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  1. Hello. I purchased Darkthrop Prophecy on another computer that has, since, kicked the bucket. I was wondering if I could, somehow, get another copy on this one? I purchased it from you guys, Amaranth, because Big Fish took too long. The other computer crashed and all information was lost. I've been replaying through the Aveyond series recently, and I can't quite finish it without DP. Any help?
  2. thank you much EDIT!!! this is for Build A. will it still apply to build C?
  3. Does anybody have a spell list for Lars and other Magic users? I'm trying to say that: If there is a spell compilation on amaranth games or on a file (PDF, maybe?), could someone please link it to me? Much appreciated... P.S. I would like levels too, if possible. I'm truly sorry if this is spam. I am playing AV1 Build C with the Guild goodie unlocked, and would like to have a list. sorry if redundant:(
  4. sorry for the late post. I have been extremely busy over the past few months. either way, I was able to download AND install it a few days ago. I sorta gave up then felt the urge to try again and have already beaten the game!! You can lock the topic now, if you'd like. Thx for the suggestions though, and I was able to do it without needing to change my computer at all!
  5. wait a minute: i have a problem that says: "Safari cannot open the file Ahrimans_Prophecy.exe because there is no available application that can run it" message now... @ KTC a little bit of both... It lets me download it, but not run it, so yeah installation, I guess...
  6. I am unable to download AP onto my computer. I have Windows 7, and my error says something about Win32... Any ideas? Thx :hammer: :thanks:
  7. i was wondering, what is the best guild for Talia if I have the GOD goodie on? this question has pestered me for awhile now... any guidence?
  8. How do I get the quest for Great Aunt Nora? More specifically when does she, you know, pass?
  9. that's exactly what i figured, so i already started...
  10. i got mine from Big fish games, and it is still version 1!
  11. how do i get version two of Aveyond: Ean's Quest?
  12. as usual, nada, zip, zero... maybe do i have to reinstall the game?
  13. i tried that too, but still nothing... if there is anything else i can do, please, oh PLEASE let me know because i am at a permanent standstill...
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