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  1. @aisling: thanks for everything aisling. you know what? i don't wanna fight. i knew immediately at KTC's 1st post nobody would believe me that i tried my very best to search for it.
  2. @ktc: quote: I honestly do not see why it would be so troublesome unless you did not click the 'from the beginning' button. In which case, yes: nothing would show up. I DID DO IT! What do you think? And as for the 3 verses, it was directed to all. All who knows what happened, when it happened, how it happened, whatever, yeah, telling them to give me a PM about it. that's all. i'm sorry it made you think it was directed to mods or whatever. guess i'm already blacklisted because of this and about to get kicked out, huh? @stardale: i searched this entire site for about 57 minutes. i started searching at around 8:45PM (my time) until 9:58 PM. i did keep that phrase of patience in my mind while searching. one hour? i am human too. =)
  3. @ktc: I DID NOT MENTION THE MODS. did i blame them? careful, or i'll call you guys "Perasan" as what we call here, as in "you think the world revolves around you". @all: I did used the search engine here for your information as what Dis said, typed the game's FULL NAME, no results. you can ask Kinnison. he's my witness for he tried it as well. i wouldn't accuse anyone of anything until i got my facts straight. i seriously searched everywhere, ok? I cried then stopped, logged on and went to yahoo, typed out the same game name and found it. but not on amaranthia itself. isn't that a teensy weird? only after this complaint did i find it again on the search engine. i also went thru my own comment history and without result again. i generally post in HMGames (In progress), VS, and sometimes Spam Haven. others are sometimes. so it should be there... right? after all, mjority of my posts are of my game. reminder, i'm not firing at the mods. End note: on march 15-16 my game was still here.
  4. i was "absent" from amaranthia for about say, 1-and-half months (excluding the Snowball Obit) and suddenly my half-made game is GONE?? What happened? Am i banned or something (obviously not, how would i be writing this?) am i blacklisted, whatever? This wouldn't concern me at all but what made me PISSED OFF is that nobody told me about it. no PM, no nothing. And i wrote ALOT OF INFORMATION ABOUT MY GAME IN THAT THREAD... AND NOW ITS GONE? that game is dedicated to my rabbit and its just deleted?? like that? i checked everywhere (homemade games, spam haven, guild, clubhouse, whatever...), i've done my paRT... I want to know WHO deleted it, I want to know WHEN it was deleted, I want to know WHY it was deleted. i want an explanation NOW.
  5. Wow, not bad Noor! What system is that? A script? Did you write that script by yourself? I'm super impressed!
  6. @aisling: actually it's just the fur lol she's not that fat. XD and yeah she does look a little pissed off huh... i don't remember what happened that day =P @excalibur: thanks. I'm sorry bout your dog too.
  7. @spicy: i actually hinted to my mom, "hey mom, keep the cage. in case, you know, another bunny." to my surprise she didn't object XD she said, "Sure, but not when SHE's around." "She" is Holly. @luz: thanks a lot. And yes, ^^ the pictures of Snowball, (avvie, siggie, obit and recent one) are some of her best photos. The one i put up is taken by me. I was lying down and at that angle, she looked so puffy and fat and squish-able. So i took it and wanted to freeze that angle of her being fat forever. =) All, you know, after the first attack, Snowball was weak and actually thin. She had contracted lung infection (she had her shots and was better). After that she refused to eat and i was wondering if i spent too much time with the dog. So i turned my attention completely to Snowball and brought her in the house (her cage was outside and i knew i couldn't play with Snowball outside with the jealous dog around) So i just kept cooing and petting and kissing and hugging Snowball, putting her on my lap... too much until she wanted to wriggle away LOL But very soon she became better and was back to her One-Carrot-5-Stalks-of-Veggie-and-2-full-bowls-of-Pellets a day diet. She put on weight like, really fast, and she "interacted more with us. eg: sniffing us, standing on her back legs, seeking our attention when we watch TV, bite and roll her ceramic bowl around (again, for attention), and many others. Once she deliberately bounced around non-stop around us until we bent and petted her.... sigh, good memories =)
  8. @aisling: thanks so much and all of you. you guys make it better for me. here is one of my fave photos of Snowball. This was taken wayyyy before Holly was adopted. I call her the Fatty of Subang (Subang is the area i live in). lol
  9. Hi all. I'm feeling better now, but I'm constantly hoping for a miracle, begging, begging for Him to let me pet and hug Snowball one last time, one last time forever... sounds silly, i know. =) And my mom tried to reassure me that Holly the Dog didn't intend to kill Snowball... she was probably lonely and wanted a playmate. But as everyone knows, rabbits aren't perfect playmates for dogs... i mean puppies who just turned into super, hyperactive teenagers. But then again, at the "wake" of Snowball (It was a small one, we laid her on cloth in the living room and the whole family was around her sobbing their eyes out, yours truly included ) i checked Snowball's... body, (it hurts so much to write that ) i saw puncture wounds, bleeding, again, just like the first attack... was that being playful? Or was that the sign of the hunter biting the prey's neck? Shoot. Crying again. I can't help it. I miss her so darn much. Everyday i glance at her empty cage. Then today i was searching through the fridge for a snack when i came across her 3 bags of carrots. (Mum bought them on Friday, a day before the attack)... she never got to munch on them!!! I'm sure you guys know how i always boasted and shouted to the world about Snowball, put up her pictures everwhere XD well, she's gone =) so... no more pictures, i guess.
  10. snowbunnies_x


    @ivanna: i'm not sure *wrinkles nose* but it is at its first millionth.
  11. i always imagined Snowball dying from old age, in my arms. Her death not only shocked me, but it made me feel so guilty for not being able to be there with her, or to stop it. Just so u know, i do not blame Holly. Dogs descended from wolves, they're natural hunters =(
  12. snowbunnies_x


    wait, you're talking about neopets? i'm so out. All i do there is feed my pets, play the fun-and-your-fingers-have-to-be-quick game called National Neopian or something. Forgot the title. And buy stuff! I'm a miser too lol me is millionaire, says me bank.
  13. Hi guys. Something unexpected happened and I'm still abit worked up about it, and I think you should know about it, and I also am very sorry if there are any typos. HOW SHE DIED Snowball has been a victim of Holly, my newly adopted puppy-turning-dog ever since Holly was introduced. At first, Holly was smaller than Snowball and when Snowball "attacked" Holly, we scolded the poor rabbit. I wish a million, billion, trillion times to take back that moment. I miss my rabbit so much and I regret scolding her when the cause of her death was that mutt. The first attack was on Thursday somewhere in January. (We brought Holly the Pup home on the 26th December) I remember it was 7.15 in the morn and I was getting ready to go to school. We heard scuffling noises and when my mom went to investigate, she saw Snowball lying flat on her side (like roadkill!!!) with Holly on top of her. My mom of course, chased the dog away and I was really gripped by fear. Snowball's fur had come out in places and didn't move. Needless to say I never went to class that day. I carried Snowball back to the house and together with my mom, we got a perfect-sized box and tilted in on its side. We stuffed it with cloth, newspaper and Snowball's fave nibble toys. I put her there and brought a flat dish of water toward her nose and thankfully, Snowball drank the water. And she drank ALOT. I checked her body for signs of injury and found 2 behind her ears. My family, later that night, when everyone knew what happened, gave Snowball their very best. My sis called it a 10-star hospital treatment. Really. Snowball was tucked in, hand-fed, with soothing piano music from my phone. That spoiled little rabbit, 2 days later, emerged from the box and bounced to her fave spot behind the sofa, where she flopped down and dozed off. Silly thing. She poo-ed and pee-ed behind the sofa but I gladly cleaned it up for the exchange for what happened that morning to never happen again. Unfortunately, it did. Yesterday, 14th March 2009, around 8.00 to 8.30 PM, Snowball died alone and cold, under the paws of Holly. If you're cursing me now and asking why the heck would I release the dog with the rabbit, please let me explain. Holly got most of the day for her freedom. Where else Snowball got locked up in the morning and then in the hot afternoon, carried to doze off in her fave spot, behind sofa. Every 1 hour I would carry her back to her cage to pee and poo. I wait for the sign. "Sign"? Snowball would nudge the cage door, pushing with all her might, wanting to come out. That's the sign she's finished and wanted to go back behind the sofa. Then at 6, i would tie or walk the dog, leaving Snowball to graze and munch and hop all she wants until 7.30 PM. Somehow, yesterday, Snowball managed to bounce out of the house and got killed. I wasn't sure what happened, because I was at my aunt's house. I got a call and I was rushed home to find her dead. I saw her eyes. HER EYES! Snowball lost the brightness of her eyes. Her cute nose stopped twitching... oh gosh I'm crying again. She died. We buried her in our front yard. My dad dug a hole 2 feet long, 1 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. We covered her in cloth, laid her down. We put her fave nibble toy with her, some vegetables... even though I know Snowball has all the veg and wayyyy better grass to eat in Heaven... We conducted a small Catholic funeral, home-made. There was Holy Water, some prayers... please understand, we loved that rabbit so much ever since she joined us 1 and a half years ago. I miss her so much and I keep thinking about the pain she felt when Holly attacked her. My second sister was hit bad. She loved Snowball alot, too. I just hoped she died fast and painlessly and even though it hurts and I cry, Snowball's actually in Heaven together with her previous owner, Auntie A., who gave us the rabbit because she died from cancer and went home to God. I'm just glad she's in a place where there are no violence and all dogs are friendly. *sad smile* I'm sorry for posting this, but I just wanted to let you know that Snowball is gone. Please, if you think this is crap, or I'm lying, or I'm pathetic, don't give hurtful comments. Thanks.
  14. @lady: lol well, Meyer couldn't leave the Jacob fans angry and dissatisfied, so that's why she made Bella and Eddie have sex and produce Renesmee (which is a very weird name O_O )for Jacob to imprint on. haha. Worse choice ever made by Meyer. It's sick for me =P i don't feel comfortable with that. And the fact that werewolves (once imprinted) can hardly leave their lady love, be it a baby, toddler or child, is annoying. Imagine your own baby being sort-of harrassed by this guy, so called the baby's true love. As a mother it's annoying to have someone like that. And if i'm not mistaken, in BD, Eddie and Bella and baby retired for the night and Jacob said "I'll come with you." So annoying with no sense of privacy. Jeez. Getting worked up. XD
  15. Yay more Twilight. I hate Jacob Black. He was so annoying in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn around Bella and her baby. So argh-i-want-to-rip-his-head off annoying. Many of you like Jacob. For his sarcasm XD my sisters hate him too. XD We keep making up spoofs about him. Anyway... Bella is okay for me, so is Edward. I'm so not gonna go crazy over him. I love Alice. She rocks. I loved the way she pitched the baseball in the show. Hated Rosalie a bit, but after reading New Moon i realised why she acted like that and felt sorry. Favourite quote: "Over my pile of ashes." ~Rosalie Cullen, Breaking Dawn The books are okay i guess, so is the movie. I hated the pauses in the dialogue, as though they didn't memorize their lines well. haha.
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