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  1. What culture Aveyond 1 cities are based on

    @HarbingerLady they had slaves in the East, but until the end if the Ming dynasty, they were used more as cattle, or two-legged mutton, and less for work.
  2. This or That!

    Historic druids. Just like the idea if whole covens if them. Persian religion or Aian religion?
  3. This or That!

    Never been to England, so Verashima. Clearwater, Western Isle or Clearwater, Florida?
  4. This or That!

    AP Candar. Ylisfar our Verashima?
  5. Ask Anything!

    That is unsimplefiable without a value for x. That's how you'd write it. What's an imaginary number squared?
  6. What silly mistakes did you do in aveyond when you were new?

    Used to have AV2 on my dad's computer, but it crashed and he never got it back. Never had AV4.
  7. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Chapter 8: Lost As the trio made their was toward the Burgeon Woods, they were sidetracked, and soon find themselves lost. After a while, they found an opening in the treeline. Naturally, they went through. Through the trees, the world was much different. Branches had grown over, but not under, forming a roof that allowed very little light in. Rotten logs were strewn across the ground, ave mushrooms grew where shrubs had once been. Spook, for whatever odd reason, insisted that they should look around. After walking for only a few minutes, they found what looked to be an abandoned village. Looked like. It was inhabited, but by something that spooked Spook (heh) and Rhen. Ghosts, as it seemed, all asking for help. They would've run, If Nox hadn't stopped them. She told them that they were not dead, because she could not sense them. She did, however sense something dying. They followed her senses up a mountain, which must've been shorter than it looked, because they could not see it from Thais. After what happened at the top, Spook was again spooked (that never gets old). What that was, was that they found a girl. A little girl, seemingly 5 years old, who asked them to take her home. Rhen almost agreed, before Nox held her back. Nox, and a driad behind the girl, simultaneously told her not to touch the girl. The girl glared at them, complaining about them ruining her fun. She ran at them, slashing needle-sharp fingernails at them. Reflexively, Spook pulled his dagger on the girl, thrusting it into her side. She fell to the ground, writhing as she changed forms. She tried to stand, but fell back down. Grey wings fluttering. Her last words were, "It seemed so much easier in the movies." Stumped as to what a "movie" was, Spook, Rhen, and Nox agreed to help the driad, and bring her holy water. They left with more questions than answers.
  8. What silly mistakes did you do in aveyond when you were new?

    @Ishti heh. I used to not be able to stay on one quest line for more than two minutes. I couldn't finish any of the games until the last year. That's when I finished AP (several times), AV1, and all of AV3. Also I could never find Ahriman's lair in AV1, because I was convinced it was in the caves outside of Thais.
  9. This or That!

    Spook. At least he's pretending to be a student guy. Gevolda or Avrail?
  10. This or That!

    Ean. Sense of youthful ignorance, but serious when needed. Heptitus or Hercules?
  11. What are your favorite soundtracks from each AV game?

    AP: Enchanted (yewtree) Star Pegasus (for Tar Vedron, friggin Arishta theives) AV1 (in general): Clearwater Intro/butterfly music Memory Caves AV2: Sadness 1 (Iya's theme) Dragon Ravenwood Lot: Journal Cutscene Song (whatever ever it's called) Witchwood Quin Castle GoN: Naylith Orc Empire Venwood TLO: 1. Peliad 2. Final Battle 3. Shoal Liu (if that's how it's spelled) TDP: Final Battle Shaen Lyr Thornkeep
  12. The Casgliad: Aian Holy Book

    Hey all. This that thing I was talking about in spam haven. @Ant this is where you'll find that lore we were talking about. Anyhu, here goes. ------------------------------------ The Book of Agas I These are the words of Agas, first voice of the Goddess: I am Agas, voice of the Goddess. And I have been sent to warn you. People of Aia, repent of your wicked ways. A mother does not let her children wander where they may be hurt, and likewise the Goddess does not wish for you to be harmed. But it is not beasts who harm you. It is yourselves. You seek power beyond that of the divines, power that you wish to rule, so that you may rule your neighbors. I say to you, that kind of power you do not control. That power controls you. It seeps into the mind and flesh, contorting it beyond recognition. Those which seek to harness this power become instruments of rage. They are nothing but volatile energy. Power was never meant for the races of Aia. All daeva were once mortals. They used the world around them until they became it. Saurva, now one with fire. Indra, my wife, now none but the rage of the oceans, beautifully serene at sight, but violent, refusing to be content, trying always to take the land. This is why I fear. This is why the Goddess sends me. Do not even associate with those who seek such power. Mass of power cannot be contained. Is seeps into those around, changing them, however reduced the effect is. Vampires, for one, came from the friends of Zarich, a sorcerer who used the dark power of blood magic to advance his agenda. And fire elementals, once the friends of Saurva, now fire coated skeletons, releasing the rage of fire to all around. Many may be drawn to this, thinking that it gives them control of their curse. The curse controls those who allow it. Their bodies come out, in some distorted way, but their mind are rewritten. The least of which is that of vampires. These words are that of warning, a mother telling her children not to get too close to the fire. ------------------------------------------ That should tell you something of Agas' life story. And of the end of his letters to the people of Aia.
  13. What culture Aveyond 1 cities are based on

    @HarbingerLady With Veldt, you're probably right. Sedona, I would think so. Now with Thais, you pose an interesting question. I always thought of those as low pixel button downs, but I could be wrong. Veldarah and Ghalarah I think are both eastern styled in general, that being anywhere East of Europe. Ghalarah is in Veldarah's empire, so they would be the same. The bamboo thought. I don't know. Bamboo could be hidden in the swamp though. There's tons of it in the eastern United States.
  14. Swipe Type Typos

    So, on my phone I use swipe typing, and it doesn't always show up how it's supposed to. I was trying to write something a while ago, and I thought, "typoed aveyond characters" so here you are. Ahriman's Prophecy Talia Marisa Deck Peek He'll Frederick Keene Sniffling Pendragon Hassan Spark Stories (Sereina) Zorn Feeble (Gevoda AV1 Threw Perversion (Rhen) Lays Revive Ricans Two-thirds de Armchair Trial Racehorse Dameon Massive Mash Muck (Marge) Prorate Hogan (John) Fakes Tennis (Galahad) AV2 Wan Ohio It's Tiki Tue Zips End Bigfoot Pensions(Nicolas) Fashion Morgan (Gavin) Anna Overture (Ava) Cerro Serendipity Hahaha (Ishtar) Av3LoT Missed Arroyo (Mordred) Tungsten Darkroom Game Davidoff (Gyendal) Neo Daemon (Mel) Raise Penetration (Edward) Ska Okay (Olaf) Geopolitics (Hepatitis) Professor Hey Pretoria Moo Av3GoN Kya Road (Lydia) Ile the Erudite (Ulf, good description) Av4 Google Wings (Boyle) Dante (Fang) Imbued Mate (Myst) Ricin Torrent (Rowan) Pre (Phye) Hindi (Hi'beru)
  15. This or That!

    One more episode . Rhen or Mel?