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  1. ((*sigh* Poking, prodding, groaning... I want to, but at the same time I know not to give in to impulse anymore. You really have to make darn sure about the other person, ya know? Anyhow, I think this one may be winding down for several of us, correct me if I'm wrong? I'll continue as long as others want to, but maybe we should start thinking about something new.))
  2. ((Is Chauncey still around? Celia was addressing her characters earlier...)) Brock Nither he nor Jacob had demanded food or a bed, yet here this woman was already ordering them to sing for their supper! She seemed very pushy, and Brock wasn't willing to put up with it at them moment. He'd come play with the boys when they were alone, sometime. "Well it was nice meeting you, Hanna." He guessed at the name he hadn't quite heard. "I really only dropped in to say hi, so..." He turned to the boy, "You think you can find me Allaphym's house, Lei?" Allisa "Kyrus!" She called after him, surprised by his sudden departure. It was true that this seemed like a safe town, but she still didn't like the idea of him wandering around alone... every town had it's nastier elements. Her father noted her discomfort. "Not to worry, my dear, we'll find him where we find our lodgings." He assured her. Not knowing what else to do, she nodded and they set off to find the beds they'd been promised. A short while and an inquiry or two later, they were rewarded by the sight of a cozy looking little place. Kyrus had found it ahead of them. "There he is." She gained some relief as that small bit of anxiety slipped away. "Kyrus, you must be more careful about moving around alone in a place you don't yet know very well!" She chided him from a distance as they approached.
  3. Allisa Gerald listened as Willaem spoke. "North and west, is it? Well surely we'll find it if we take a look around, perhaps query some of the people around that area." He slid down from his horse as Allisa moved to join him, she having dismounted earlier when Willaem's boys assaulted his steed. "Shall we?" He asked, taking the animal by the reigns. Brock was grinning, taking a boy under each arm and hoisting them into proper sitting positions on his horse. "Why's she gonna be upset?" He asked without any real interest. "We're just showing the lads a good time, right?"
  4. Celia I took the gold from him, a bit stunned by the creation of this lump of precious metal. I brought it to my mouth and bit down on it gently. It was real! My eyes locked on Kyrus as the predatory instincts swirled behind them. "Say, um, boy, er, Kyrus..." There was a vicious struggle going on inside me, greed against what fragile friendship I'd formed with this kid. After a moment of indecision, I smiled at him. "Have a good time, now!" Was all I said, cursing myself internally for being too soft to take advantage of this potential bonanza. Well... I could always change my mind. For now, I was suddenly in much more dire need of that drink. "Buh Bye, and thanks!" I waved cheerily before setting my horse walking on down the road. By the time I got to the tavern, I was wearing a sulky frown. "The Lucky J, huh?" I tied my horse to the post outside and went in, wondering what kind of place Allaphym's suggested watering hole would turn out to be. I ordered myself some bourbon and looked around... clean, more of a respectable eating establishment than the dark watering holes I generally did business in. First things first, I'd need to know what was going on around town if I was going to find any work. I picked out a sensible looking couple sitting alone, enjoying their lunch, and approached them. "Hi there! I'm Celia!" I wondered a bit too late if I was interrupting, but sat down across from them and gave a friendly smile. "I'm new around here, and I'm still trying to get my bearings. Any interesting local news you might share?" Allisa "Yes, I'm sure we're all a bit tired from the journey." She agreed with a nod. "I'm not." Brock put in immediately, shooting a quick glance at the two boys. Gerald smiled slightly, knowing all to well how his son enjoyed clowning around with kids. "Ah, well, perhaps you'll wear yourself out. I, on the other hand, fully agree with my sensible daughter. Did she tell you where to find it, my boy?" He addressed the last bit to Kyrus. Brock approached Willaem with a friendly grin, "Do you mind if I tag along? I might even lend you a hand keeping these young lads entertained."
  5. Now we would need a post from Oracle before I can skip off to rescue Chauncey from the tavern. Don't expect the other person you mentioned to post again, she hasn't seemed interested in Amaranth recently. Not to mention the fact that I'm here... by her choice, we now hate each other bitterly.
  6. Celia "Nice to meet you, boys." I nodded to them from horseback and smiled. "Now if you'll excuse me..." The nearest local tavern was gonna be my first stop, it'd been forever since I had a drink! My horse had taken a couple steps before I reigned in, remembering something. "Uh, Kyrus, why doncha head off'n play with the boys? Younger or older, you take your pick, but I need to head off and take care of something right now."
  7. Well, sufficed to say I am no longer tending the cat of a particular female. This means I have considerably more free time to spend on RPs, should any that peak my interest become active. *now on standby*
  8. Celia "And that's how you tip a goat." I affirmed to Kyrus, as though Jacob had merely been the assistant in my explanation. I was kind of put out that Jacob got one on his first try... it made me want to drop the idea for now, maybe come back later. "Anyway, there'll be plenty of time for goat tipping once we've gotten safely to Hayote." ((With that, I leaned back in my saddle and waited for a fast-forward. Chauncey and OneFeather are still waiting, ya know!))
  9. I dunno. I can enjoy slow as well as anyone else, but sometimes you just need the stimulation of a powerful, fast pace. Taking a more rapid pace, you can let all of your primal vigor erupt in a passionate storm of... um, posting.
  10. Celia The corner of my lip twitched at Kyrus' response. To tell the truth, I only asked his title to see if I could wheedle a bit more info out of him. Kinda strange, but even though I didn't get any I was still kinda pleased by his answer. He seemed to ignore my second question... I guess that's fine. I keep plenty to myself too. That was about when Jacob came over and started up with an embarrassingly formal apology. My mouth opened and closed once as I valiantly fought a sudden and strong urge to burst into laughter. Masking myself in a facade of deep thought, I took a few moments to get myself completely under control so that I could act for him properly. "Thanks, I won't tease you anymore if it bothers you. I'm grateful for your offer of assistance, but I'm gonna turn you down. There's no need to guard a guard, and as for goat tipping I'd rather enjoy the experience with somebody who enjoys it!" It was really hard to take him seriously when he talked like that, but at least he was trying to make nice.
  11. Celia I smirked. "He drugged ya, huh? I guess that's as good a way as any to make sure you don't sneeze at the wrong time." Close to the royal family... he seemed like such a normal kid. "Now me, why did I come here?" I pondered just a moment. "Heh, now there's a question! I wonder if I ever really made a choice? Seems like I've just been ending up in the wrong places at the wrong times." I cocked my head to one side. "Or the right ones, maybe?" It was all true, but there was also the fact that I stepped in to save Brock. That was a decision I made, just because I didn't want Allisa to cry over him. "Ah, well... I suppose it's fate." Curiosity was starting to gnaw around the edges of my mind. Who was Kyrus, exactly? Some noble, I guess, but that didn't really tell me alot. "So is it 'My Lord,' 'Young Master,' or 'Your Highness?'" I asked him after a moment, as though it were a natural thing to ask. For a noble, it might very well be! Not that I would know. "And what sorts of things were part of a typical day for Kyrus back then?" A thought struck me. "If it's hard on you, remembering, you don't have to talk about it. I'm just curious, I grew up in kind of a different enviornment." That was an understatement. I'd been born and raised as a gutter rat!
  12. Celia "You forgot to mention where I lied about anything to you. Oh wait... never!" I stuck out my tongue at his back. To tell the truth, I was really starting to hate Willaem. He never seemed to have anything nice to say to me, and it was irritating having to listen to him complain or criticize all the darn time. I grunted, a little short of breath, and quickly realized it was because my tum was getting squeezed. "Kyrus, hun, loosen your grip a bit." I said, wriggling to give myself a little breathing room. I glanced over my shoulder at him. None of the rest of the group were a whole lot of fun, mostly they seemed interested in getting on my case. Maybe I could be this kid's friend until we got to Hayote? I sure as heck needed somebody to talk to who wasn't gonna pick a fight with me. "So you were saved by Alric too? Mr. Priest does seem to get around." I gave him a half-smile, my mood still a bit dampened by a certain nameless idiot Zaddok. "I'd like to here your story, if you wanna tell it. Who were you before you had to turn fugitive on account of the Zaddok?"
  13. ((Oracle, would you mind deleting the above spam along with my post requesting it's deletion?))
  14. Celia My gaze fell dully upon him, uncertain whether I'd heard him correctly. I brought my hand to my brow, kneeded my forehead, then exploded, "Just WHO do you take me for!? I grew up in the slums making my own **** way on the street, fool! I know how to take care of myself, I know what kinds of men are dangerous, and..." I smirked finally, settling myself back down. "...I know when it's safe to tease. Besides, when was I untruthful back at the base? I seem to recall giving you everything I had on the case, then being wrongfully accused of a bunch of different things by YOU." I snapped my finger out to point straight at him. "Without a shred of evidence."
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