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    Take Moonpeace's interests, take away Buffy, add random quotes from Alice in Wonderland and M.C. Escher.

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  1. @Red_ButterflyThat is fair.
  2. @Red_Butterfly It's an interesting theory, but if I remember correctly Rhen was mentioned in AV2.
  3. Wow. It's been a while since I've seen anything happen on the forums, especially on a thread from 12 years ago. Good writing though. Keep it up.
  4. This would be something for Spam Haven, but I've almost always gone witch. Went Enchantress(the one you called fairy) once, but that's pretty late game, so depending on your playstyle, you may or may not be willing to wait that long. Then again, you may already be to that point. Idk.
  5. @becbs everything up to AV3 has been put on the Play Store. Only AP is free though.
  6. Welcome to these Hallowed Halls, @Ashen_Eclipse. The forums have since gotten to a point of little traffic.
  7. Bro it's been almost three years since I ppsted these. I think they're in a box somewhere. Them background lines though. Those are just the tiles on the bathroom floor, because I couldn't scan them and that was the best lighting in the house. I used a camcorder lol. This is 9th grade Scrivener stuff.
  8. Baked. My stomach doesn't like to keep fried stuff down these days. Brush first for floss first?
  9. That really depends, I recently tried salmiakki, which is a Finnish candy with so many different varieties, but they're all based around the idea of salted liquorice, and I love it. Sadly to get more I would have to get it imported. But with salty things, one of my friends likes lime and salt powder, which I hate, so overall, I prefer sweet, but if I can have both then I'll spring for that. Sweet. Yeet or yote?
  10. Those are pretty darn good. I've never been able to picture Rhen in heavy armour, which is stupid seeing as plate armour was one that I had on her for a while (is that plate armour?). The bottom right one of her is a very nice armor design, even though there's just the back. I can just see it carrying over. With the ones about Dameon, even though younknow my stance on him, have really nice costume design. I mean like I could see someone wearing those. The one in the middle though... I love the design but that pose just reminds me of some cartoon movie called Prince of Egypt for some reason. Edit: I just realised how late I am.
  11. Banned because that math doesn't add up.
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