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    I love books, gaming, Doctor Who, and of course... Aveyond
  1. Pipes in West Temple cave

    where is the temple?
  2. spelled ice

    Where do you get the pickaxe? I've looked through thornkeep and the dire woods but couldn't find anything.
  3. phyree forest

    The map for Phyree Jungle doesn't work anymore
  4. Ejindro quest

    Thanks, but I realized I couldn't finish it. I gave the statue to the squirrels and only have one save file, so it's to late to go back and I'm too far to restart. I looked at the walkthrough...
  5. bottle to capture fairies...

    where is the hideout?
  6. Ejindro quest

    so I might sound silly but I was walking around the world, and found Ejindro. I left and did other stuff, now I have no idea where Ejindro is... where is it?