrange for a wake up call, so what should I do? Need help please!
  10. Hi! Can someone let me know when Robin will start to join the main group? Thanks.
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