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  1. Banned because the phrase is "better late than never".
  2. Good question. Probably this soda called Cheerwine that is only at two restaurants in the area that I know of, one being where I work. I'm not sure if I've ever really eaten duck, let alone the eggs. Deer and grizzly bear are really good though, especially together in a pot roast. Favourite meat?
  3. Banned for having an afternoon class. We just have 6 classes and lunch between 7:15 AM and 2:15 PM. Normally suspensions are for two days at my school, unless for drugs or weapons, for which you're kicked out until that time the next year, and taken to court for the crime.
  4. Banned because that's counterintuitive. Seriously. To suspend someone for being late makes no sense. Like better late than never. You want them there on time so you don't let them show up?
  5. We don't really have a local food, seeing as we're culture theives, but favorite food in the area has got to be one of Taco Bell's Steak Reaper Ranch Fry Burritos.
  6. Banned for being really cringy back then.
  7. Banned for having been on the forums since 2014.
  8. Banned for not wanting to use your brain. People not using their brain is the start of way too many problems.
  9. Banned because that wasn't a tongue twister.
  10. Baked. Fried stuff doesnt agree with my stomach. Apple pie or cherry pie?
  11. Many. Language learning, language building, world building as an excuse for language building, drawing, writing, staring at a wall, watching YouTube, checking these here forums, to list a few. What activity do you spend most of your day on?
  12. Creamy. Hmm... Butterfly pasta? Whatever floats you boat. Weightlifter or lean?
  13. Banned for being politically incorrect, even though I prefer people who just don't bother being politically correct, because political correctness is often just blatant lies.
  14. Very rarely actually sick, like twice a year. How often do I throw up? Whenever I eat fried chicken or a bad steak. Do you prefer chicken or beef?
  15. Apples, cantelope, honeydew, watermelon, fragole. Parla italiano?
  16. That really depends on what the box is made of, but I prefer mine bottled or straight from the tap. My city has some of the cleanest tap water in the world. Have you ever tried Fanta or Faygo?
  17. To-may-to, because the letter y. Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings?
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