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    Take Moonpeace's interests, take away Buffy, add random quotes from Alice in Wonderland and M.C. Escher.

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  1. Scrivener of the Gods

    The Albardk Affairs

    Chapter II A simple accident. A slip, and a fall. A long fall. So ended Lhora Albardk. The teenage dwarf was now an orphan, and could no longer stand the mines. They had taken too much from him. He didn't attend his mother's funeral, but instead went to the nearby city of Candar, and drank until he couldn't drink. He had no idea where he was when he woke up. The grey-stone streets and buildings, the overly fancy mansions, and the smell of sewers were all new to him. He was no longer in Candar. Only one man seemed to recognize him. Alon Tevad was his name, and as it seemed, the Albardk child had drunkenly sworn service to him. No dwarf breaks his word; not even his drunken word, so he settled in the servants quarters of the nobleman's house, his new home.
  2. Scrivener of the Gods

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    The landscape in the RxD piece is so majestic. Being me, the central bit irks me, but thats my problem.
  3. Scrivener of the Gods

    Ludus Famis: Fabula Scribae

    Man. I wrote at least ten chapters, but lost them all. I'm gonna try to update all of my fics in the next couple months.
  4. Scrivener of the Gods

    Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Gotta love the clown in the sewers.
  5. Scrivener of the Gods

    Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    It's been a loooong while. --------------------------- Chapter 9: Corruption The trio managed to find their way back through the forest, to the bridge in the Burgeon Woods, and made the few hour trek to Candar, stumbling in on all fours. After resting, and asking around about the location of Dyuti Shrine, they left the city of love, and took the two-hour walk to the shrine. They were shocked at what they found. You might even say that Spook was spooked (heheheh). They expected a break from the blood, but though the blood of the beast-folk was no longer present, the blood of a priestess was fresh in their sights. They were about to leave, when Nox, who had been studying the corpse, noticed a piece of parchment in the woman's hand. She walked over, and despite the protests of her companions, had the body stand and hand her the note, before falling limp. She showed it to Spook and Rhen. It read: "The first light has fallen... Corruption in this place... Jenkles must be found... Warn Seafall" Yet again, Spook was spooked .
  6. Scrivener of the Gods

    The Beginning of the End: An Alternate History

    Hey hey hey! It's been a while. ---------------------------- Chapter IV: Lars I stared at the wall in front of me. The angels of death standing guard spoke to each other in their language of clicks hiccups and burps. I looked toward the cell door as a flash of red caught my eye. It was Te'ijal. She addressed the angels of death, "I'm here for the boy." One of them touched the wyrm that served as a lock, instantly killing it. The young dragon fell to the floor. Te'ijal walked in, trying to pull me up. I shocked her hand, releasing the static that I had built up. A force clamped down on my mind. 'Boy,' her voice rang in my mind, calm down lamb, I'm trying to help you escape. I quickly gathered my thoughts, hoping that she could hear them, 'How do you know I can trust you?' 'Because I'm your only chance.' I sent her a wave of annoyance. She pressed a few places around my body, and I went limp. She lifted me over her shoulder. As we passed the angels, one of them sniffed me, flashing a cruel grin as it smelled my fear. It's whiteless eyes betrayed nothing, but it must have been laughing. Te'ijal rounded a corner, walking until she was sure we wouldn't be noticed. She set me down next to what I recognised to be her pack, then flicked my Adam's apple. I jolted upright. She pulled out a small green stone, a traveling rune, as the shopkeeper's called it, and grabbed my wrist. The last thing I saw of the demon's lair was a angel of death rounding a corner.
  7. @moonpeace I'm really late here, but that's what I like about the live battle system: you have to strategize more. I usually just try to line them up.
  8. Scrivener of the Gods

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    That picture of Stella is glorious.
  9. Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    So... I made this a while ago from a sketch I drew last year. I already put this up. WHAAAAAT?
  10. Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    So. I got bored, and started getting into one of my anti-Dameon moods, and, well,see for yourself:
  11. Scrivener of the Gods

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Again, the whole RxD thing, but you are amazing artist.
  12. Scrivener of the Gods

    Old Guild Outlines

    @Luz_Melian The main clubs sort of collaborate to make sure people aren't in multiple, but there are others that aren't so closely guarded.
  13. Scrivener of the Gods

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Mu11berry. Again, I love your art. But the RxD ones are so infuriating. RxL, I say. Or RxG. But RxL is my favourite.
  14. Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    So, I wrote more into the fourth icon option, and I threw my vote in to make it even between the first and fourth (half votes included. So heres the game icon when it gets flipped:
  15. Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    If anyone ver wonders why I don't do many 16x16 icons, this is why: That's from AV3 Excalibur. But I'm making the game icon more rpg2k3 styled because that's where I'm building the game. Sorry again to any Windows 10 users.