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  1. I guess I got confused and thought A gypsy's tale was the next Aveyond? That makes sense. Thanks.
  2. Wasn't the next game supposed to be the next Aveyond game? You pushed it back from spring to summer and now to fall and I haven't even seen an explanation. Am I mistaken?
  3. Ok. Thank you. I'll see if that helps.
  4. It has the map but entrances and exits aren't marked.
  5. Well it's not a very confusing cavern. I;ve gone everywhere and explored every entrance in the caverns and the mountains several times. I was looking for a thorough map of the caverns but none exist. Not even in the strategy guide.
  6. I've gone into every entrance in the granite mountains.
  7. I have given the fairies the candy. I figured that's what I needed to do to explore the crystal caverns but there are many areas I can see but can't get to. Can someone tell me what's up with that? What am I missing?
  8. Thanks for the hint. I'll see what they have and if i can figure it out. I'll probably be asking what i'm supposed to get in a few minutes lol ---- I figured it out. Thanks. Posted on: Today 13:02 merged double post ~Abby
  9. I can't beat them. Without Stellas spells and without Mel they seem impossible to beat. Any ideas?
  10. Those darn ducks!!!! What level were some of you when you went into the waterworks and did you have as much problems with the devil like ducks!!!?
  11. Ok. Thanks. I guess there's no water amulets?
  12. The ducks in the waterworks system are wearing me out. Where can i get some water amulets or something to protect myself from water attacks?
  13. That's about how i had it figured. I'm not going to use the goodie cave stuff for my save game to GoN. It wouldn't be fun that way. Thanks for answering.
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