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  1. kcara

    tree hole puzzles

    Thanks! I finally realized I should have been clicking the pointer to the match, instead of the item. That was driving me absolutely nuts!
  2. kcara

    tree hole puzzles

    I'm having trouble returning the items to the tree hole puzzles...do they have to be on top of their match, or beside them, or close...? I've got some but others just don't vanish (but I know they're right, given by the hint). Any suggestions? cara
  3. kcara

    Arrow keys

    Thank you very much! That was very helpful...I skimmed the forum in case this had come up before but I didn't see that thread...panic will do that! Turns out it was the connection that caused the problem, because I was using an old keyboard with a PS2/USB converter (after an incident involving coffee...) so when I switched back to my USB keyboard everything was fine. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. kcara

    Arrow keys

    That's happening to me too, exactly what you've described. This problem appeared in Aveyond 2 while I was playing. I had Aveyond 1 installed but hadn't played it yet so I tried it, and the same problem appeared in Aveyond 1 as well. Both games think the down arrow key is pressed, but it isn't. If someone could help, I'd greatly appreciate it, as I would like to play the game (and if I could keep my saved games, that would be nice too).