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    appollodoros got a reaction from zahra in Black Butterflies[A unique journey to the truth!]   
    I know that I've started to play this fantastic game very late and probably noone will be able to answer or help.
    I'm having same bug as flaxin1 (Thais and Wizard issue) it's not a problem to enjoy the game, so I'm only reporting it.
    I've some other issue and cannot find solution somewhere else so I'm asking here. When I had changed one of characters - Avrila (or something similar) pirate girl Hectors's friend she has disaapear from my game and I'm not able to chose her as playable char. She is only existing in cutsceens. Any ideas how to fix it besides starting game from beggining. I don't have other saves, too. I'm in middle of game - 20 hours and had lost her near Zombie City after about 3-4 hours.
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