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  1. I knew someone was going to bring that up... look, anything you download off the net is considered pirated anyway, and the fact is I don't have a Credit Card at my disposal, like most people who downlaod stuff, I just want to enjoy it and give feedback like everyone else, I started Ahriman's Prophecy when it first came out, I love Aveyond and I want to keep playing the games
  2. Torrents and Hotfiles... and as I said, no I didn't alter them in anyway
  3. no I didn't alter my saved games at all. I don't think it started a new game for me because I did have my levels on the next one.
  4. those who keep saying "Lydia took your stuff" can you please stop... im not just talking about GoN to TLO... I downloaded the game Shaz, and I did choose to continue my saved game... I'm not complaining that I had to buy everything back, it was just a shame that I lost my 2million gold and Winged Shoes.
  5. nope, I went from LoT to GoN, only my levels transfered, then again with GoN and TLO... I went through every game, continuing a single saved game and only my levels got transfered.
  6. not for me, the Only thing that transfered over for me were the levels 0 money 0 items
  7. ok, sorry I didn't know about the Sandals but thanks for the info and it seems the only thing that does get transfered over with each game are the levels
  8. In my opinion, GoN was fun when I got the Winged Boots, it was really sad to see that TLO didn't have them, but if they were a "Goodie" for the game, that'd be cool... What are your Views on this ???
  9. YAY! Thank you very much, it worked and I have the file.
  10. When I completed GoN it asked if I wanted to Save my game so that I could continue it on TLO, so I did, but when I installed TLO my Save File wasn't there, can someone please help me And I don't want someone else's Save File
  11. Nah, i didn't use any Goodies, Patches or anything like that.
  12. Lol, only took me 6 hours to finish chapter 1, finish all side quests and get everyone to lvl 25
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