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  1. I do not know if this is the correct place to ask this but I NEED help: have pm'd Daniel and Andrew (at John Wizard site) but got response. I have posted on Steam and have rec'd no response. I have read all the posts about mixing/using this potion but I am still having issues!!! After I have mixed it there is no icon in the lower right to indicate I am carrying it (there is an arrow that I clicked on). I went over to the monster and hit ALT, second try SPACEBAR, third try ENTER. I even redownloaded the game. No luck. What am I doing wrong!?!?!?! TY n
  2. A box is dropped over Boyle from a bridge. I cannot find the access point to that bridge !!!! TY nyx
  3. Is there any way to change the font in this game. I find it very hard to read. TY
  4. Click on Everguard (above). Click on Send Message, then Send Message Detail. Try to copy and paste your file there.
  5. Make sure hidden files are checked off....If not go to Control Panel/Folder Options/View tab. Under the Hidden files and folders click on the circle in from of Show hiidden files, folders and drives. Close out of that. Go to your e-mail program and enter the send to addy/subject and then click on Attachment Go to: Find out where the game is located. The save files are in the game folder Hope this helps
  6. Are you going thru the fight twice?
  7. You have to have a "Save File" b4 the end fight
  8. In the same swamp to the far right (as you enter from the Vampire camp) n there should be a trail that leads to another house. You have to enter and beat that guy b4 you can read the Book in the Elf house. n
  9. I have the "Bloodstone" quest. I have searched the Basalisk caves but cannot find any dynamite. Where am I going wrong? Also, I am at the Glacies fight and the Act II fight help says that I should have "Theo". Where did he come in to play? I only have 3 party memebers!! ty m
  10. The Tree truck gut - Skip him at this point. Only thing left is the Hole.
  11. You have to fight the Vampire(?) that is off to the right in the swamp. Have u done this? n
  12. I think this may be where u get on the ship
  13. I am at the cave entrance with Thrusen and am trying to enter the number and it will not take it. I keep getting "The words disappear". PLEASE HELP. TY n ** Edited - Figured out what I did wrong. I was erasing ALL the fields after the code.
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