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  1. papajack99

    Just Starting

    thanks ...really a very interesting and enjoyable game
  2. Greetings Heard so much about this series and decided to jump in .. Cheers
  3. papajack99

    Just Starting

    Just came across Aveyond series and find it very interesting Downloaded the Ahriman Prophecy but having some issue with fonts , posted asking for help , hope to get it sort out Meanwhile there are some questions 1) Does the Aveyong 1 and 2 going to be on Steam ? 2) Does the Character get carry over through out the series or you start with new character each time ? Thank you
  4. papajack99


    Greetings I have downloaded the Ahriman Prophecy and installed , have problem with the font , I try to use the Font Patch but I could not locate RPG_RT.exe ?