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  1. There's a guy up by the pet area (near the guy you talk to about Fang) and he wants the legs. Talk to him afterwards for an amusing scene. If you can't figure out how to get there, here are some directions: Go south from the entrance to Tor, turn east just before the second set of tracks overhead. Then go north under the house that spans the gap above you.
  2. The Lilly and Sasha trilogy of games have a similar feel to them, and similar artwork (I love the cute sprites). I think Curse of the Immortals is the first one in the trilogy. I'm pretty sure there's a demo available on this site, so you can try before you buy - they're fun games. IIRC, the Witch and the Warrior and Ella's Hope have similar art styles. I remember liking them, but it's been a while since I played either of them (the Aveyond games are the ones I always come back to over and over again).
  3. Esme, check out Aveyond's facebook page for the latest: https://www.facebook.com/AveyondStudios/ (I can't figure out how to directly link to the specific post, but it's the latest one).
  4. Are you trying to download Ahriman's Prophecy from this page (the page for the game on the Aveyond.com site)? I just tried, and it downloaded fine. The same went for Aveyond 1 (here). A 403 forbidden error usually means your computer can talk to the server, but the server is refusing to do anything (for example, open a new page or download a file), so maybe the server was glitching for a while earlier. It seems to be working now, so try again!
  5. Thank you! I got Stargazer on steam a while ago, and haven't gotten around to playing it yet. I love these little references!
  6. I'm assuming you've found the actual tournament area (if you haven't, go north just before the entrance to the docks). Once you're inside and looking for the actual tournament area, go out the competitors' way (the upper exit - don't go up the ladder to the viewing area). Then, go south until you see an opening to a clear area on your right, with a guy standing close to the front. Talk to the guy, and you've found the area! There are a bunch of musicians standing around just above the area, if that helps. If these terrible directions aren't enough, let me know, and I'll try to post a screen-grab Also, for future tournaments, if you choose to do them, you only need to talk to the guy on the right of the desk-guy.
  7. Likalaruku, these are special "boss" demons, not the regular ones you find on Skull Mountain. One is deep in the caves on Snow Island, one is up in the Wind Tower, and a third is somewhere on Skull Mountain. ETA: You have to loot the demon's corpse in order to find the blood (it's not something that automatically gets awarded to you).
  8. During one of the Night Watch quests, when Myst and Robin are wandering around Gingernut Forest, you can trigger a very strange scene with a girl named Liza. She seems nervous, and doesn't want to go back to some place called Brooksilver. Then she gets captured by a guy named Scarbeck, who apparently intends to take her back to Brooksilver. It's a very funny little scene, but I feel like I'm missing something. Is this a reference to something? The curiosity is killing me!
  9. That's strange, I'm pretty sure that bug was fixed in version B. Maybe you should try posting in the technical questions forum (http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/forum/22-technical-questions/). Hopefully someone there will have better luck helping you, sorry.
  10. Is the thindle root showing up in your inventory? Maybe you don't have any? If you're trying to make the acid potion, then you have to give it to the alchemist guy, you can't make it yourself. Also, did you download the game several months ago? If so, I'd try deleting the local content and then re-installing it. I think your save file should carry over. This bug has been fixed in the latest version of the game.
  11. Sorry, but it sounds like you might have to start over. Did this happen immediately after you used the rune, or did you go to a particular place before getting stuck?
  12. Well, actually I just meant using that trick to walk all the areas and make sure you've been everywhere. But I guess you could also put screenshots together! That would probably take a really long time and be extremely frustrating, though. And sorry about the incorrect information on the guide. Keep sending Tiniponi nice thoughts and I'm sure she'll recover faster
  13. You could use the old maze trick until the maps come out (keep your left/right hand on the wall and go along). You'll visit pretty much everywhere on the map using that trick. Edit: Or you could buy the strategy guide, I would imagine that has all the maps.
  14. Sorry to revive an old post, but is this makeover happening or not? With the forum redesign, the in-forum links don't work, so I apologize if one of those links explained what was going on. Just curious, I love Aveyond 2 as it is, but the makeover sounded pretty cool. And I like the sound of an all-in-one version of Aveyond 3, too!
  15. Try looking around AVG's support site here, it has a lot of information on configuring the firewall. Do you have the free version of AVG or the paid version? If its the free version, then I believe that dark_adventurer is right, and it isn't a firewall. Another site that can help is IE's support site, here. What I suspect you need to do is figure out what firewall you're running (and if you're running one at all) to get more specific.
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