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  1. Hi I'm playing this game presently And i was played the other aveyond games and i felt it was different , I mean i loved aveyond rhen's quest and ean's quest was the best game ever, and orbs of magic , mel's quest was interesting I loved all so so much , and i expected the new game will be interesting and fun like the other but i felt this game needs more work , like the talking between characters and other people was unnecessary and long , and I liked the characters of the past games more than this game and there are another things I disliked in this game .. In one word I feel it is a good game , but I had expected better . And i hope the next game would be better Thanks a lot
  2. i'm sorry but it's not working i don't know what's the problem .. i Followed the instructions but nothing happened what shall i do ?
  3. thankyou I'll try it i hope it'll work thanks again
  4. thank you so much i used it and it`s help me sya
  5. hello there .. I have a problem and i need help when i downloaded the game i can`t read clearly like this >> http://b.top4top.net/p_216lz3k1.png and I heard There's a thing i can download from the aveyond website to improve the quality of the text in the game to make it easier to read. like goodies or something .. could you help me .. please thanks a lot
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