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  1. Hi.. I have gone through previous post on this topic but couldn't find the clear picture of this potion topi.. its so confusing between aggreable potion.. resizing potion.. What do I need for aggreable potion?? I got spiders eyes.. what else???? Thanks
  2. Ok.. fair enough, but sometimes you guys don't allow us to create new topics as well..
  3. I clicked on the tick button on my previous post and can't reply on that post again as its locked.. Just wanted to let you guys know that I had great fun in Dungeon... good work
  4. I have already read that note and found Nan's shop before .. its just can't trigger the quest.. I went to store in Tor but that person is not letting me take that ledger at the moment.. is there any other quest linked to this quest..?
  5. I am so lost in Dungeon that I am literally bored.. I can't pick up anything in the Dungeon except swords..I've been all over the place in Dungeon can't figure out why can't I open the final secret passage.. it says ' we need a key' now where is the key?? If its in the tresure box in the Dungeon its too dark can't go.. huhhhh!!
  6. Thanks Mopiece Can't trigger Nan's shop quest.. Dungeon is so confusing.. it's hard to understand that what I need to see in dark or with eyes.. I already got spider eyes..can't pick up fire boots, it says 'Ahhh! They are not hot' with mirror it say.. 'is it mirror or something else' kind of..
  7. Please help... Where is the castle key? I couldn't find key for the castle door anywhere?? What do you need to see in the dark in the castle.. also can't pick up the fire boot.. I forgot the location of Robin's Nan shop..
  8. Please help.. Night watch quest - Banana boy says 'go and find rabbit racing rank' what does it mean???
  9. Where is shadow isles? Where can I find Rowen? Please help.. Thanks
  10. Pls help.. I couldn't find item store in Halaina for 'round of cheese'
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