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  1. Where i can download recent version? Is it unlimited and free?
  2. Everyone please, can you help me please? I can't make a fake fire in phye's house. What should i do?
  3. I just found 2. On the west and north. Oh okay, i just found it Thanks to you guys Merged posts. Please just use the edit button and do not double post. ~Mopiece
  4. I'll find it later. I have trouble again I've found 2 demonic sulphur at shadow island. And I don't find 1 more. I've entered 3 caves (one of them which have cauldron). Is there any cave that exist?
  5. Oh thanks i've found them xD And one more, antibear salve in gingernut forest? I found cave which not have path. But the werebear isn't there.
  6. Okay, i've got the rickety biscuit. Now, i have trouble. Where is shadow island? i can't find it. Is it the place has a shield or not? And... where should i go to find 3 werebere about??
  7. I have same problem. I must find 3 about werebere. Where should i go first? And... where is shadow island? Is it island which have a bubble like shield?
  8. The place which have some locked rooms? I've found it. But i haven't seen any brownies chests more.
  9. I just found thief card. I don't know where any cards
  10. Everyone, please.. Help me with the archer riddle. I can't find anything which i need. The thing i do is just walk around daintree forest
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