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  1. new poems on first page...(not really "new", just old ones i found today) "the sailor" and "infidelity" s
  2. remember when it was THE thing to have a pager?...lol...everyone had one...except me...pagers seemed so exotic and unreal to me at the time lol... s
  3. @sargon - yeah, it's an average...but isnt kinda fun to imagine how closely intertwined we all are?... besides, isnt fun knowing that you know all these people on here that you really dont know, but might... s
  4. i love going to the pioneer days they have here and watching how they spin yarn...that is so fascinating...just a clump of wool and a spinning top and PRESTO!...yarn...the funny thing is, it requires minimal technology to achieve... s
  5. morality and ethics are very closely intertwined...and ethics as it pertains to academia is relevant when it comes to studies, research, development of theories, etc...morality is about the set of standards that a person(s) have for their daily life...this would include both personal and business (ie ethics)... s
  6. we used to play the kevin bacon game when i was in high school all the time...to pass the time...that means that the possibility of knowing someone who knows someone (etc) here on on AM is higher than we think...truly fascinating... s
  7. the ending does remind me of the hans christian anderson version of "the little mermaid" where the sense of loneliness and being alone are two different issues...the unicorn is not alone, and yet she is lonely just as the mermaid as a human was not alone, but was lonely all the same... fairy tales inevitably explore the ideology that sacrice and sufferance are noble and mythical things...modern-day fantasy novels illustrate this regularly...you have to lose something, sometimes something great, to gain something...and that something is not always for yourself... the unicorn was perfectly content in her lilac woods...happy and free...and also ignorant of the fates of all her brethren...once she gains the knowledge that something has happened to them, she is no longer completely free...she is bound by the knowledge and instead of accepting, seeks out the "truth" of what is/was...she sacrificed her happiness to seek the truth...her loss is the freedom of the others like her...but, like other fairy tale characters, she is forever changed by this journey...like a child whose eyes can no longer view the world through innocence...reality sets in... s
  8. the development of media can sometimes be a hindrance...sure, media was around back then...but now it is so all-encompassing... s
  9. it is funny how we view actors and actresses from those silent films...they were such a racy lot but in a strange way they tend to represent a simpler time where everything had its place...most people were so completely clueless of the true lives their favorite stars lived... s
  10. all teachings of morality are essentially one form of indoctrination or another, really...we guide others into our own beliefs even if we say that we want them to form their own opinions and to question... i agree, though, that the topic is a little vague... s
  11. there is no such thing as "free" anything...everything comes with a cost...the cost here is the manner in which you speak, word choice, topic, and purpose...the cost meaning those things should be taken into consideration when exercising a right to free speech.. the act of opening one's mouth in a public setting is an invitation to evaluation and analyzation...not that i agree, it is just how it is... s
  12. What I found most interesting about this book, were the strong feminine overtones. Even some of the men had a "femininity" about them. As a female, the unicorn is very self-absorbed, but not in a purposefully negligient way. Rather, there is an innocence to her, a trusting nature, that personifies how men might view women. Even with an ego-centric view of the world, she retains a certain ability to emphathize with others. She battles against the masculine King Haggard and the Red Bull - a not-so-helpless female that retains a gentle flow of womanliness about her. She is the gentle strength of all women. (great book, btw) s
  13. @whispering - first of all, since the lease is signed...who's name is it under?...there is usually a primary person and the rest are usually listed as residents...if it is in your name, then you have a bit of the upper hand...but i wouldnt press that issue since they may back out completely... second of all...they cannot make you pay extra money so dont worry about it...i would just say something to the equivalent of "hmm, yes i can see where you are coming from, however, since you left the apartment locating to me(us) and upon repeated attempts to view the apartment and choose one that would have been more to your liking you opted not to come, this is how it will have to be"... do not give him the option of taking the room...all you can do is take a deep breath and next time...type up something that everyone signs that will dictate the terms of the leasing arrangements...it provides an extra layer of protection... hang in there! s
  14. email makes it so much easier to maintain correspondence...i have an aunt that chooses not to have a computer and so she only writes letters (phone isnt an option because i dont like talking to her lol)...and i am terrible about writing back...if she would get an email account, even at the library or something then it would be easier... s
  15. air-conditioning hands down is the most fabulous invention...i know some parts of the world dont have it or dont need it...but it was awful when we were having issues with our car's a/c (all fixed now!) s
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