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  1. Hello everyone. I haven't been here for a while. The new site looks great and lovely to see a few familiar people around. I am looking forward to exploring the new site
  2. It's sad that people don't have enough patience to spend time here to build up gold legitimately. I like the idea of having a minimum gold count for being able to set up a cottage but I wouldn't want to set this too high. We want to encourage new members to stay and get involved with the site. My cottage is where I learnt a little about html and putting up backgrounds.We should keep the gold requirement achievable (maybe 50?). As it's so hard to track posts made in the non forum areas it would probably make sense to cut out gold making ability there. Although I don't like the idea of seriously limiting the options of earning gold for genuine members. I guess this is another case of a few spoiling it for everyone. @aisling - hilarious siggie
  3. elm

    Site tweaks

    I like all the Kingdom map pics, the FB news and there being a dedicated link to AM games
  4. Lol Oji I never thought of it like that I'm with KTC on this - it's good when the rock remains a rock like it should do
  5. Thanks tini looks like I will have to try it again and talk to a few people to see their reactions
  6. I don't think the ingredients you mention can be used for the experimental recipes at least they don't appear in my recipe lists either and I have the AM version of the game. highlight for more spoilerish info: I think that thindle root and bloodthistle are only used for one recipe that only the alchemist can mix that you need to advance later in the game. So you may find that you still can't access these ingredients in the new BFG version.
  7. I've been trying out some of the recipes and I was wondering what the Glow potion does? I can see it makes Mel glow but does it do something else that I haven't noticed? highlight for spoilerish question
  8. You need to find the Great Tree in Blueleaf Forest but you will need Yvette in your party. edit: oops I must have just posted after darktigerian
  9. @ BMenagerie - That part of the game is v easy to get lost in. If you go to the following topic at the top of this forum tiniponi has posted links to all the maps in the game including the worm tunnels. Maps and guides
  10. The ZIP and RAR download started fine for me
  11. Great interviews CBLUX. They were all really interesting reads. Thanks so much for sharing them here and well done for getting all three of them
  12. lol KTC Well I've had milk from lots of different types of containers - When I was a kid in Portugal it was in bags, - in the UK as a kid it was in glass bottle delivered by the milk man who then picked up the empty bottles and recycled them - then it moved to plastic coated cardboard cartons - now it's mainly plastic bottles or jugs I guess if you go back far enough people used to go along to the farmer with a milk pail to collect their own milk
  13. I loved YDF and was totally addicted to it for months. Other than Grimm's Hatchery I hadn't played TM games before. So I really liked that you had to remember the recipes to get faster at this game and it made it more challenging especially at the highest levels. The few other TM games I've tried since haven't held my interest for as long. The one thing I would like to see changed is to be able to use the wands (for mocha, peppermint etc...) in the mode when you use your own recipes. I got so used to using the wands that I found I didn't enjoy the non story mode so much when I tried it. So I didn't really get into creating my own recipes or using other peoples. I just kept playing the last round of the story mode again and again. I eventually got bored of this, although I still go back to playing it now and again Hmmm talking about YDF again is bringing back cravings to play it again Aaron - I really enjoyed your music as always. With non AM games I find I eventually get annoyed with the music and turn it off but not with yours
  14. Chicken soup is nice when you're ill - keeps you warm and fills you up. I had a bad cold / chest infection recently and found lemon, ginger and honey tea really helped - good for clearing the chest and soothing a sore throat. Of course the meds the doctor prescribed also helped a lot
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