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  1. Great job ! I'm playin your game now .. & I got some probs Well, after healing a poor maid & getting into Royal Chambers from Master Yanchan, I did talked to Natashi again & when she asked me to see the King & I'm stuck there, I really don't know what to do next ... Where to if I want to meet the King ? Thanks!
  2. Ivonnie

    best party for AV1

    OMG OMG .... Can't believe it !!!! .. I knocked Ahriman out !!!! I used charm on him and I know,i know God loves me ... He slept and completely forgot to fight me ! ... Eventually,he died and my party members' HP are brimful !! Thanks for all helps ! Here my party members : Rhen : Just nightbird Lars : Charm - Charm Elini : Just Aemas & Galahad : Restorative ! After all,I'm just so lucky :'>
  3. Ivonnie

    Book Page

    Thanks .. I found it !
  4. Ivonnie

    Book Page

    in a hole south-east of Ghalarah I can't find any hole in Ghalarah .. please help !
  5. Ivonnie

    Some questions :)

    Thank you so much Actually,I've almost done . I went to Ahriman's lair but Rawyrns & Angels were too strong for me to fight so I decided to come back & complete all quests ! But you know,I don't remember where they are ... Thanks again !
  6. Ivonnie

    Some questions :)

    There are some quests that I want to ask . Please help ! +Stop the Plague In Dirkon +Find a bettering ram +Uncurse Ejindro Then Where's the alchemist ? [d]Where's Ylisfar ? I can't find this place on the map [/d] And where's an Orb Staff ? Thanks !
  7. Ivonnie

    All Maps links in Walkthroughs topic !

    Thank you so much
  8. Help ! Build B Maps with Callouts What's wrong with those links ? I can't use it anymore . When I open,they don't work and :" The page cannot be displayed " Thanks !
  9. Ivonnie


    Really thanks ,but you know, music didn't change ! It were all well
  10. Ivonnie


    I took it already . And that door,it's a Talia's cottage !
  11. Ivonnie


    Yes I waited for a long time but nothing's changed .
  12. Ivonnie


    Help me ! Everytime I go through the doors,the screen turns black so I'm stuck & can't play anymore . What happened ? (I downloaded AP from Amaranth,if you have another link to download AP,please share it with me . Thanks !)
  13. Help me ! After went to Goodie Caves (from Woodlands,Green Weed Plains & Seri Desert),my dragon is disappeared when I came back to the place where I parked my dragon. I don't know why ? Now i'm stuck,in Seri and I can't move to anywhere I forgot to save it so what should I do ( please help me,you guys ........
  14. Ivonnie

    Strategies on Fighting Bosses

    Finally,I won .. With Ean,Iya,Rye & Nicolas :X Ean : Almost use ice claw sometimes Plague Iya : Siren sometimes Radiance Rye : Crusher Nicolas : Healing Wave & Extora Shield During a battle I used Elixir for party members (just 4 bottles) Hope that helps . Good luck
  15. Ivonnie

    Where's my dragon :( ?

    Yeah .. Thanks for yours great helps ! I opened my latest save slot and played it again til the moment that I went to Goodie Caves,but when I came back,surprisingly,my dragon was still there ['.'] . It is solved . Thanks again !