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  1. I'v been having the same issue with Aveyond 4 for a while now and haven't found a solution. For whatever reason, the game's internal clock is about 4 times slower than real time. This causes the text to appear one letter at a time, characters on screen walk at an achingly slow leisurely pace, rather than a fast run/walk as in other Aveyond games, and moving scenery such as waterfalls glitch out. I realized it might have something to do with timing when I had been playing for about 3 hours and I saved the game, and the time on the screen said I had only been playing for about 45 minutes. I tried installing it on another PC not owned by me, and the game ran perfectly fine. Is there anything at all that can be done? All of my software is updated, I have enough memory on my computer, I've tried uninstalling it, I've tried deleting all the files and staring over. I've bought the game on BigFish and on this website and nothing helps.
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