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  1. Yayyyy I'm really excited too! :heart:

    My OTP is Te'ijal/Galahad :kawaii-silly:but I also love Rhen/Dameon, Mel/Gyendal! I aldo adore the Te'ijal/Gyendal sibling relationship!!! 

    I have played: Av1, Av3 and Av4

    I'm a fluff lover forever but I also love dark fics so feel free to do whatever, I'll love it anyway XD

  2. *sorry for this*




  3. I'm finally here and there's so much RxD fluff, I'm gonna pass out! ALL TH DRAWINGS ARE AWESOME AND RHEN'S AND DAMEON'S HAIR IS ALWAYS ON FLEEK

    how do you do this oh great Berry?

    Rhen with her sword just takes me inside the game :o It's soooo realistic and beautiful! :heart:

    And I have no words for Aesma and Dameon! ADORABLE

  4. Woahhhh so much stuff XD We're pretty much in the final row in order to get the guilds going! So here we go:

    1. Shadow Masters wins for me hahaha. I just love it a lot! :heart: (I've probably chosen my guild lol)

    2. I agree that we could use a temporary leader, if someone won't show up! I could be the second hand for any guild or help with anything, I just don't have time to be a leader, sorry.

    3-4. I like Sword Singers as the third category of War and Magick, if Dragon Lords gets his own guild.

    5. I love all perks! I don't have a lot of ideas for now but I can come up with some!

    Hope everything gets set up soon!

  5. Wow that is literally awesome! You cheaters as Berry said XD I'm really excited! Queen IF I'm in the game and you haven't started my sprite I would like to change the appearance explanation a bit. It's totally fine if you have already started it or planned it though. Everything looks amazing so far! Love the idea Chloe! 

    Tell me if I can help with the plot (which you have probably already figured out) or anything else. I would love to help!


  6. *sees status update about the fic being posted* I NEED TO GO TO MOONPEACE'S FICS. NOW.

    Um I really need to thank you for writing this T.T the beginning was beautiful and the rest arghhhhhh *dead* I LOVED THE PART WITH TE'IJAL AND GYENDAL! SO MUCH! I knew they were okay towards each other before the events of Orbs or Magic. And then Galahad returned to the underworld and OMG- I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK! This scene was SO well written! Sorry if I'm sounding crazy but, I love this. Also the end... THE END WAS AMAZING ARGH, ENOUGH SAID :heart::kawaii-sad:

    thanks for writing this!:kawaii-happy:

  7. Ooooh okay this is coming together! I really like Druids & Dreamers and War & Magick! I reallyyyyyy like Shadow Masters & Mistesses! (um sorry for using & all the time but it's so fancy and I love it) I think that name is perfect for the dark guild because is the most general one so enchanters, witches, vampires and even darklings can have that title. Underfall Guild sounds good too but I love the other one more :kawaii-lol:

    I love all the perks suggestions so far! The spell one, Danin suggested, is amazing as well as the pixel tag! And I'm glad you liked the crown idea! 

    The seasons are shared among the guilds nicely! As for pets, I think all members of all guilds could have one! 

    Some random suggestions (ignore them if you want) :

    First of all, I believe each guild should have 2 pets to choose from. It may be a stupid idea but I think it would be more fun this way! Of course we could just let everyone choose whatever they want instead.

    The light guild could have unicorns (maybe even pegasus or alicorns :kawaii-silly:), because I think these animals are fitting awesomely with this guild!

    The dark guild could have ghosts or phoenixes! The in-between one could have dragons or griffins  (these are SUPER weird suggestions but I'm crazy so sorry, feel completely free to shut all of them down XD)

  8. 1. I'm not good at names haha. I actually like the Druids & Dreamers one but we could go for something more fancy for sure! I like the name suggestions for the dark guild! I have no idea what the warrior and mage guild should be called argh I'm not helping at all sorry

    2. I really can't decide! I'll probably join the dark or druid and dreamers one though!

    3. Okay, perks are so much fun. And the ideas are endless so I don't know haha. The dark guild should have dark cloaks and chibi Gyendals though >.> Also it would be cool for the Dreamers and Druids too have their own special crown thingy (the gold thingy druids had in Av1, but the members could design their own)

    4. I don't think I'll be as active as a leader requires because school is starting T.T So yeah I'll probably won't be one XD 

    Also @Danin I love the pixel thing!

  9. I think as for seasonal events, we could do Spring, Winter and Autumn for now. Since fall just started I guess we have enough time to set up everything, so the Autumn event could even take place in the last month or something. I don't think it's completely necessary for now but if we could have it a bit organised it could help!

    Ooooooh I believe that these are the perfect guilds to start with. This way we are including almost everything without making over 3 guilds, and if we want to add another one later, we can see what we are missing. Like some people may be into something specific (like Dragon Lords was for example). I think {Druids & Dreamers} should go with Spring because as Danin said that guild it's not very dark, I'm guessing {Warriors & Wildmages} could get Autumn, and {Vampires or whatever the name is gonna be XD} will get obviously winter because dark, cold blah blah I don't even have to explain XD

    Nooo I don't want to take responsibility! Don't trust me with these things! I don't know if I should be a leader etc at all XD Anyway what I wanted to suggest is that perks could be discussed between guild members after the guilds are officialy set up. I'm pretty sure the members can come up with amazing stuff since all of us here are really creative. Also it would be awesome for each guild to have its own story/background, like how they gathered to form the guild or what made them rebel and gather as a group XD I know this will make things too complicated but I think it would make each guild special (I believe I can come up with some good stuff lol but crazy) but anyway ignore me lol

    These are thoughts that you can just ignore if you want XD I just brainstorm some random stuff

  10. If Berry wasn't here I would have never talked about the Aveyond amaziness XD I remember how I was "studying for exams" (aka ranting with Berry literally for evah through FF). And then Queen and I ranted a bit too and now I'm awesomely stuck with my lovely Aveyond crazies XD ( @Mu11berry @Queen-of-Ice101 you eviiiiil people)

    Also the introduction XD love it!!

  11. Argh I'm really excited for this! Creating new guilds will give another life to the forums! I like all the ideas! I would love to have a Dreamers Guild (or a Druids and Dreamers one? Queen suggested both of them and I like that!) 

    It would also be awesome to have some ranking! Maybe each person in the guild has a title or certain ability? Maybe to fancy but it would be fun!

  12. The next morning came all too early for their liking they were unpleasantly greeted by the bright sunshine accompanied by the infuriating sound of the host’s voice.


    “And despite this being only the third day of their seclusion together they have already managed to destroy…..an entire wing of the palace.” The host was saying to the cameras that were following him over to their little tired group, sounding rather flabbergasted by their achievement.


    “What do you want?” Mel growled, glaring up at the host from where her head was resting in Gyendal’s lap.


    They were all trying to wake up, although some of them were taking advantage of their significant others to get some extra rest. However their little group sat up slightly when stepping out from behind the host was Edward.


    Stella gave a delighted cry, standing over to her feet and rushing over to him to hug him tightly.


    “I love you dearly but I will never agree to do this for you again.” The butterfly woman informed the king, sounding immensely relieved for it to be over.


    A sense of relief had fallen over their group at the ordeal finally being over, everyone relaxing back with a sigh.


    “I have to admit, even though I figured there was a chance you all wouldn’t make it to the end I never expected that you would blow up an entire wing.” The host butted in before turning apologetically to Edward. “I am very sorry about this your majesty. I could have never anticipated this.”


    “Oh I’m not worried about this, I knew it would happen.” Edward said with a laugh, waving off the hosts concern.


    His words made the others freeze in various positions as they stared suspiciously up at Edward who looked entirely too pleased with himself for someone who had just lost part of his palace.


    “....Edward? What exactly do you mean by that?” Te’ijal questioned, eyes narrowed.


    “Well the wing was old and I’ve been wanting to fix it up for a while, but the council was being stingy and said no. It woould be coming out of money I still have from the quest so it’s not like it would be coming out of royal funds but they said no. So I figured that if it was destoryed withoout my help they would be forced to say yes and I could get that upgrade I’ve been wanting.” Edward explained, grinning down at his wife who was staring at him like he had lost his mind.


    He stared down at Stella in confusion, then from where the others were gathered there was a squawk from Rhen.


    “What?! You used us to demolish your wing for free?!?”


    “Not free! I got payed to lend the wing to the gameshow.” Edward offered cheerful, Stella groaning and pulling away out of the line of fire as she buried her head in hands at her husbands obliviousness.


    “Wait...so we were never going to win a grand prize in the first place?!” Galahad snapped, an indignant scowl on his face. “ What were we even going to win?!”


    “The grand prize would have been a lifetime supply of chibijamas.” The host informed them, all eyes immediately flipping to Gyendal for fear of his response.


    “I wanted that prize so I could destroy them all.” He said with a shrug.


    Lars on the other hand… was not near as calm.


    “Are you kidding me?! I own the chibijamas line!!! You mean I was competing this whole time to win something I already own?! Why didn’t my assistant tell me about this before I let Rhen talk me into joining?!”




    “You were the one that made those?” Gyendal said softly, eyes glittering with deadly intent.


    Lars swallowed hard, then shakily stood and backed away behind Edward.


    “Uh, need I remind you all that Edward tricked us into doing this to be his free demolition crew?” He squeaked out, eyes wide.


    “Oh we know.” Mel hissed, “That is why you are BOTH GOING TO DIE!!!”


    Edward and Lars had seen much in their lives, living through insanity and terrifiying encounters through the courses of the quests. Yet all the courage they had possessed during said quests vanished in an instant as the the remaining six slowly rose to their feet, and with desperate pleas they turned tail and fled from the enraged three vampires, dark mage, sun priest and sword singer.




    The host stood watching open mouthed as six grown and powerful adults chased the green haired sorcerer and the king of Thais shouting threats and promises of suffering.


    “Great goddess of Aia….” The host muttered, Stella sighing heavily and coming over to stand at the hosts side.


    She rested her hand on his shoulder sympathetically and he shook his head with a groan before turning back to smile at the camera.


    “Well folks, as this is a family show and… extreme violence is not allowed on air perhaps it would be better to end it now.”


    He was cut off by a shriek.


    “Not the face!!! Not the face!!”


    “......uh, yes… So, thank you for tuning into Will They Survive!! It looks like this time around our team didn’t quite make to the end but next time we just might see our next contestants make it to the end!!! Tune in next season to see Ella and her friends from the epic world of Ella’s Hope try to survive to the end!”


    Another shriek and the host glanced off to the side with a grimace.


    “...that has got to hurt. Anyway!! This is brought to you by chibijamas….of which said sponsor may not survive…. Thank you and good day!!!”

    And with that, the screen went black.

  13. When the sky started to darken, everyone left the castle and went to a small forest nearby, since they didn’t want to deal with the producers’ and Edward’s rage.


    Rhen had insisted that they made marshmallows, so now Dameon was trying to light a fire.


    “Ahh this isn’t working…” The sun priest murmured but then Lars popped out of nowhere and shot a fire spell towards the pile of woods.


    The sorcerer looked at Dameon like he was a slave or something.




    Rhen, who was sitting in a rock near her husband looked at Lars and her eyes flashed.




    “Why don’t you share?” Dameon tried to say.


    “SHARE MY MARSHMALLOWS?” Lars shouted.


    While these three were arguing, the others were setting up the tents, Mel had taken from the castle.


    “Are we done?”


    “Almost.” Mel said, making sure the tents were steady.


    “Okay, so what now?” Galahad asked, resting himself against a tree.


    “We could have some fun.” Stella said, with a smile.


    Mel sighed. “And what could we do for fun…?”


    Then Gyendal and Te’ijal left out identical chuckles and looked at each other.




    Galahad looked at them and his brows went up. “You two are never tired of fighting…”


    The two siblings started walking in circles, keeping eye contact with each other.


    Gyendal smirked. “You think you’re going to beat me without magic?”


    “I don’t need weird sparkly things to win.” She said with a chuckle, preparing her bow.


    That was it. Stella got between them.




    Mel laughed at them. “Let’s see what the others are doing.”




    The night had fallen completely and everyone was slowly going to sleep… they had a rough week.


    Lars stole almost all of Rhen’s marshmallows. He had eaten so much that now he was sleeping in a tent, snoring, so Stella needed to move her own tent far away.


    Rhen and Dameon were sitting in a tent too.


    “I am tireeeed…” Rhen said, before closing her eyes.


    Her husband sighed, starting to pull her up next to him.


    “Love, you’re going to get cold at night.”


    “Lars took all the blankets!”


    Dameon chuckled, removing his outer robe to cover up his wife, before kissing her forehead.


    Rhen hugged him tighter and he murmured to her with a kiss to her lips, causing her to turn red before closing her eyes.


    “Goodnight, Rhen…”


    In another tent, Mel had been crawling next to her husband too.


    “Mmmm…” She said, having almost fallen asleep, when she felt the usual arm around her. Mel usually slept right away but this time....


    “What are you thinking?” Gyendal murmured behind her.


    For some reason she smiled, twisting to face him, and she buried her face in his chest. He dragged her closer, kissing her, before closing his eyes too.


    “Sleep well, lamb…”


    “Creep…” She murmured with a smile and they both faded to sleep.


    Te’ijal and Galahad on the other side, were resting against a tree.


    “We definitely need a vacation after this.” The vampiress said, stretching her arms.


    “Absolutely.” Her husband agreed, with a chuckle.


    Te’ijal shot him a look and laughed. “How is it possible to be afraid of bugs after fighting countless demons for centuries?”


    “I was not afraid!”


    “Yes you were.” She said with a chuckle.


    “Well…” He said looking in her eyes. “At least I’m not afraid to do this...”




    In a quick move he grabbed her chin gently, kissing her softly.


    The knight cuddled his wife tightly, and they both fell asleep after a while.

    “Goodnight, demon spawn…”

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