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  1. Does anyone know if the patch is available anywhere? A search of the forum has a thread where links have been posted but like most of them the links are all dead. Is there anywhere this patch exists or at least can be used? A google search it seems many people are asking this same question and there is no resolution apart from a thread where it tells you to download a patch with a dead forum link.
  2. Yes I was climbing something that wasn't a rope. Anyway I looked and found it. Thanks. This is game as good as I remember it. Had surgery recently so off work but sitting up with little to do and this fits the bill nicely!
  3. I am playing this years later and decided to take the climbing guide as my prize. I read the book and learned climb. I went back to the highlands to the spot I know where the cloak is (you can actually see the dirt pile to dig above the vines) and yet when I walk towards it nothing happens? Is this a glitch in version B? My ex had this game years ago so I kept hold of it when we split Years ago when I personally had the game which I cant remember which build it was it did work. So is there anything I may have forgotten to do or something to tap when I walk towards the vine?
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