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  1. nah, char isnt stuck in a walking motion. the char kinda stand with their legs apart, and as mentioned, when u switch chars theyre all the same too, stuck mid walk animation. the idle stance just switched from standing normally legs together to legs spread half stride. trust me, i tried walking in and out a gazillion times, i tried hopping on and off the boat to try and fix it, ive played the game fresh through to that point no less then 5 times to see if that would do anything (am now an expert at the game up to that point -.-) switched chars before and after zoning in several combinations in case it was rhen that was bugged somehow. i cant figure out what else to do. looked on the patch notes to see if there was some kind of thing to reset the chars stance or something but meh. tried with and without the goodies to see if it was related, but no luck there either. its not a "huge" deal, but something that i havent yet seen addressed and ik i cant be the only one whos had this happen. it does kinda bug me a little. i can play as it is still, but i think its slowly driving me insane
  2. hey, love aveyond, played it a very long time ago before the v2 came out. i decided to try out the build c recently to see what changes had been done and for its replay value. awesome game there is this small bug that ive only noticed in the newer versions, it doesn't really affect gameplay, but its really really starting to get me. im really kinda picky about stuff like this. im sure some of you have noticed that when u do the mount orion boat thing, put ur fruit on the alter and hop on the boat to the other side that the char is stuck in a half walk pose when they stand still. ive done a little testing to see if i can maybe glitch it back to the regular pose by hopping on boat few times, no luck so far. was wondering if anyone knows a way to unstick this thru a patch maybe, or let me know if it will fix itself as the game progresses. i know its a small issue, hardly worth complaining about. but i wud like to have my person standing somewhat normally any feedback welcome, thnx
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