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  1. Now I have another reason to start over, thanks Mopiece:)
  2. I missed the soul quest. Do I have to start over, is there a way to get back there (I'm almost finished, about to wake the beauty) or can I have that quest solved in chapter 2? Many thanks
  3. The explanations get lost in long threads. I do my best to do the explanation as well. I've just read that Amanda has informed BFG to change the description, I think this was the best thing to do.
  4. I liked the chapter idea from the beginning, thinking that I will continuously have a great story going on for a while, and that I don't have to wait years for another great RPG. Call me stupid but I have been playing the game for 16 hours now and still leveling up for the orcs around catatombs. I don't want to use the level eggs now, saving them for higher levels. I don't believe that you can finish the game in 5-6 hrs without a detailed walkthrough and without skipping side quests, and for me that's spoiling the fun of playing an RPG.
  5. @goldielox: I don't think the music is annoying. Hearing it over and over again when trying to level up is annoying. I wish it was a continuous tune without that victory tune at the end of the battle. After playing 4 hours non stop, I had enough of hearing the victory tune, so I turned it off. Edit to clarify further: I love Aaron's music. I was wrong to say "battle tune". I was mentioning the standard victory tune when you win the battle (the trumpets, not the violins).
  6. I would also recommend to put an indication that this is chapter 1 on the download pages (even better on the name), as people started to complain about that on BFG forums as well. I personally loved the chapter idea, thinking that I won't have to wait for years for a good RPG. I knew about it since I check this site very often, but there are many gamers who don't know about amaranthia.
  7. I've posted an honest review and sent my "kudos" points to all fellow Amaranthians who had done so. Although that 1 star review annoys me too as a fan of AV, maybe it's a good feedback for Amanda as it appears that even imbeciles try to play the game, and the tutorials should be prepared accordingly
  8. I loved it! I've been playing it literally all day long (9 hours) and have just reached Stormbend, escaping the merchant route monsters, saving the chests for later. Mel is a candidate for my best Aveyond character after Rhen. Story is fantastic, much better than AV2, I've to play more to see if it's better than AV1 and AP. I don't understand what this fuss about "too short chapter". I've been playing normal difficulty and I see no way to finish this game in 6hrs without following a very detailed walkthrough. I found the mouse control very handy unlike the previous attempt, but I agree the menu order is confusing for an AV addict:) It took me a while to figure out how to change the party. The music is great, but as usual having the same tune over and over again for the battles becomes boring and I end up turning off the music not to hear the battle tune again. Graphics are very nice, and I have to mention Mel again: I loved the way she looks with that ribbon on her hair! Thank you Amaranth team for the great game and I look forward to finishing this and the next chapters.
  9. I've just finished the demo and I'm really impressed. I couldn't help myself, stopped playing for a while and just watched what you've done with the graphics: awesome! I'm surely buying it, congratulations for a very well done game:)
  10. I definitely agree with Oracle. Portals like BFG help me to know about the games and their developers. I bought Aveyond from Yahoo, and it would be impossible for me to learn about Amaranth games if Aveyond wasn't available at Yahoo. If I like a game a lot, I visit the developers page to see new releases and buy their new games directly from them as a principle. As for Amanda's games: I'm ready to pay more than 20 bucks if that helps in any way. I still play Ahriman's Prophecy and enjoy it a lot, and I can't understand how come you don't charge anything for it. It is so much better than newly released games with polished graphics but has no depth and all you do is click around.
  11. I think US citizens have been consuming too much goods and services for relatively very cheap prices. I don't exactly know the dynamics behind how US was able to keep the economy that way, but whatever it was, it seems not to work anymore. I was listening to "voice of america" yesterday. A US citizen was complaining that petrol prices went up to 1USD and he had to use metro instead of driving. He also said the US government should help people financially so that they can continue to drive. I think it's time for this guy to understand that earthly resources are not unlimited and that he should also save. In my country the petrol prices are 3 times higher, and it has always been higher. So we drive small cars consuming much less petrol, and prefer public transportation whenever it is possible. It's not only petrol though. Whenever one of my friends go to US, they come back with suitcases full of what they shopped from malls. They lose their minds when they see the price tags. "10-20 USD for a pair of shoes, I bought one pair for everyone I know" is a sentence I frequently hear. "Buying a house in US ? Everything is easy, you take a mortgage and pay in 30-40 years just like paying rent" Sounds very nice, but I guess these will end. I don't think US will fall but lifestyles and consumption patterns will change, and personally I think in a more modest, healthier and better way. Death penalty ? Well, real life is not like crime series we watch on TV. No justice system can have 100% accuracy on crimes. At the end they are all subjective decisions. Don't tell me about hard evidence like video recordings. Every evidence can be manipulated, misunderstood and/or misinterpreted. I recommend everyone to watch the film "The life of David Gale" by Alan Parker. For friends who strongly believe death penalty is a must to get rid of "perverts" etc, think how awful it would be if for some reason you were wrongly accused of being a pervert, murderer, burglar etc.
  12. @Chiisai, enjoy your youth, don't be shy about your looks cause you look slender and very beautiful:)
  13. I wish I could do that as well An-Anonymous. Do you play piano? I hope to run a small hotel business in the eagean coast one day. So bored from city life.
  14. Swimee, you are such a lovely young lady!
  15. Hi there swimee, I'm glad you made it to the forums. As Luz-Melian says age is not a matter here (I'm 42) Welcome once again, hope you enjoy yourself as much as we do:)
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