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    Underfall-land. Yeah. We're all mad here. Well, actually it's just me.
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    Take Moonpeace's interests, take away Buffy, add random quotes from Alice in Wonderland and M.C. Escher.

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  1. Ban the person above you

    Banned for getting that image.
  2. Ask Anything!

    Banana bread. My own improvised recipe. A ton of vanilla and cinnamon. It's hard to find the right balance though. Too much cinnamon sucks out the flavour. And I don't use nuts. What's your favourite dessert pizza (pie if your from one of those weird places)?
  3. What AV Characters Do You Most Look Like?

    This is a bit weird, but anyway. I look kinda like Devin or Lars. Maybe Edward, although less so. Not like Ulf, as my profile pic suggests.
  4. Ask Anything!

    I'd invite Dameon, Vel, Mel, Gyendal, and Nino (Talia's mom). Hercules would probably invite himself. There would be a nice little slugfest between Mel, Gyendal, and Hercules, while Dameon and Nino had a heart to heart. Vel would be robbing the place. I wonder if Vel and Mel are related. The certainly look like it. Hint hint @Ant. Same question.
  5. The Ravenfoot Chronicles

    I've very slightly updated chapter one to fit some details in later. You might want to look into it. Wink wink. I'll try to get the next chapter up soon, I've been having trouble converting it to journal format.
  6. Ask Anything!

    Magical ability of my choice, eh? I ditch the items become ethereal, and walk right out. You didn't say I had to use all that I had. Your 3000 feet up on a pillar and all you have with you are your clothes (jeans, a t-shirt, underclothes, and shoes) and some weights (the round kind). How do you get off? I know how I would.
  7. Ask Anything!

    Okinoshima, Japan. Rabbit Island. If you could go to any fictional town in any fictional world, what would those towns and world be?
  8. Ban the person above you

    Banned because that's the reason I use for almost everything in the flesh and blood world.
  9. This or That!

    Pepper. Sriracha or Texas Pete?
  10. Ban the person above you

    Banned for liking the emoji you use.
  11. This or That!

    Ylisfar. Venwood our Verashima?
  12. Ban the person above you

    Banned for not seeing that I'm the only one that makes sense. (Look at your profile image)
  13. Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    @moonpeace Is it working?
  14. This or That!

    Anti-hero. They're a lot more fun to play as. From AV1, Regular elf or night elf?
  15. Ban the person above you

    Banned for being made of clay.