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  1. Thanks Argoyle I finally get to know how this ends!
  2. Thank you for sharing this info I rarely read the blogs, so I was kinda out of the loop. Thanks again!
  3. It's not. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaay down. You're so lucky. I had to sell some restoratives that only heal a little HP to get it to the top.
  4. What are these "things going on lately" ? Is there some sort of problem during development? after development?
  5. Thank you! I also noticed today that there's someone in Halaina that requires 3 diamonds. Are there any more people that are similar to him? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your contributions!! I've successfully done those. Any others? I'm nearing the end of the game, I wanna tie up some loose ends.
  7. Can you rearrange usable items (resoratives, cassia leaf etc)? I find it hard because for example one of my party faints, I have to browse for the Cassia Leaf which is towards the end of the restoratives list, and it doesn't help that the game is performing very slow. I hope you understand my question. Thanks for your time!
  8. Hello!! I've been reading some posts here in the forum on some missable quests and Items that don't show up in the journal. Can someone list these to me? I want to have a perfect game, and it would also be beneficial to those who are also having the same predicament as me to refer to this forum topic if they encounter this. Thank you for your time!
  9. This area just is too slow. The lack of map support worsens it even more as I wouldn't know where to go. It just feels very taxing, exploring the Dragon wasteland inch by inch with just 1/4 of the normal gamespeed. I've even transferred to an even faster and newer computer, still laggy.
  10. Should I steal from the goddess statues or will leaving them alone be better? I really don't want to miss out on something really good because I stole from the donation boxes. I don't mind a little spoiler. Thanks!
  11. Lagging issue (Slow walking speed, slow dialogue speed) This issue has prevented me from completing this game. The improved graphics from this game, although is very good (good job on that!!), has made this game somewhat unplayable for me. It has been one of my "things to look out for" when playing RPG games like Aveyond. Sure, it might be that some people's systems are quite old and can't handle this improved game, but it was not the case for me. I made sure to look at the system requirements first before installing this game. My computer passed with flying colors, and then some! So it's definitely not entirely those old system's fault for not carrying this game quite well. The tediousness of some quests and more importantly, the LACK OF MAPS, doesn't help that this game's speed is seriously on the bad side. Solutions that I've tried desperately to speed up the game: #1. ReadyBoost. This seems to be the go to solution. It seemed to work but still significantly sluggish. #2. Closed all running programs in the background. There are literally no programs running in the background as I play Aveyond 4. I even resorted to turning off the internet connection just to make sure that no programs are running in the background. #3. Turned off Graphics and Audio Effects. #4. I even resorted to using the Speedhack feature of CheatEngine 6.4 to speed the game up (which I know is heavily disapproved of here. I'm desperate, give me a break). I purposely waited for 3 months plus to download and play this game because in my experience it's ample time for all bugs and issues like this have been ironed out. Been a solid gamer of your games since Ahriman's Prophecy, this is the only time I've encountered this problem. To conclude, if you're an RPG gamer that one of his/her pet peeves is the slow character's walking speed, I suggest you'll just have to stay away, or like me, wait for another couple of months for this to be solved. (hopefully....)
  12. I feel you. It's less frustrating for me though since I haven't progressed that much in the game due to this lag issue. It's April 2016 now, have you completed the game? Did it run smoothly? Thanks.
  13. Update on this issue please? Solutions wise.
  14. I don't even think that it's because this game is too heavy because of the graphic effects that it has. Even if your system can pretty much handle this game with flying colors, it still runs super slow. It's very frustrating.
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