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  1. Hello! I'm mitamix I can't say that I'm new here though.. hehe.. I've made an account looooongg ago during the AV3 lord of twilight era but now I totally forgot my username and password so I made a new one instead ^^; I wasn't active at that time though oTL Anywayss, I come back here to socialize and make new friends with the same interest as me (AV that is XDD) I love pixel RPG games and that's because of AV <333 I hope I can make an rpg game someday XD I also love to draw I will post my art here soon and I hope to get reviews and critics to further improve my art m(_ _)m you can follow me on instagram--> @mitamix , I'd share my art there(not all, though) on my feed and snapstory thank you for having me here! I hope we can get along well
  2. it's really nice!! <3 where do you get the tilesets though? it's from aveyond, isn't it..? I forgot if it is AV2 or AV3..I think it's AV2.. All I remember was it's a tileset of a village where there's a character named phoebe XDD
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