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  1. I do not know if this is the correct place to ask this but I NEED help: have pm'd Daniel and Andrew (at John Wizard site) but got response. I have posted on Steam and have rec'd no response. I have read all the posts about mixing/using this potion but I am still having issues!!! After I have mixed it there is no icon in the lower right to indicate I am carrying it (there is an arrow that I clicked on). I went over to the monster and hit ALT, second try SPACEBAR, third try ENTER. I even redownloaded the game. No luck. What am I doing wrong!?!?!?! TY n
  2. Nyx

    Whisper woods

    A box is dropped over Boyle from a bridge. I cannot find the access point to that bridge !!!! TY nyx
  3. Nyx

    bastian - The Lore of Lorewyn

    Is there any way to change the font in this game. I find it very hard to read. TY
  4. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Click on Everguard (above). Click on Send Message, then Send Message Detail. Try to copy and paste your file there.
  5. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Make sure hidden files are checked off....If not go to Control Panel/Folder Options/View tab. Under the Hidden files and folders click on the circle in from of Show hiidden files, folders and drives. Close out of that. Go to your e-mail program and enter the send to addy/subject and then click on Attachment Go to: Find out where the game is located. The save files are in the game folder Hope this helps
  6. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Are you going thru the fight twice?
  7. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    You have to have a "Save File" b4 the end fight
  8. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    In the same swamp to the far right (as you enter from the Vampire camp) n there should be a trail that leads to another house. You have to enter and beat that guy b4 you can read the Book in the Elf house. n
  9. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    I have the "Bloodstone" quest. I have searched the Basalisk caves but cannot find any dynamite. Where am I going wrong? Also, I am at the Glacies fight and the Act II fight help says that I should have "Theo". Where did he come in to play? I only have 3 party memebers!! ty m
  10. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Hurray..... Level up good n
  11. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    The Tree truck gut - Skip him at this point. Only thing left is the Hole.
  12. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    You have to fight the Vampire(?) that is off to the right in the swamp. Have u done this? n
  13. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    I think this may be where u get on the ship
  14. Nyx

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    I am at the cave entrance with Thrusen and am trying to enter the number and it will not take it. I keep getting "The words disappear". PLEASE HELP. TY n ** Edited - Figured out what I did wrong. I was erasing ALL the fields after the code.