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  1. Alright, to this day I can't believe I almost enjoyed it, but here's why the game is terrible: It basically combines RNG-walls with time limits. RNG is basically Random Number God. The problem with this game is the first RNG-wall, the Golden Goose, and junk like that. You shouldn't combine that stuff together, they don't go well together! Days limit can be challenging like RCT, but if your combining that with RNG-walls, that makes it more of an frustrating challenge than a fair thing. This is what you have beta-testers who play through the game for. Again another game that has a day by day linear system which was not executed properly. Speaking of that, if the linear system requires you to grind painstakingly for stats/money without wasting any time, then it's pretty annoying. The only other game I know that fails to execute it correctly was Heroes of War, I already know how bad it is as a poor man's Fire Emblem on CNET. A lot of pets can be tough but like a hundred it's like unplayable: you won't be fast enough to feed them before their dead. There's no feeder companion, only a defender and a collector, and even that there's a bomber bird distracting you. What kind of bird drops bombs? Combat is repetitive: just click and click and their dead. No magic spells or anything like that. What's the point of keeping the farms if there's no endgame secrets? Anyways, that's about it. I wonder if there's ever going to be a sequel to this game? I pretty much enjoyed all of your Aveyond games, but I'm not sure what you were going for with combining time limits and RNG-walls.
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