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  1. What happened to the wife at the End of the world? We "saved" the family and find son and daughter, no wife? I feel sorry for Mansifield, suddenly a single parent 🤣
  2. Thanks for the answer - "Ingrid's throng"? Did you mean "throne" - after she "broke into" Boyle's house and now feels she owns it? 😎
  3. Hi there! Didn't find an answer in the forum... does sitting on Boyle's bone throne in Wyrmwood do anything? I've changed characters and nothing seems to happen except the visual effect. Is it "just for fun"? I'm replaying after quite some time - having fun! Thanks, S
  4. Hi there, don't know if barnybyrd found an answer to that glitch. I'm re-playing and went to the mainland after visiting Pelead and was stuck there too. Re-downloading and re-installing didn't help. I started from an earlier save and now have the quest to go back to Thais so all is well. It might be helpful not to let Mel get away from Eldrion until she has the quest?
  5. Thanks for the answer - I guess I'm just bad at guessing what element the enemies' spells are and don't use the shields well (they often don't seem to protect much). Do you know if there are more than 2 staffs for Lydia in GoN?
  6. Another question I haven't found an answer for... I have Dragon and Sea staff which apparently enhance fire and water spells respectively. The fire spells are quite obvious (obtained from the Wyrm book); I was wondering if the water spells refer to the Storm book as I haven't noticed a great enhancement when equiped and using those spells. She has also learned the spells from the Ancient book which do not seem to be affected much by which staff she uses. Also: is Snowbringer an ancient or a water spell (seems to be the most powerful spell at the moment, no matter which staff is equipped). And I'm never sure what Stella's shields shield against ... any info there? Thanks again!
  7. Hi there, I've been through the forum and haven't found an answer so here goes: is there another "extra" skill apart from Chicken Dance (which is quite fun) that Mel can learn in GoN? Thanks, S
  8. Thanks guys! The google thing works fine.
  9. Hi dear Aveyond creators! Almost non of the links to maps work (404) or there is no map to click on - I saw that you made the effort to create special links in the forum and it usually sais "Best viewed full size (click on image)" but there is nothing to click on. Also may links in FAQ and "maps, guides, walkthroughs" don't work (404) I use maps when I'm utterly lost or when I've "finished" with an area and want to check if I missed something... the only way I can see the maps are on over_cloud9's walkthrough; that's all right but sometimes I see places I've not been to yet.... Any way you could fix that or at least take down the "promising" postings? I really enjoy your games - I think this is the 3rd time I'm playing the series (only bought it about a year ago), and love the forum. Thanks, S
  10. Sadly many of the links here - eg FAQ and Guides - end in 404 not found pages... Any way to get those links back up? Tx S
  11. Such a shame that a single missplaced click disrupted my plans! But thanks for the info anyway as I won't waste time looking for more points.
  12. Thanks Mopiece, found the ginger... but must have missed some attraction along the way. In total there are 6 points in Ingrids stats (5 for Boyle after the cookie and 1 for Phye - sorry, was wrong about having 5 for Boyle before). Sadly I don't remember where I acquired the other 4 existing points but I know I gave Phye the heart by mistake. How many attraction points are there and where can I get them. I'm going up Skull Mountain now and am afraid the game might be over soon...
  13. I'm nearing the end of the game and would like to get Boyle and Ingrid together. I have 5 points for Boyle (gave one to Phye by mistake) but haven't done the cookie thing yet. In my items I find 4 ginger extract and I know Boyle likes ginger; when I go to the cookie lady I can only access my usable items and the extract is not there... any help will be appreciated! Thanks
  14. Thanks! I did use Fang for a while but he seemed less powerful than Razor. I did feel a bit like a traitor for not using Fang Now I've converted...
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