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  2. The next morning came all too early for their liking they were unpleasantly greeted by the bright sunshine accompanied by the infuriating sound of the host’s voice. “And despite this being only the third day of their seclusion together they have already managed to destroy…..an entire wing of the palace.” The host was saying to the cameras that were following him over to their little tired group, sounding rather flabbergasted by their achievement. “What do you want?” Mel growled, glaring up at the host from where her head was resting in Gyendal’s lap. They were all trying to wake up, although some of them were taking advantage of their significant others to get some extra rest. However their little group sat up slightly when stepping out from behind the host was Edward. Stella gave a delighted cry, standing over to her feet and rushing over to him to hug him tightly. “I love you dearly but I will never agree to do this for you again.” The butterfly woman informed the king, sounding immensely relieved for it to be over. A sense of relief had fallen over their group at the ordeal finally being over, everyone relaxing back with a sigh. “I have to admit, even though I figured there was a chance you all wouldn’t make it to the end I never expected that you would blow up an entire wing.” The host butted in before turning apologetically to Edward. “I am very sorry about this your majesty. I could have never anticipated this.” “Oh I’m not worried about this, I knew it would happen.” Edward said with a laugh, waving off the hosts concern. His words made the others freeze in various positions as they stared suspiciously up at Edward who looked entirely too pleased with himself for someone who had just lost part of his palace. “....Edward? What exactly do you mean by that?” Te’ijal questioned, eyes narrowed. “Well the wing was old and I’ve been wanting to fix it up for a while, but the council was being stingy and said no. It woould be coming out of money I still have from the quest so it’s not like it would be coming out of royal funds but they said no. So I figured that if it was destoryed withoout my help they would be forced to say yes and I could get that upgrade I’ve been wanting.” Edward explained, grinning down at his wife who was staring at him like he had lost his mind. He stared down at Stella in confusion, then from where the others were gathered there was a squawk from Rhen. “What?! You used us to demolish your wing for free?!?” “Not free! I got payed to lend the wing to the gameshow.” Edward offered cheerful, Stella groaning and pulling away out of the line of fire as she buried her head in hands at her husbands obliviousness. “Wait...so we were never going to win a grand prize in the first place?!” Galahad snapped, an indignant scowl on his face. “ What were we even going to win?!” “The grand prize would have been a lifetime supply of chibijamas.” The host informed them, all eyes immediately flipping to Gyendal for fear of his response. “I wanted that prize so I could destroy them all.” He said with a shrug. Lars on the other hand… was not near as calm. “Are you kidding me?! I own the chibijamas line!!! You mean I was competing this whole time to win something I already own?! Why didn’t my assistant tell me about this before I let Rhen talk me into joining?!” Silence. “You were the one that made those?” Gyendal said softly, eyes glittering with deadly intent. Lars swallowed hard, then shakily stood and backed away behind Edward. “Uh, need I remind you all that Edward tricked us into doing this to be his free demolition crew?” He squeaked out, eyes wide. “Oh we know.” Mel hissed, “That is why you are BOTH GOING TO DIE!!!” Edward and Lars had seen much in their lives, living through insanity and terrifiying encounters through the courses of the quests. Yet all the courage they had possessed during said quests vanished in an instant as the the remaining six slowly rose to their feet, and with desperate pleas they turned tail and fled from the enraged three vampires, dark mage, sun priest and sword singer. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” The host stood watching open mouthed as six grown and powerful adults chased the green haired sorcerer and the king of Thais shouting threats and promises of suffering. “Great goddess of Aia….” The host muttered, Stella sighing heavily and coming over to stand at the hosts side. She rested her hand on his shoulder sympathetically and he shook his head with a groan before turning back to smile at the camera. “Well folks, as this is a family show and… extreme violence is not allowed on air perhaps it would be better to end it now.” He was cut off by a shriek. “Not the face!!! Not the face!!” “......uh, yes… So, thank you for tuning into Will They Survive!! It looks like this time around our team didn’t quite make to the end but next time we just might see our next contestants make it to the end!!! Tune in next season to see Ella and her friends from the epic world of Ella’s Hope try to survive to the end!” Another shriek and the host glanced off to the side with a grimace. “...that has got to hurt. Anyway!! This is brought to you by chibijamas….of which said sponsor may not survive…. Thank you and good day!!!” And with that, the screen went black.
  3. When the sky started to darken, everyone left the castle and went to a small forest nearby, since they didn’t want to deal with the producers’ and Edward’s rage. Rhen had insisted that they made marshmallows, so now Dameon was trying to light a fire. “Ahh this isn’t working…” The sun priest murmured but then Lars popped out of nowhere and shot a fire spell towards the pile of woods. The sorcerer looked at Dameon like he was a slave or something. “NOW MAKE ME MY MARSHMALLOWS!” Rhen, who was sitting in a rock near her husband looked at Lars and her eyes flashed. “YOUR MARSHMALLOWS!?” “Why don’t you share?” Dameon tried to say. “SHARE MY MARSHMALLOWS?” Lars shouted. While these three were arguing, the others were setting up the tents, Mel had taken from the castle. “Are we done?” “Almost.” Mel said, making sure the tents were steady. “Okay, so what now?” Galahad asked, resting himself against a tree. “We could have some fun.” Stella said, with a smile. Mel sighed. “And what could we do for fun…?” Then Gyendal and Te’ijal left out identical chuckles and looked at each other. “PRACTICING DUELS!” Galahad looked at them and his brows went up. “You two are never tired of fighting…” The two siblings started walking in circles, keeping eye contact with each other. Gyendal smirked. “You think you’re going to beat me without magic?” “I don’t need weird sparkly things to win.” She said with a chuckle, preparing her bow. That was it. Stella got between them. “WE’VE ALREADY DESTROYED ENOUGH THINGS. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.” Mel laughed at them. “Let’s see what the others are doing.” ----- The night had fallen completely and everyone was slowly going to sleep… they had a rough week. Lars stole almost all of Rhen’s marshmallows. He had eaten so much that now he was sleeping in a tent, snoring, so Stella needed to move her own tent far away. Rhen and Dameon were sitting in a tent too. “I am tireeeed…” Rhen said, before closing her eyes. Her husband sighed, starting to pull her up next to him. “Love, you’re going to get cold at night.” “Lars took all the blankets!” Dameon chuckled, removing his outer robe to cover up his wife, before kissing her forehead. Rhen hugged him tighter and he murmured to her with a kiss to her lips, causing her to turn red before closing her eyes. “Goodnight, Rhen…” In another tent, Mel had been crawling next to her husband too. “Mmmm…” She said, having almost fallen asleep, when she felt the usual arm around her. Mel usually slept right away but this time.... “What are you thinking?” Gyendal murmured behind her. For some reason she smiled, twisting to face him, and she buried her face in his chest. He dragged her closer, kissing her, before closing his eyes too. “Sleep well, lamb…” “Creep…” She murmured with a smile and they both faded to sleep. Te’ijal and Galahad on the other side, were resting against a tree. “We definitely need a vacation after this.” The vampiress said, stretching her arms. “Absolutely.” Her husband agreed, with a chuckle. Te’ijal shot him a look and laughed. “How is it possible to be afraid of bugs after fighting countless demons for centuries?” “I was not afraid!” “Yes you were.” She said with a chuckle. “Well…” He said looking in her eyes. “At least I’m not afraid to do this...” “What..?” In a quick move he grabbed her chin gently, kissing her softly. The knight cuddled his wife tightly, and they both fell asleep after a while. “Goodnight, demon spawn…”
  4. In the screen room hidden outside the castle the night shift camera men sat tiredly watching. All the cameras in the seclusion wing had been turned off other than the one in the living room that all the contestants had been made aware of. “This is such a boring job, we spent almost the entire night sitting here watching the monitors on the small chance that someone might actually do something.” One of the camera men grumbled, glaring at the screen in front of him. “No kidding right?! I wish something would happen, I’m so bored…..” His friend with a sigh. “Guess we just gotta stick it out.” “Guess so.” They lapsed into silence once more, one of the camera men sliding forward to grab chips from his friends bag. Unknown to him however, as he moved his sleeve caught on a switch that was silently flicked on, and without their realizing behind them a small screen jolted to life to reveal the bedroom of a certain fast asleep dark mage couple. Magic waves began to radiate out from the walls, and in response to the unusual magic activity….. one of the figures lying in the bed began to stir. ----------- Mel was happily asleep, and pretending she was not here in this gameshow with everyone else, when she was torn out of her blissful albeit light sleep by Gyendal shifting behind her to sit up slightly. “What are you doing?! You’re letting the heat at me, come baaacckk…” She mumbled fuzzily, already feeling the summer heat that mere magic fans didn’t chase away now that her undead ice cube husband had shifted away from her. “Hush.” He ordered softly, voice tense. The tone of his voice woke her up instantly and Mel sat up, head clear for the most part as she looked questioningly at Gyendal whose red eyes glowed in the darkness. “Can you feel it?” Mel blinked slowly and he carefully pulled the thin sheets away from them, muscles poised to move. “Feel what?” She breathed, trying to figure out what he was talking about without success. “The strange magic in the air.” Gyendal said, dark red fire beginning to form in his hand. “I was drifting in and out when I felt it suddenly appear for lack of a better word.” Mel stared around the room, reaching out with her own magic only to recoil at the first hint of the strange magic. “It’s coming from the wall separating our room and the one next to us.” Mel whispered, her shoulders relaxing slightly. “It must be Rhen, we haven’t actually felt her use her swordsinging magic before so we wouldn’t recognize it. I wonder if she’s got some sort of rodent in her room and doesn’t want to chase it all over.” “That would make sense, if there wasn’t one small problem. It isn’t Rhen and Dameon next door to us, it’s Te’ijal and Galahad.” They were both silent a moment after that revelation, then together without a word they surged forward and with magic ripped loose the plastering on their side of the wall. Before their eyes sitting there right in front of them, as calm and innocent as could be, was a camera. “.....what?” Mel and Gyendal stared at each other for a long moment. Then slowly Gyendal turned to the wall, reached in to grab the camera, and then crushed it in his hands. “They were using these cameras to watch us for the show.” Gyendal growled, eyes narrowed dangerously. “If they had a camera in our room, wanna bet there’s one in everyone’s room?” Mel said calmly, although by the look in her eye she was more then a little pissed. “Let’s find out.” Gyendal said, sounding perversely cheerful as he pulled back his leg before executing a powerful kick that brought half the plaster on Te’ijal and Galahad’s side of the room down at once. __ “AH!” Te’ijal exclaimed, being suddenly awoken by the wall collapsing next to her. Shortly after the disaster, Galahad opened his eyes, still holding his wife snuggly next to him. “What-the-hell?” The knight said while watching Gyendal and Mel on the other side. The dark mage looked at his own wife with a smirk before glancing back at Galahad who was still cuddling Te’ijal and looking at them confused. “I think we should let the magical cameras record that…” Mel said with a chuckle. The vampiress sat on the bed, eyes wide. “You must be kidding… I think we could snack at the producer, don’t you think brother?” Gyendal let out a quiet laugh. “I’m totally in.” And then Lars could be heard screaming. “What happened to him?” “Let’s found out.” With that, these four made their way out of the destroyed room. __ THERE WERE BUGS IN THE ROOM AND THEY WERE CRAWLING ALL OVER LARS AND FLYING AROUND AND-- NO, N-O, N-O-- He was fully awake and screaming before he could even remember his name or where he was or why, he was jumping off of the window sill and running madly around the room, where had these horrible fiends come from? “Lars?” a groggy voice from the couch said. “What is it? I--” Stella breathed in sharply-- And screamed. “BUGS! EW, EW, EW, EW--” she was jumping on the couch, flapping her arms about and fluttering her wings madly-- “BUT YOU ARE A BUG!!!” Lars objected, she had no right to be screaming like that when he was terrified-- “AAAHHHHHH!” was her only reply. “YOU’RE A FLYING BUG!” “AAHHHHHHHHH!!!” “OKAY I CAN AGREE WITH THAT!!” he screamed back-- That was when three frowning vampires and a glowering Mel entered the room. “What is all the yelling about?” Te’ijal began, but she was interrupted by her husband-- “WHAT ARE THESE ABOMINABLE FLYING FIENDS DOING HERE?!” Galahad shouted. “KILL THEM! GET THEM!” He batted his arms at the insects but that only caused them to swarm him. “AAAAHHHH!” he screamed, and dove behind Te’ijal. “GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!!” “They’re only bugs, chopstick,” Te’ijal tried to soothe, but-- “AAAHHHH!” Lars argued, and Stella screamed, and-- “Do you mind keeping it down in here?” Dameon yawned, and appeared in the entryway. “We’re not all nocturnal-- what are you doing?” His eyes widened as he took in the scene, and Galahad explained loudly from behind Te’ijal, “KILL THE BUGS!! GET THEM AWAY!!” “Don’t kill them!” Dameon protested. “Just let them out the window--” Lars had heard enough of that-- “THEN THEY’LL JUST COME BACK IN, YOU FOOL--” he screamed, and continued batting his arms wildly at the swarming bugs. Stella had found a book and was attempting to use it in the only acceptable way a book could be used besides for reading; that is, to defend the world from the creeping and crawling things. And Galahad was at least screaming, and might end up swallowing the bugs if they were lucky, but-- Mel was no help whatsoever, she was cackling like this was all funny, and Gyendal was just frowning at them all-- And Dameon was actually trying to get the window open!! They were all doomed-- “What’s going on in here?” Rhen yawned, peeking her head in. “Can you all please quiet down-- I-- AUGH! WHAT ARE THOSE??!! THEY’RE SO GROSS, I--” she shielded her head with her arms and squeezed her eyes shut-- “EW, EW, GET THEM AWAY FROM ME--” Dameon stopped fumbling with the window and caught her when she leaped at him. Gyendal, for one, was surprised the man could still breath with the way she was clinging to his neck, but then, being a vampire, he supposed he didn’t know that much about the subject anyway.. “AARRGHH!” Rhen yelled, and Dameon rubbed her back-- “It’s okay, love, they’re only bugs--” “HORRID DEMONS!!” “I won’t let them touch you--” And Te’ijal was laughing, “We could just leave and lock the insects in here for the night,” she said, but of course nobody was listening and Galahad was whimpering so she patted him on the head-- And Mel was still cracking up, Stella had broken the couch and was now running circles around everyone with Lars, and both were waving their arms everywhere and nearly smacking people in the face-- Stella with a book, which was quite inconvenient, and-- And-- “That’s enough!” Gyendal snapped, and released the raging inferno of magic that had been slowly building in him, effectively destroying the bugs and-- also incinerating the entire room-- the entire wing-- When the smoke cleared, everyone stood frozen in place, staring at the destruction around them. Stella and Lars had stopped mid-stride, their legs locked in what would have been a running position, if they were moving. Mel’s laugh was still etched in her features, but no annoying sound came out anymore, which Gyendal secretly thought was a shame but you didn’t hear that from me. Te’ijal was still stooped over Galahad, her hand in his hair, and Rhen hadn’t released her hold on Dameon, who was-- Looking very shocked and distressed. “Are they… dead?” Gyendal nodded, and everyone visibly relaxed. Except Dameon. “Oh… I… poor bugs--” “They were terrifying!!” Rhen announced, slipping out of his arms to stand on the floor like a normal person. “Thank you, good vampire,” she began, and ignored Galahad’s protesting cough, “for destroying the foul creatures! I can never repay you for your deed. For centuries to come the bards will sing of your heroism-- Dameon,” she interrupted herself. “Why do you look so sad? It’s okay. There were only bugs.” But he was inconsolable. She patted his back and let him pretend his eyes were not wet by hiding them in her shoulder “Well,” Stella said, “I suppose we will have to find somewhere else to spend the night.” Te’ijal grinned in that mischievous way that Galahad had come to associate with trouble and adventure. “I think I have an idea.” They all looked sharply at the vampiress. What was she thinking? More importantly, should they be scared? Gyendal smirked. “Do you think what I think, sister?” She chuckled with a wink, facing the dark mage. “Well, we could camp outside. It would be fun… and I’m sure you are all aware of the fact that the sky is full of stars here.” Te’ijal said calmly. Stella made a noise of excitement and the others nodded with a smile.
  5. Another day here, at this lame reality show, was making everyone used to waking up early… sorta. They were all gathered in the castle’s huge living room, waiting for the host to arrive because he was late… again. He probably had a hard time sleeping after seeing all these happy couples reminding him how pointless his life had become. The man arrived at the room running, nodding at the camera guy to start. That was when the producer flew into the room furious, throwing script papers everywhere. “YOU ARE LATE AGAIN. I HAVE VIEWERS WAITING US TO GO ON AIR SO THEY CAN WATCH THESE LOSERS!” With that statement, everyone’s eyes flashed and Lars shouted. “I’M NOT A LOSER! I’M A STAR AND I AM GOING TO WIN THE PRIZE!” Gyendal eyes took a dark look before he fired a spell above the man’s head, clenching his fist to stop it so it wouldn’t destroy half of the wall. The mage sighed, clearly irritated. “Sorry for the interruption!” The producer exclaimed with terrified eyes, running out the room. With the camera man’s nod, the host started talking. “Here we are again, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to Will They Survive! Today’s challenge is going to be very entertaining and certainly safer for us and the castle- I mean our awesome guests!” “So what is the challenge?” Rhen asked after a sigh. “I am going to get to that! The challenge is BOARD GAMES!” “HOW MUCH FUN!” Stella exclaimed and she was shot weird looks by everyone. The host looked at the camera with a fake smile. “Let’s begin, shall we?” The eight contestants stared down at the pile of board games on the table. They shuffled their feet. They tried to appear excited or even vaguely interested. Actually Stella really was excited, but she tried to appear not to be so as not to offend Lars or Gyendal or any of the other slightly terrifying people in the room with her. Mel blew her hair out of her face. “Bored games was right.” The others mumbled in agreement. “Well, we have to play something,” Stella said, trying not to sound too cheerful. “What looks fun? Rhen, what do you think?” Rhen examined the boxes spread out before her. Monopoly? Lame, she couldn’t even put the money to any real use. Scrabble? Who wanted to stare at letters, for any length of time? What about-- “Hey! Apples to Apples! I love apples!” “Apples are good,” Dameon said with an agreeable smile. But apparently this opinion was not universal. Lars scowled and the vampires in the room looked at each other awkwardly. That was a no then. Stella looked at the table, and immediately found the most the most obnoxiously bright and colorful game there was. “What about Candy Land?” “Candy is good,” Dameon agreed again. But Lars hmphed. “I’d rather eat the candy than play a game about it.” “Aren’t there any exciting games?” Te’ijal complained. Galahad frowned. Te’ijal’s idea of exciting could be… frightening. They needed something classic. Something dignified, something simultaneously simple and elegant, something like… “Checkers.” “What?” Lars protested. “That’s boring! I could beat all of you in my sleep!” “Hmm,” Gyendal leered. “I doubt that.” “You underestimate us, uplander,” Te’ijal said, smirking. That did it. “Oh yeah?” Lars challenged, taking out the checkers box and pushing the other board games off the table. “Prove it!” “But only two people can play at a time…” Stella protested softly. “We could split into teams,” Dameon suggested. Lars looked dubious. “Teams?” “I find that idea rather amusing,” Te’ijal said. “Boys versus girls. And I call the armchair!” Before anyone could move, she had scrambled into it, and looked at them all with a triumphant grin. That was when they all realized-- there were eight of them, and only seven seats. “I get the chair.” Gyendal snapped out, quickly rushing to the chair furthest from his sister and settling down in it before anyone else could grab it. “I have a crick in my back from sleeping at an awkward angle last night, I can’t sit on the floor.” Dameon quickly said, snagging one of the larger armchairs. That left five of them to four seats, and of course with Galahad in the mix that was about when the fighting started. “Until the three young women have a place to seat themselves I will not take one for my own!” “Young woman?! You aren’t that much older then us!” Rhen snorted. Mel crossed her arms irritably. “We aren’t flipping damsels in distress Galahad, so shove it up-” “Oh please don’t finish that Mel, he was only trying to be polite!” Stella interrupted hurriedly. “Well one of us is going to have to sit on someone else's lap, which one-” Rhen never got to finish her statement as Lars threw his hands up into the air with an exasperated sound. “You guys are being idiots!!! Three of the women in this room are married to the guys here and you guys are debating about who’s going to sit on someone's lap?! I want to get done with this stupid challenge and so if you guys can’t decide I’LL just sit on someone!” Everyone turned to gape at Lars as with a snarl he stomped over to Dameon and despite the sun priest’s cry of horror dropped down onto the older male with crossed arms and a thunderous scowl. “GET OFF OF HIM!!!!” Rhen shrieked, grabbing Lars collar and yanking hard. Mel dissolved into fits of laughter, using Stella’s shoulder to keep herself upright as she pointed at the scene before her. Dameon’s shocked and alarmed face could be seen behind Lars as he pushed on the male while Rhen shouted death threats in an increasingly high pitched voice, Lars scrabbling to pull his robes free. “Would you stop?! You’re going to wrinkle them!!” Finally Galahad had clearly had enough, coming over with brisk steps to pull Rhen back away from Lars before yanking Lars up and off of Dameon to push him off to the side. “Thats enough!!! We need to decide whom shares with whom, not kill each other!! We’re all in this for the mystery grand prize because Edward himself promised it would be something good. We won’t win if we kill each other. Now, let’s think rationally and make our decision.” Mel let out a snort and straightened, wiping tears of mirth from her eyes. “You all are a bunch of complete and total idiots. Stella and I can easily share the extra wide cushion by Te’ijal’s chair. She prefers to sit places that won’t cramp her wings and I could really care less about this whole stupid thing so I’m fine to share.” She mocked, the two girls retreating to said cushion. “Well why didn’t you say that before then?!” Galahad questioned, rubbing his temple. Mel grinned. “I was going to, but Lars beat me to it. Besides, it was more entertaining this way.” The host, who was sitting beside the camera man, slapped his forehead. “We’re here over 30m trying to figure out who sits where? Seriously? Please move on…” “The old man is right! Let’s start so I can beat you all!” With the others rolling their eyes at Lars, the game begun! During the game, Dameon would “accidentally” sneeze causing the whole table to move and Lars would shoot suspicious looks at Gyendal and Te’ijal now and then, wondering how vampires could be so good at this game. They were almost the only ones to move pieces but he would get in front of Gyendal so he could play too and show off his abilities, causing the vampire to glare at him. At least they had the dark mage in their team but Te’ijal seemed to keep them on the ropes. Rhen was getting the hang of it too, making Dameon smile. “You’re cheating!” Lars exclaimed, slamming his fists down the table. Mel looked at him with a massive grin. “Just because YOU are useless, doesn’t mean that we aren’t playing fair!” “I AM USELESS? This was just my warm up ladies! “Yeah right!” Rhen coughed out, clearly to piss him off. “THIS HAS JUST STARTED!” Lars’ teammates stared at him. He was being too competitive with the girls… and the worse was that he actually continued to lose for another half hour. “HELL NO!” With that shout, the sorcerer flipped the table causing everything to fly over the others. Stella’s scared reaction, by Lars’ sudden exclamation, was to give Mel a push sending her tumbling towards the boys’ side. “Ah!” She shouted as she landed on someone’s arms. When she opened her eyes, she found Gyendal smirking at her, placing her on his lap. “How do you manage to catch me every time?” “Habit?” He said with a quiet chuckle. “Hey I wasn’t done beating you at this game uplander!” Te’ijal said laughing, and Lars just crossed his arms over his chest. “Hmph!” The host was watching the scene motionless, and then he slowly tilted his head towards the camera guy next to him. “This just had to happen, didn’t it?” The cameraman shrugged and thought about saying something snarky but he remembered the stagehand from the night before and refrained. And at any rate, the one they called Lars was shouting too much for anyone to get a word in edgewise. “You weren’t beating me! You were only winning because Gyendal kept taking over!” “My strategy was to minimize your mistakes,” Gyendal snapped. If Mel hadn’t been sitting on his lap, he probably would have lunged at the sorcerer, and Lars quietly congratulated himself on flipping the table and causing such a fortunate circumstance. “I wasn’t making mistakes, that was Galahad!” “What?” Galahad protested. “I wasn’t allowed to make a single move! You two monopolized the game!” “Well-- well--” Lars spluttered. “Well-- Dameon’s sneezing was distracting me!” As is customary when such an accusation is made in the midst of a riotous debate, a pause was made wherein Dameon was to be allowed to defend himself. But he didn’t. He just sat there looking embarrassed. And that was when Lars realized what had really been going on. “You’re allergic to checkers?!” “Um--” Dameon stammered.. “He wasn’t really sneezing!” Gyendal realized. “He was cheating for the girls!” “Dameon!” Galahad gasped, sounding rather like a girl himself. Mel cackled. “I cannot believe it took you all so long to notice!” “He was being so obvious about it!” Rhen agreed. Dameon turned pink. “Well I-- um--” he cleared his throat and tried to ignore the way Gyendal was glaring at him. “Monopoly, anyone?” Rhen laughed and climbed over the table to wrap her arms around him. “I’d rather monopolize you.” At that everyone else groaned and Te’ijal took one of the board games and dumped it over the top of them, and after that it was all over; not a single board game was spared in the war that ensued.
  6. In a back room the host stood before a camera, glaring slightly at the camera man behind it. “This time would you please tell me when we’re rolling, rather then just start?!” The camera man blanched, then looked down at the little blinking red light on his device. “Er….” The host stared for a moment, eyelid twitching. “Are you-.....Of course, thank you.” Then he straightened his tie, flashing his best smile at the viewers. “Today has passed rather uneventfully once breakfast finished, and now it is time to employ our next advantage to see what is going on within the minds of our competitors! Even as I speak we are now preparing to switch over to our magical cameras hidden within the walls of their rooms to hear what the are speaking about as they share their thoughts on the gameshow so far!” There was canned applause in the background, that somehow managed to sound halfhearted even despite being prerecorded. “First up?” He paused for dramatic effect, “Te’ijal and Galahad!” The host was watching at the screen, which was connected to the magical cameras. Te’ijal entered her and Galahad’s bedroom, throwing herself on the bed. The last days were more tiring than the ones who they were fighting for their lives. Even a vampire was tired. Her husband’s eyebrows went up and he left out a chuckle. “That you would actually sleep on a bed, after turning into a vampire again, was something that I couldn’t even dreamed of.” “I’m used to it. Kinda. Anyway…” She murmured, her eyes slowly closing as Galahad climbed in the bed next to her. Before the knight could lay down on his pillow something started ringing next to his wife’s nightstand. “Oh great it’s this human device again…” She mumbled, sitting up to answer the phone. “You must be kidding…” With these words she threw the device across the room, breaking it into pieces. At least no one dared to enter their room so they could hide the broken phone. “Great… They want us to play a scene in Aveyond 5…” Galahad sighed and she saw his smirk. “And what if we deny?” “They’ll probably trap us in this TV show forever…” They both grinned, and the knight shook his head in amusement before shutting his eyes. Te’ijal crawled back into the bed, watching Galahad for a moment, thinking about how much she wanted him to be sweet with her as he did back in their human days… Well sweet wasn’t exactly a part of her vocabulary but you understood what I meant. With a sigh, she just placed her head on the pillow. Her husband left out a short laugh before dragging her close to him, so she could rest her head against his chest. Galahad chuckled again, kissing the corner of her lip playfully and she made a sound of surprise. Te’ijal stared at him with wide eyes, as he closed the distance between their lips once again, this time into a real kiss. His wife left out a happy noise before closing her eyes. With another word, they both faded to sleep. “Goodnight Te’ijal…” The host was just watching the screen motionless. “Well, that was unexpected.” “Psh!” The man glanced at the camera guy. “What is it now?” “Is this even safe for us?” The host stared at the cameraman and his eyelid twitched. He was not going to answer that. He turned back to the camera, eyes crazed but a smile still plastered on. "Now let's take a look at what Rhen and Dameon are up to." The camera opened... to darkness. "What?" the host groaned. "Um... it seems we are experiencing... technical difficulties... excuse me a moment, dear viewers, I-- uh--" He disappeared from view, and there was a crash, and then a bang, followed by angry screaming and-- He came back into view, smoothing his hair back. "Well," he began through clenched teeth, his smile firmly in place, "it appears our dear, dear contestant Rhen has managed to throw her cloak over the camera lens. We will-- have to-- just-- listen--" his smile was twisting quickly into a snarl, and the cameraman quickly switched the view back to the black screen that apparently represented Rhen's cloak. All that could be heard... was snoring. This was not going to work-- "AAGH!!" a voice yelled, and then there was another crash-- why were there so many crashes in this show?-- and then-- the vile obstruction was pulled off the camera, to reveal a very frustrated-looking Dameon struggling to disentangle himself from Rhen's cloak and not disturb the sleeping queen any more than he already had. "Dameon?" a little voice murmured. Too late. "Sorry, Rhen, I... tripped..." He tried to stand up but he couldn't get the cloak off his legs and instead he fell into a heap on the floor... again. Rhen sat up in the bed and looked down at him. "Don't sleep on the ground," she scolded. "Come up here with me." He was trying, he really was, but-- "Oof!" He was becoming much more acquainted with this carpet than he had ever wanted to be. Rhen tiredly pushed the covers off herself, and swung her feet off the bed-- "No," he protested, "stay there, love, I can get up--" "I want to help," she yawned, already walking to him. He tried to at least sit up to meet her, but-- that stubborn cloak! "I didn't get to help in the kitchen," she explained, and pouted. "Stella kicked me out. Why me, and not Gyendal?" He couldn't help smiling when she looked at him like that. "You were being rather disruptive, dear one." She tried to glare, but then she laughed and her nose crinkled up and she smiled down at him. It was only then that he noticed the sparkle of mischief in her eyes-- too late, she was slipping her arms under his legs and around his back. "Love? Rhen! Put me down!" "I will," she promised, standing up straight and kissing his ear. "Once we've gotten to the bed." The bed was only a few steps away, and she dropped him onto it almost the same moment she dropped onto it herself. He was still tangled up in the cloak and also very, very tangled up in her. "That's better," she murmured, pressing her face into the crook of his neck. "Goodnight, Dameon." He let his head rest on her hair and smiled. "Goodnight, Rhen. I love you." ___ When the camera view was replaced once again with the host he looked marginally more sane, although you could practically feel the aggravation rolling off of him in waves. He shot a stiff smile at the camera before glancing nervously off to the side. “Now for our final secret camera of the night!! Stella and Lars are already asleep so we’ll skip them for now, so let us go to Mel and Gyendal!!” There was a muffled prayer from the host that he would live to see the next day and the camera flickered before tuning into the frequency of the magic camera in the walls of the final room in time to see a dressed for sleep Mel exit the bathroom with a yawn. Gyendal was sitting on the bed, long legs stretched out as he focused on the book in hand only to glance up and freeze at the sight of the black haired woman. “CHIBIJAMAS?!?!” Mel grinned and struck a pose before turning slowly to give the black haired vampire sitting on the bed a full view of the red pyjamas with chibi bat Gyendals all over them. “Aren’t they amazing, so comfortable and fuzzy.” She proclaimed, face pink with the effort to hold back her laughter. Gyendal closed his book with a smack and slammed it down on the table. His eyes narrowed, glaring venomously at the pyjamas his wife was wearing. “Fuzzy? They’re not going to be fuzzy when I’M finished with them, they are going to be ash!!!” “Not until this week is over, you aren’t allowed to break or destroy things in anger, nor are you allowed to kill people.” Mel taunted, Gyendal groaning and sliding down to lay down in the middle of the bed. “Now move, you’re taking up all the space.” “Hmm, I don’t think I will. If I have to look at those evil pyjamas I will do so in comfort.” Mel smirked, placing her day clothes on a chair before gracelessly dropping into the bed and across an unsuspecting Gyendal who grunted at the sudden weight before rolling his eyes. He let out a dramatic sigh and halfheartedly tried to push her off from where she was sprawled across his torso. “I don’t recall signing up to be your lounging pillow.” Gyendal drawled idly. “Funny enough, I don’t actually care.” Mel shot back cheekily, only to let out a yelp when he poked her ticklish side and sit up abruptly. He grinned at her, red eyes sparkling with mischief. “That was a dirty play and you know it.” Mel grumbled, glaring at him a moment. He only laughed and grabbed her arm, giving a surprise tug that brought her tumbling down onto the bed next to him. “Of course it was lamb, who do you think you’re dealing with?” “A creep.” She muttered petulantly, Gyendal smirking. She rolled her eyes, watching as he shifted to lift himself up on one elbow, looking down at where she was next to him as with a gentle hand he pulled the bow in her hair loose and took it out, placing it on top of his book on the table next to him. She smiled teasingly, reaching up to tug one of the loose black strands of hair that had fallen in front of his face. He shot her a wicked smirk, then leaned down to press a lingering kiss to her lips before pulling away from the pink faced but laughing black haired woman. “You are impossible” Mel said with fondness, although luckily she could not hear the host mock gagging on the other end of the camera feed. “Goodnight Mel.” Gyendal said in amusement, wrapping an arm around his wife’s waist and pulling her snugly to him. Mel reached over to pull the covers up over them, curling into the vampire next to her as her eyes closed. “Goodnight Gyendal.” Said vampire whispered a soft command, causing the lights to go out and just like that a peaceful silence fell over the room. ------- The camera flicked back to the host who looked irritated and slightly green. “Well aren’t they all disgustingly cute…” “You’re just jealous because you’re a miserable batchelor!” Someone yelled from off screen, the Host’s eyes bugging out slightly before he took a deep breath and bared his teeth in a macabre-esque smile that had the temperature in the room dropping. “Anyway folks, that’s it for tonight!! Tune in again tomorrow to see the contestants in their next challenge…… and to meet a new stagehand!” There was a terrified yelp from somewhere off camera as the host continued. “Brought to you by the Orc Junk Shop, where you’re sure to find everything you never wanted in one place!” The second the last word had left his lips he spun, a crazed look in his eye as he lunged offscreen, shrieks of terror soon following several thunderous crashes as the screen went black.
  7. Great, Chloe! GREAT! Now Miranda will get more fluffy and give us more fluff! (cough~and not terrible and dramatic cliffhangers~cough) WHAT CAN I DO TO REPAY YOU XD Btw I really love the picture! It us so cute! The chibis argh! ADORABLE!
  8. FWAFFY! Of course XD It's so cute and calming~ (I like this line and I'm coping Queen k?) It gives such a nice feeling just seeing this picture!
  9. Yaaasss I'm very excited to! And yes Queen figured out the coding etc it's her amazing work!
  10. I usually get Pirate John or Te'ijal but I got Peter now? XD Gotta admit it's a good quiz, it gave me a good laughter
  11. I MUST BE PUNISHED FOR NOT LIKING OR COMMENTING HERE! I DON'T KNOW HOW I MISSED IT! PLEASE THROW ME IN THE DUNGEON YOUR MAGESTY! PLUS I'VE NOT BEEN IN THE SOMTD THREAD HERE AS WELL AND I FEEL AWFUL DAMMIT...I will return to like everything I loooooooove the Av1 characters! Lars' face is so fitting, it cracks me up! Ooooh and Rhen! I really like her outfit and the sword! And Dameon looks so cute here XD and Berry's grave ahahaha [we spent way too much time joking around and chatting..look at the results!] Actually nevermind I love our rants way too much XD
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    It's always exciting when the forum is getting more fans! Welcome!
  13. Woah I remember reading this a couple months ago and I was so sad that you didn't continue it because it's truly AWESOME. One of my favourites:D I'm sooo excited that you decided to pick it up again! Plus I have no more likes to give but I'll go back and like everything XD
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    I'm so happy that some fans fans that have been in this forums for years are still active! Aveyond is the only RPG I've managed to conplete, because the story line is just amazing. Well, I haven't played AP and Av2 but I can't wait to do do so. My favourite was LOT too and I think I've misses your fanfic. Shame on me lol. I will certainly check it out! Ot makes sooooo happy to hear that you love the Aveyond vampires too haha (even if it's not as a pairing *ahem* it stills gives me so much joy XD) Edit: I just saw you picked up your fic again and I screamed haha
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    Wow, I love how you're so into the forums! I think most creators aren't usually very into communicating with fans. Aveyond is the love of my life, quite literally haha. And of course it would be totally awesome if you made more Aveyond games! And I'm excited for the new Aveyond 4 version!
  16. @Mu11berry Yeah me neither but you already know that XD Aveyond crazies lol lol @moonpeace Thanks and Ed/Mel are adorable. I love them!
  17. Oh no I didn't make it on time for the fun XD Insanity ftw
  18. It's really sad and funny how when I first read it I freaked out because MxG?! Wth XD but after all these months I fell in love with this story and the plot was pure awesomness for lack of a better word.
  19. This is just ADORABLE! Gyendal has kitty ears and Mel is laughing omg! Are you kidding me? I only wish I could draw such cute chibis awwwww! So lovely and hilariou!!!
  20. @Queen-of-Ice101 XD all the fluff about them >> glad you liked it! @Parfait Cookies ah yeah hope you liked the bit of ExM fluff haha >> I *secretely* like these two but don't tell Queen! Her evil ways have changed my pairing preferations *ahem*
  21. This is an idea I came up with It's lame but I think it's funny XD Of course I can't keep fluff out, just saying (a bit of MxE and TxG fluff)! So here we go, another crazy story of mine {And yes Queen, I'm still a crackshipper, don't worry XD} Enjoy! ^^ Troublemakers Another day, another disaster. This group- actually let me be more specific. Mel and Edward are nothing more than troublemakers. Huge ones, in particular. It would be better if they at least had a reason for arguing all the time. But it seems that they always find the lamest excuses ever to begin a fight. Today's morning Edward and Mel could be found in the cave the party had camped in for the night. Bright sunlight was washing into the cavern, making the place a good deal warm. The floral scent of spring was filling the air. Everyone else was out somewhere. Te'ijal and Galahad left early and went godness knew where too have a practicing duel or something or probably just talk. Stella and Lydia wanted to practice magic with their new equipment so they were somewhere nearby. Stella did want to go alone but Lydia of course wanted to show off so she went with her. That left the two of them. Okay, in my opinion, who on Aia would let these two alone for more than two minutes? Do they want the end of the world to come or what? Oh well. They were now sitting down, a map in front of them. "Where should we go next?" "Don't ask me." Mel said, throwing her hands in the air. "You're the one who is good with these things." Edward's face took an annoyed expression. "You know, you could at least help." "Whenever I try to, you always tell me I am wrong!" she growled. "Well, you do always choose the wrong direction." "No I'm not!" "Where's north?" "That way." she pointed, looking certain about her answer. Edward burst into laughter looking at Mel, who had once again chosen the opposite direction. Mel dropped the annoyed look. She knew her next words would piss him off. "Was my answer wrong, your highness?" she teased with a massive grin. His face flamed. "Don't call me that! "It is on, prince!" Mel said pushing Edward backwards with a chuckle. Edward laughed back and pushed her too. "I'm afraid it is!" See what I was talking about? They act like 5 year olds. The thief flew to him and they both landed on the cave's floor, or so they thought. Mel was on top of him giggling and blushing as he was rubbing his forehead. "I think you broke my back." Edward murmured with a smile, still annoyed by her though. She had stopped laughing. "I think..." she said stading up. "...we've broken something else." "Huh?" The prince murmured standing up too. He glanced down and his eyes widened as Mel shallowed hard. They hadn't landed on the floor but on Te'ijal's bow. She was changing the string before she left and obviously forgot to take it. Her weapon was cracked in half. "Damn." "We're dead." Mel murmured. "Hey, it's not that bad. We can buy a new one." "We can't replace this one..." Edward saw Mel bending down and stroking a part of the bow. Of what it seemed it was a carved design, which was now cracked in half. "It's the Ravenfoot family crest..." The prince said, his voice quiet as he tried to remember why he recognised it. And how had he never noticed it before? "This was really special to Te'ijal..." Mel murmured out with guilt in her voice. A few seconds passed in silence. And then both of their faces lit up. They looked at each other and shouted at the same time. "STELLAAAAAA!" The healer was far away from them but their voices pierced her ears and she reached them in seconds. Stella entered the cave, running, with Lydia behind her. "What did you do this time?" "Can you fix this?" Mel said shoving the broken bow at Stella's face. "What is this?" Edward lowered his face in embarassment. "Well... we broke Te'ijal's bow." "How did-? You know what I won't even ask." Stella said with her gentle voice. "I'm a healer Mel, I can't repair it." The thief suggested the most stupid thing that came to her head at that time. "Maybe we can glue it?" Edward slapped his face. "Wow great idea Mel. The bow will certainly not break again once she tries to shot." "Okay sorry I just don't know what we can do." Mel said and looked away. "Hopefully I won't be the vampire's next meal." Lydia laughed. "I would love to see that." she said playing with her staff. Mel sighed. They all went still when the vampire couple approached the cave, they were talking, and hadn't listened to anything hopefully. Galahad stepped in first and glanced at the human children. Mel and Edward looked at him shocked. "What's going on?" the knight asked curious. Te'ijal stepped in as well a second later looking at the scene in confusion. Mel unrapped her arms around the broken wood revealing the crack. "I am sorry Te'ijal..." the thief apologised. "It was an accident, we..." The prince murmured too. Both of them looked with guilt and fear. They probably expected her to become furious at least, if not eat them. But Te'ijal just lowered her head with a sad expression. "It's okay, lamb... don't worry about it." The vampiress just said, storming out of the cavern with quite footsteps. Galahad was looking down silent, as Mel sighed. If she could sink in the floor she definitely would. She felt terrible, and judging by Edward's expression he did too. They looked at each other with a grin. Actually if these 'idea' lamps could have formed over their heads, they would. Edward murmured, "Do you think what I think?" Mel slowly turned her head to Galahad. "Hey, you do wood working, don't you? Could you carve the crest?" The knight looked at her rubbing his forehead. "I don't know Mel. I am not very good and the design is tricky." He thought of it a little more. He knew that this was the only thing Te'ijal had left from her family and it meant a lot to her. And now Galahad knew that his wife was upset. If he could make her feel better, he would try to. What did he have to lose anyway? "Okay... I'll give it a try." Mel and Edward smiled and the ran to the nearest town to get a new wooden bow. Galahad worked the whole afternoon on it. And when he was done his smile reached his ears. The crest looked identical to the original. The carved raven looked as flawless as the rest of the design. After seeing it everyday for all these years in their house in Ghed'ahre he remembered the design clearly. "Are you done?" Edward asked while he was piling woods for the fire. "Yes." "Well go find her and give it to her. You did all the work after all." Mel said. With an other smile the knight went into the woods to search for his wife. She couldn't have gone far. Te'ijal was sitting under a tree, playing with the grass. The night wind was hotter and stronger than usual, messing up her hair. She didn't manage to break her weapon, after almost a millennium. How could these children break it? The vampiress chuckled quitely. She didn't want to be mad at them, although this item was really precious for her. Te'ijal glanced at her husband when she sensed his presence. Her red eyes glowing in the dark of the night. "Galahad?" He sat next to her. "I have something for you." "What is this?" She asked. He placed the new bow on her lap and smiled at her. Te'ijal's eyes widened as she saw the perfectly carved crest. "You... you did this?" He nodded. "It's perfect." she murmured and a silent tear slipped down her flawless skin. She really thought about pulling him in a hug but he was quicker. Galahad threw his hand around her waist, pulling her close. "Now it has double meaning... thank you husband." She whispered, placing her head on his chest as they lay down, gazing at the bright night sky. Te'ijal left a happy sigh and stroked the carved crest. There was a chance that the could be attacked in the middle of the night, but who cared? The moment was perfect. She wouldn't ruin it with her concerns. The disaster Mel and Edward caused was worth it after all. Aaaaaand done. The Ravenfoot family crest idea belongs entirely to Queen-of-ice101, it's an amaizing piece of art on DeviantArt. You should totally check it out! Anyway, thanks for reading my silly story
  22. Welcome to the forums! I don't think there would be a problem but I'm not sure too (maybe wait for a moderator to answer you?:D) Since it's Fanfiction the Tell Stories section should be the right place to post! I'm excited to see what you've written!
  23. RHEN AND DAMEON WHOOOOO! Of course is beautiful! And the dress:O And the eyes:O BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the window and the flowers especially! And Dameon of course! <3 <3 <3
  24. So I couldn't resist sooo....yeah I would be a vampire. Probably my clothes would have a black-purplish theme (and a black cloak because it's awesome XD) and I'm guessing I would have silver hair (or red >.>)! Maybe red eyes and pale skin since vampires have that if they feed so yeah. I will be one of Mordred's minions with Berry. MWAHAHA! And no we won't turn against you this time... There you go, highness. YOU PROMISED FLUFF! WHERE IS IT?!
  25. Omg same! Hi'beru was one of my faves in Aveyond 4! I think I liked him and Boyle the most because they were something completely different from the other games (well the others were too, but whatever XD). I wished there would be FF and fanart about him. Also his ending was cute and hilarious, I loved it.
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