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  1. Twice now I've gotten to the slime farm and the farmer is no where to be seen. Last play through I quit and restarted at some point and he was there. Am I recalling incorrectly that the farmer is there first time you get to the village? :edit: The farmer finally appeared after I had visited the vault where you corral all the gels. Now i need to dawdle till the red gels finally appear.
  2. Snoopy

    Question about cheekis

    Juia, I wonder if the cheeki you missed in Halaina has to do with the guard at the castle. If you get a second frame for the guard he will give you a cheeki.
  3. I saw brief mention of this in the first thread but I thought I should start a new topic. My win 8.1 machine died on me so I had to buy a new laptop. (Old one will not power on.) I've used my keys to download games I had before. So far so good. Thing of it is, I am only able to play in windowed mode. I tried going into the compatibility settings but in 8 or 7 the games will not load. On AV-4 I go into options and click full screen but nothing happens. When I click out and back in, it's defaulted again to windowed mode. The right hand side of the window, the max square is greyed out. I already tried going into the display settings but the only setting for scaling had no evident effect on the game. Any thoughts? Or am I just stuck in windowed mode unless I buy a copy of 8.1 and install it. Frankly I'm hating Win 10. When I accidentally got slammed with the update last spring I reverted back to 8.1 and never regretted it. Unfortunately, my discs to reinstall 8.1 won't work on this machine or I would have done so already.
  4. Snoopy

    Windows 10 Windowed mode only?

    Yup, I'm seriously considering installing a win 8.1 OS on this machine.
  5. Snoopy

    Windows 10 Windowed mode only?

    Yes and when I do that the game will not load. It may be a WildTangent specific problem since their game launcher will not load either when I set the game to run in compatibility mode.
  6. Snoopy

    Windows 10 Windowed mode only?

    Yes I have SPECTER thanks for asking. Alt+enter has no apparent effect.
  7. Snoopy

    Midnight's Blessing 2 The Antebridge section

    Seems like the forums for both Midnight Blessing rpg's have gone dead.
  8. Snoopy

    hello...newbie here!

    From one newbie to another, welcome. I am still a newbie here right?
  9. Snoopy

    Hi ! How are you ? XD

    I am so glad you asked that question. It's great to be back! (Real life intruded on my virtual life and rendered it moot/kaput/null and void for ~five weeks ... then I had little time to come to sites like this to chill.) How are you and how was your summer?
  10. Snoopy

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    CALLMEDAN all talented artists practice, practice, PRACTICE. I'm thrilled to see your ongoing efforts and look forward to your finish. (BTW it's so good to be back after a long, long long hiatus from the internet/computer; and then from this forum. This past summer was just horrendous for me in real life. So ... it's wonderful to be able, once again, to escape into the sur-reality (sic) that is the 'intrawebs' and especially this forum and its many wonderful RPG's.)
  11. Snoopy

    Question about cheekis

    Sorry Julia, I'm at a loss as to what game I mentioned? It's also hard to know which cheekis you missed though in Windshire I wonder if you forgot to look in all the houses or didn't finish a quest in that zone. Maybe a room in the windmill.
  12. Argoyle, in answer to your question of me, I am taken to a post box but no quoted text. Just an empty white box. It might be a problem on my end, but I am able to get full functionality at another site URL graffe.com
  13. Snoopy

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    re: "I'm ... fussy about artwork." (c+p does not work for me here) I understand that. Mom was a fashion designer but seamstress work was not her forte. She would sew something, be unhappy with the result and undo/redo then realize the first time was really what she wanted and go alllllll the wayyyy back to the beginning. (For you game programmers check out the article about Moore College of Art last week about their programming efforts ... (in response to gamersgate.)) Mom was a Moore College grad. I'm tickled to know that Moore is an ongoing and vibrant educational concern.
  14. Kingsfield site is borked at the moment so no doc, pdf or etc. Also, I still am unable to use quote or c+p functions on this forum. Are there settings I am not finding or do I have limited utility to the forum as a new member?
  15. Snoopy

    Some questions

    Thank you sooooo much everyone who did so and thank you Argoyle for letting us know. I've been playing this with a Word write up but sans maps it was just not as much fun.
  16. Snoopy

    Tor tournament grounds?

    It's always something eh Mo?
  17. Snoopy

    Vote for Aveyond 4! We need YOUR vote!

    Done, and posted a reply Moogle. My name there is SnoopD. If I may suggest, (I do not assume the best here) those who opted to accept emails be prompted too as you did in this thread. It looks like the fall off at these forums after a game is so many months old is severe. Of course that may be a miss(ed)-perception but ... ok so I'm a yenta but: As my Hebrew friends from Brooklyn would say, "Sue ME!"
  18. There are quite a few links to maps, referrals to answers in another thread and other old pages that return a 404 page missing error. What is that all about? Things like the walkthrough and etc. seem to be 'a-wall.'
  19. Snoopy


    At this point, neither the escape or 0 key works. Game is basically unplayable. Do I need to reinstall? edited to add: NM, closed and reopened both the game AND launcher page and that solved it. I had closed the launcher page to have less going on but seems the game needs it? Second edit. I spoke too soon. Now the quest screen opens up un-prompted and while I can navigate other menu options when I escape out it goes back to journal. That and then the space key stopped responding. Gonna do a reboot and see if that helps. 3rd edit: So that worked but, any idea what caused all the phooferal?
  20. Snoopy

    Some questions

    All the links on post #10 of this thread yield a 404 page not found error.
  21. Snoopy


    Not at all Rose and nice to meet another longstanding member of this community. I've been going methodically through Aveyond content (games and boards) and have notice some posts of yours via the 'way back machine.' Some people are just so helpful and ... may I say your sig and profile pic are divine. I've had no joy figuring out how to snag a decent profile pic. I had one for years that was custom made for me at an old WebTV forum cold N2Play. Sadly, it was last on my iMac whose vid driver died and at the time I despaired of having the resources to get twenty plus years of data from back in the dark ages of PC. Tin you are I'm sure in the prayers of many including your humble ... er ... is sycophant overdoing it? lol I am so tempted to do the, "I am not worthy!" dance because your collective wisdom and abilities are so beyond me.
  22. I liked the ending with Hiberu the best also. Still, when I played at the hardest level I left Ingrid a spinster and the ending was a hoot.
  23. Snoopy

    Opals and topaz

    I found it irritating that I got one opal and 12 topaz in three clearings of the mobs in that cave system. On the fourth pass I finally picked up a second opal. On my way through after getting the sword station repaired and heading to the tomb I picked up two more opals!
  24. Snoopy

    MAJOR glitch

    nevermind! Had it in my backpack all along. Must have missed the conversation where I got it.