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  1. ElizaBennet is right on ! Sorry !
  2. STUCK and looking for spoiler. Previously completed game at least ten (10) times. But now cannot recollect how to get past acquisition of glow berry(ies), or invisible demon in Thais northeast cave (clock). Since I now do not have, nor can I get the torch in Thais ! ! !
  3. Thanks kindly for all the kind words, deserved by many kindred. YES, a universal (possibly C or C++ engine) would provide significant benefits.
  4. I wish to broadcast a "Get well prayer / wish" for all those Amaranth folks in poor health / ill. Know this - there are folks that include better health for all (at Amaranth, and abroad), in their daily prayers. And shall continue doing so until all attain a healthy daily living lifestyle ! ! ! #1 get better, #2 all else. Please you are missed !
  5. Only because you asked; I have played from start to finish twice with many "Script Hangings. . . ." messages randomly, no observable pattern. Only way to get game go launch again, must first perform system shutdown, wait couple of minutes, then startup again. All other methods fail ! Same message ! So, as for "good, bad, or green" unsure is my most accurate, unbiased reply. Video fair to Good, story typical Aveyond back and forth between locations still, in order to progress forward, otherwise too much constriction on user desire to explore - message after message preventing user to explore ahead of prescripted story. Not exactly user friendly. Most puzzles are adequate difficulty, few, even with the aid of the Strategy Guide, very difficult / dismal. Despite the fact that I played solely in EASY Mode. Rating Aveyond1, 2, 3, and 4 - Ean's Quest, Aveyond3, is by and far the most enjoyable, relaxing, stable, and reliable. Next would be Rhen's Quest, Aveyond2, is the next best candidate, and the next best goes to Aveyond1 - sorry folks - unbiasing aside, factual performance based, this is my observation. There it is, wish it was more optimistic experiences, but I did play Aveyond4 through, finally, from start to finish, twice. And may not again do so, for quite sometime, maybe when I am in a mood for punishment. Oh, but the audio, and scores are very good ! Thanks for the effort AF.
  6. Just an observation, as a user, customer, developer, and more - for more than 40 years (developer). Why is there no product installer available for paying customers, that do NOT require the human being to input a 60+ character sequence correctly. . . . or else LOCKOUT - KEY EXPIRED, which I have confirmed ties hooks into the Windows OS ? Bet Mr. Gates would like to know about this one ?
  7. Purchased CDROM via my credit card from BMT Micro. No matter what I try, results are always the exact same messagebox window described above. Is there no resolution to this dilemma ?
  8. When I input BUSYBEAK and flipped switch, key appeared. For God water, find small lake (body of water / pond) near top level pf mountain stand by leftside with Ingrid in party and either press SPACEBAR / ENTER or click on water edge. Ingrid must have Hoppify skill before you do this, because she turns into frog, hops into water and retrieves some (God) water, automatically. Got it ? Hope all works out A - O - K for you ?
  9. Emma AND Mopiece thank you both, kindly, for your help. ; - )
  10. Hello and good day ! Regarding Aveyond4 Strategy Guide, at best, it helps sone; but could be lots more improved if the details were more explicit, on quests. Oftentimes I have had to discover 'how to do this' or 'do that'. Thus more explicit is far more useful than vague / ambiguous. If you doubt my words, then simply ask opinions of others. Why do you think I bought it in the first place ? I expected complete full disclosures and comprehensiveness. Here again, I have erred, and am mistaken, guess this experience is just another teacher. Please do not mistake my words for anything other than mere observation and experience, thanks. Hopefully, they have not fallen on the deaf or mute. In advance, thanks for your attention. ; - )
  11. This user playing Aveyond4. Stuck on side quest for Robin become a paladin. Specifically in Gingernut Cave after Forthright runs off. Can make NO progress once Ingrid says she needs a "scroll" in "Crete Street". Not yet Nightwatch member. How can I get unstuck ? Cannot open LOCKED gate. Help please, if necessary give spoiler, thanks in advance kindly. ; - )
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