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  1. Phoenixia

    RMXP Sewing Wheel

    Thank You! You Are Extremely Awesome:-)
  2. Phoenixia

    RMXP Sewing Wheel

    I'm using XP. When I click on the link, it tells me that there is no such file.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a sewing wheel charset - animated would be great - even better if there was a character sewing with it. Barring that, a character sitting and sewing would work just as well. Even a stationary object would be fantastic. My game is not set in a modern setting, so a modern sewing machine would not work, unfortunately. Thank you for any, and all, help:-)
  4. Thank you very much:-) These are both wonderful:-) Sorry for the late reply; I didn't realize that this forum required a moderator to look over posts before they went through (or maybe because I'm new) - so, after hitting post, I thought the forum glitched and lost my post; I just came back tonight, to give it another go. How awesome to find what I was looking for instead! Thank you:-) PS I got the dragon figured out by modifying some VX sprites, thank you for the offer of help with that, though.
  5. If possible, I'd like a taller, more powerful looking version of the witch sprite from RMXP - same style, colouring, etc. As if the character "grew up", so to speak. I'd be doubly grateful if I could also have a version with the triple angel wings, from the angel in the RTP, attached and one without. The style is the important part, I would, actually, prefer if it were a bit larger than the standard rtp -- not massively, but so that it appeared bigger than the normal sized rtp people (if the normal witch were five foot tall, this sprite might be seven foot, in comparison). I'm also looking for a larger, more vicious dragon in the RTP style. Thank you for any help -- if this is a very difficult task, I'd be willing to pay someone a reasonable amount, via PayPal, for their work (I have nothing else to offer).