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  1. Yup, you'd think the Oracle would do much more seeing as she's actually a higher being and all (AV2) Thanks for the answers. I doubt we'll ever know Boyle's past. It kind of makes me sad. About the paladin leader, Brightsword, I actually meant what happened to her after all that happened in the game. We see an epilogue for everyone, even Forthright(wrong) but not her at the end. Just makes me curious. About Myst and Robin. Yes, I actually agree with you. Part of me thinks that individually, it's better that they remain their separate way while another part of me wants them together. I feel Robin is a tad too childish. I KNEW it! I knew I wasn't mistaken when I remembered Hi'beru saying he lived elsewhere in another continent. I got confused when another poster said that the love potion item is in a love interest's home The tease at the end that Boyle might be a Darkthrop really gave me the "wow" factor....actually more of a "WHAT?!" Sadly it is just a tease. Unless Amanda Fitch drops us more hints. Or she could just break my heart like she did when she confirmed the canon ending of AV3 series
  2. Good day everyone. I'm fairly new here so please forgive me for any mistakes I make. So about Aveyond 4:Shadows of the Mist. I'm not offending anyone, but somehow this installment of the Aveyond series didn't feel the same. In a way it doesn't feel like a game from Aveyond at all, which is pretty much of a downer since I was so hyped on its announcement. Nonetheless, it was refreshing to finally play a lead male who was also a villain in the past. (Aveyond 2 cast a male lead but was pretty much a supporting protagonist to the female chosen one) The huge difference of AV4 with all other installments is its shift from melodramatic adventure to a comedic one. I found the game hilarious and had fun. It was both the reason why I love it and the reason why it didn't feel like an Aveyond game for me. It leaned more on the comedic side, unlike the others. The plot would still be the same though, beat the big bad and save the world. Only this time they do it without the Oracle's influence. Another difference is the lack of housing for the party. It's seen that all other installments had it but AV4 instead had a huge library where your party is separated and can be talked to. Too bad, I really liked party interactions with one another. But I guess they make it up with the story telling of party members when Ingrid comes back from potion making (which really makes me curious on what they talk about) Attraction is still the same, but this time only Ingrid can do it gain it with three guys (I really wanted to play cupid and couple them all up, not just one) With all that's happened in AV4, I think I've gained more questions than answers to the events. Like: Ingrid and Boyle. Does she really love him? How did he get cursed in the first place? WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO SAY ABOUT THE CURSE WHEN THEY GOT CAPTURED!?(The ending where they marry didn't seem much to me, I was expecting something more touchy-feely) What was Boyle's reason to enact world domination? I WANT TO KNOW WHO WERE THE HEROES THAT BEAT HIM What was Boyle's past as a villain? Why did he have to kill Fang's mother? Tying to Q3, how did Boyle and the demon Baal get involved? He's the reason Boyle is afraid of demons(if I remember correctly), so what did Baal do to him? What happened to all those cowardly paladins and the leader who got seriously injured(we got to see Forthwrong but not them at the end) Will Robin and Myste get together, or have they already gotten together?(They're so cute) Is Robin an official paladin at the end? He's braver than the paladins seen. And last but not least, is Boyle actually a Pendragon?(I don't remember if the story said Darkthrop or Pendragon since I misclicked and missed one dialogue box, while another poster said Darkthrop descendant) What I do know is that Boyle never had a father(scene at End of the World with Robin) and doesn't know or is not proficient in reading(library scene at Halaina). If so then is Wolfbane just a surname he gave to himself or is it his mother's? Gee, of all Aveyond games, AV4 is the only one I want with a direct sequel. So many mysteries unanswered. The ending was funny and entertaining. I'm not going to question that. We all know the militant squirrels were at an advantage. It was only a matter of time. (I'm guessing the party was at fault for selling that weapon blueprint at Robin's shop? ROFL) As a side note. Where does H'iberu live? I found the rosemary at Boyle's house (after wasting a whole afternoon) and found a post saying the rosemary is seen at the love interest's house(so Phye's is in Ulrock) Also can someone explain the H'iberu and Phye romance ending? I only got Boyle's(since I like their relationship building throughout the game. To be honest I didn't like them at first but the idea finally warmed up to me.) And unfortunately I overwrote some save files I have where I can start again at 10H and so. And finally; WHEN WILL THEY EVER MAKE AN AV2 CAMEO? I miss all the characters of AV2 that never get mentioned at all
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