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    Composing, art and Music
  1. eluukkanen

    Anime Reviews

    Anime is it's own art form deffinitely. When japan has tried to make anime series into live-action films, it takes something out of it. In anime world you can describe so many things with artstyle and get into the world.
  2. eluukkanen

    Tips for making a good rpg.

    Plot of the game is even more important than all systems, I really recommend to try top make those characters feel living. In many rpg's systems might be intriguing, but characters just very basic. If you are able to make a game with really good plot and moderate mechanics, I would most likely play it
  3. eluukkanen

    Finally restarted some Aveyond fan art

    That is quite good-looking art piece! Well made!
  4. eluukkanen

    Introduce Yourself :)

    Hello there. I'm eluukkanen and my interests are around music and games. Great to join this forum and hopefully meeting new people