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  1. Amazing. I played and laughed well hahaha. from the day I played Ahriman Propechy and other games, this is the best rpg games I've ever played. sorry, I'm just a beginner when playing games, so please be easy with me ^__^ I like Myst. but mostly I found myself fonding over Boyle and Ingrid as a couple. for the music, Aaron Waltz truly the best with rpg for the character, the first word came out its funny and wow. really. and I really like Myst. when battling, I often used Myst. and Boyle. and Ingrid. those trio are the must-have party for me, hehe. Its really worth the wait. really. I wish there is AV5, but no hurry, because I know, 'its really worth the wait' hehe thank you,
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