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  1. This is just amazing XD I love the Professor Moo sketch too, I died laughing lol! I like Talia and the butterfly is so sparkly and argghhhh love it
  2. I love this because RxD!!!! And of course because you drew it <3 They ARE adorable because arghhhhhh! I love the idea of the Dameon's cloak it's soooo heartwarmimg!
  3. @Parfait Cookies Glad it amused you! XD More of ours! The night passed quickly and no one had the chance to sleep well. Everyone could be found at the Thais castle’s kitchen waiting to hear the next dumb challenge. They glanced at the host walking into the room, dressed in Chibjamas and yawning. “What time is it?” He mumbled. He was shot deadly looks by everyone and Gyendal’s eyes glew red and he was about to snap the man’s head off… So he flew inside searching for some appropriate clothes that an annoying old host- I mean a humorous handsome man could wear. Mel smirked at Gyendal. “Don’t say a word or I’ll kill him with nothing more than his pyjamas...” He was back at the filming room in seconds, getting his microphone from the camera-man. “Can we begin now?” “Lights! Came-! Ladies please wake up!” The guy behind the cameras exclaimed, glancing at Te’ijal and Rhen who were both resting against their husbands shoulders. They both opened their eyes with a murderous look at the camera guy. “Lights! Camera! Action!” “Welcome back everyone to Will They Survive! Today’s challenge is- OH MY GOSH please put that down Mrs. Ravenfoot!” Te’ijal looked at him smirking, as she was twisting a knife through her fingers. Galahad left out a sigh, snatching the knife out of his wife’s hands. She just sighed too. “Great this show just got more boring… Can we at least move on?” Rhen laughed at them trying to keep her sword in her case. The host sighed. “Okay, so now that I know I won’t have a knife in my eye… Today’s challenge is… COOKING! How are our contestants feeling about it?” Everyone’s face went still and Stella could be heard from behind, awkwardly clapping. “Cooking?!” Lars repeated. “What the heck are we supposed to cook?” “Ahahahahahahaha,” the host chuckled nervously. “I would suggest making… breakfast!” Lars stared. “But what?” “Well,” Te’ijal said slowly. “My favorite recipe is--” “Do not finish that sentence, wife!” Galahad growled. “We will make something edible to the humans.” Wife and Gyendal looked disappointed, but everyone else released the breath they had apparently been holding and the host hurriedly nodded in agreement to Galahad's words. "Yes, something edible for the humans! Now, as per the Aveyond cameo demand we have for no reason whatsoever other than because we can, Iya Tiki is here to bring us the freshest and best ingredients for today’s breakfast challenge! All fruits and vegetables have been grown in her own garden with the help of her singing magic, and the meat is from the finest farm in Ryva!” The gentle elf smiled as she entered the wing, a large basket in her arms carrying all the smaller fruits and the packages of meat. Behind her entered a second elf, a male with sparkling brown eyes that carried several more baskets with melons and other fruits. “Here you are! I truly hope these are to your satisfaction.” Iya said cheerfully, before faltering as her eyes landed on Te’ijal and Galahad. The elves exchanged looks of surprise and confusion before pointing to the vampire couple. “I know you! We met you in the underworld during our own quest. What are you doing here?” “We’re here on double jeopardy for quests. Travelled with Rhen’s team to defeat Ahriman, then again with Mel’s team to defeat the prophecy and my brother.” Te’ijal snorted, gesturing towards the third vampire standing next to Mel. “Wait, you have a villain here?!” Iya gasped, stepping backwards into Ean. “Why yes, a villain and the husband of a protagonist. Is there a problem with that little elves?” Iya’s eyes bugged a little at Gyendal’s growled statement as she stared around the group in front of her, twitching slightly when Gyendal made a point of wrapping his arm around Mel’s waist and baring his fangs. “No! No problem….Ean, we should go now I think.” Iya said with a nervous titter. “Thank you Ean and Iya for your cameo and the food!” The elves nodded before hurriedly leaving while Te’ijal eyed the food with a wicked grin. “You know, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at human cooking. Shall we attempt to make our meal gourmet? I see bacon….” The look on the vampiress face was enough to strike fear into all of their hearts and the host forced a laugh. “I love the direction this is going!” He proclaimed with a large fake smile. “Well, I’ll leave you all to it! Have fun!” He retreated quickly from the room… And then poked his head back in and said in a low voice, “Actually, please for the sake of all the citizens of Aia, please, please, do not have fun.” With that he left, muttering something about a raise or a new job or perhaps going on strike, and the eight contestants were left standing alone in the kitchen with only the magical cameras as supervision. How terrifically unfortunate for the universe. There was a tense silence while they all stared at each other, and then-- “I WANT PANCAKES!” Rhen shouted, diving towards the pantry. “NO WAY, WE ARE ROASTING SOME RATS!” Mel argued, leaping ahead of Rhen to search out an unlucky rodent to roast, dragging Gyendal behind her “We could just cut up some fruit--” Dameon tried to suggest, but he was interrupted by Lars-- “FRYING SOME BACON HAD BETTER BE PART OF THIS OR I WILL FRY YOU ALL WITH MAGIC!!” “MAGIC DOES NOT EXIST!!” Galahad protested, pointlessly, while Te’ijal pulled him towards the cupboards to find a pot. “I’ve always wanted to try this!” she hissed gleefully, which caught Galahad’s attention enough that he stopped looking at the general chaos happening around the pantry. “Wife, what are you doing?!” Te’ijal grinned and carried the pot over to the sink, filling it partway with water before approaching the stove to place it down and turn the element on. “What does it look like? I’m about to boil water?” She said cheerfully, placing a lid onto the pot. Galahad couldn’t decide whether to be glad his wife wasn’t talking about eating that obnoxious host anymore or terrified that his wife was about to attempt any measure of cooking. Before he could reach a decision however he was distracted by the sound of Mel and Rhen arguing and Lars threatening them both with something about curses, and as he rushed over to deal with the situation he never saw his wife shrug before turning the element onto the top heat level. “Lars!! If you want bacon why don’t you just make some yourself!!” Rhen was yelling, arms flapping about angrily. “Because I haven’t the foggiest on how to cook it you fool! Now-” “If you shut up for half a second and let me decide the meat then I can make it for you!” Mel snapped, two dead rats hanging by their tails in her hand. Lars abruptly went silent, then made a face of utter disgust at the rodents. “You want rat bacon?! Have you lost your mind?!” Mel snorted and without so much as a look at Galahad who had just reached their circle she grabbed Lars arm and forcibly dragged him off, mocking his noble blood and pickiness with food or something of the like. Well, at least that was taken care of for the moment. He then turned to Rhen who was still grumbling and Gyendal who looked both disoriented and irritated, clearing his throat to get their attention. “You two can cut fruit, we need some fresh berries and melon for breakfast.” Galahad instructed, grabbing all the fruit that needed to be cut and carrying it over to the far counter where they would be able to work in relative peace. “Anything to get this ordeal over with before someone gets killed.” Gyendal muttered, grabbing a knife and setting to work. Rhen shrugged and started next to him, Galahad letting out a sigh of relief. Dameon and Stella were working together quite cheerfully on the other side of the kitchen, mixing something and talking quietly. He was just about to go over to see what he could do to help when he heard his wife make a noise of confusion. “Husband, come here a minute will you?” Galahad quickly reached his wife's side to see her studying the pot with a critical eye. “All the water vanished several minutes ago, and now the bottom of the pot is charred and smoking.” Galahad’s eyes widened in shock as he stared at how high the element had been turned to and he ripped the lid off to find that the bottom of the pot was indeed burnt to a crisp. “What did you DO?!?” Te’ijal stared at him blankly as he lunged forward to shut off the element and quickly move the pot off the element into the sink, filling it with cold water as he scrubbed his face. “Wife…” He said softly, “ I TOLD you th-?! “You insult my cooking abilities one more time and I am going to strangle you!!!!” Galahad whirled to face Lars and Mel, gaping as Lars made a comment and Mel let out a shout, wrapping one of the massively long rats tails around his neck. “MEL!! Sto-?!?!?” The clash of blades behind him made Galahad spin again, this time to see Rhen stab at Gyendal with her blade only for him to block and and twist the blade. Galahad grabbed his hair and pulled, near ready to throw himself out the nearest window as he tried to decide which death to stop first. But before he could even take a step… “THAT IS ENOUGH!!!” Silence fell over the kitchen as slowly everyone turned to face the far counter in fear and trepidation. There stood Stella, hands on hips and eyes sparking as she surveyed the mess. Then with a look so terrible that even he flinched the gentle Naylithin raised one hand, stabbing her finger at Lars, Mel, Rhen and Te’ijal each in turn. “You four…… GET OUT!!!!!” Stella shouted at them, her purple eyes flashing with rage that no one had ever seen. The healer shoved the four of them out of the room and now she was left alone with only Galahad, Gyendal, and Dameon, who didn’t seem much interested in killing each other or her… for now at least. Not that she expected something like that from Dameon. The vampires looked at each other and sighed, meeting Stella’s eyes as they heard her clapping her hands while Dameon returned his attention to chopping pineapple. “Okay, since I think you’re the most likely to cook without causing any disasters… don’t prove me wrong! But watch out, I DON’T WANNA SEE A SCRATCH AT THE POT! DO BOTH OF YOU UNDERSTAND??” Galahad just nodded and even Gyendal could only stare at her motionless. “WE CAN’T COOK BY STANDING!” The healer shouted, having passed her limits. The two vampires flew towards the kitchen stove. “Now, I am going to check on the others, because we don’t want ANY disasters. Dameon you’re in charge until I am back.” With these words finished, the healer left the room, closing the door behind her. That mess was taken care of. But then she glanced at the living room. “Damn!” Mel exclaimed, when she threw her knife at a man’s painting, and hitting almost the center. Lars was laying on a couch next to her, trying to fire magic with his finger up to the chandelier. Rhen and Te’ijal approached the other two from the other end of the room. “I am boreeeddd....” Rhen exclaimed, clenching the hilt of her sword playfully. So after a few seconds of scolding by Stella, Lars was reading a book he had found on the table, Rhen was braiding her hair murmuring melodies, leaving Mel and Te’ijal to gossip. Stella left a sigh, grateful that they hadn’t blew anything off. Then, since things couldn’t get worse, the host entered the room with a camera man close behind him…. “How are our contestants doing? And Will They Survi-” “SHUT THE HELL UP!” Lars had raised his staff facing the annoying host. “Dare to take another step.” “Do not test our patience.” “As much we’ve left…” Stella murmured out. After the healer checked on them, she returned to the kitchen and... There was… no chaos in the kitchen. It was clean. Cleaner than when they had started. Somebody had even mopped. Dameon was making pancakes, piling them onto a plate as they finished cooking, and stirring a pot of syrup with the other hand. He stepped out of the way as Gyendal finished with the rats he was basting and put them in the oven, his vampiric face looking strangely-- serene. Galahad was doing the dishes, stacking them neatly in the drying rack. He was not cursing when a plate slipped and he had to catch it. He wasn’t even scowling. He was humming cheerfully to himself. Humming. “Who-- who did this?” Stella asked, shocked. Had Dameon put them all under some kind of spell? She did not approve of magic that intruded on other people’s minds. She frowned pointedly at the former druid who was also apparently king of Thais-- whatever a druid was, and however that whole two kings but not really thing was supposed to work. He looked innocently back at her. “The mopping, do you mean? That was Gyendal’s idea.” Stella gaped. Was Gyendal taking over brains, again? She would tell Mel on him, he’d better not doubt it-- But the vampire just shrugged at her, and muttered, “The floor was filthy. Something had to be done.”
  4. Summary: Tune in for the most exciting reality show in the Aia vision network, Will They Survive! This season we follow eight contestants who have been all over the news for their heroic and harrowing tales of prophecies, doom bringers and vampires, the all-powerful contestants of Aveyond! Rodania= Italics Berry{Purpuhl}= Underline Queen= Bold Hey everyone! So this is a collab with two of my fav Aveyond people (a.k.a. Queen and Berry)! We had this crazy idea (so crazy) to work on the same document (at the same time so yes, it was a disaster), but we had tons of fun and we hope you enjoy it! Lol honestly it was chaos, but it was a total blast to work together like this on the story! The funniest part is this was ever only supposed to be a small drabble length oneshot (lol) but it kind of...exploded? (it totally did) XD I honestly, don’t even know…. Please enjoy our insanity and all this lovely Aveyondness WARNINGS: ALL THE CRACK (serious crackshipping) {Yes, crack must always be taken serious XD} ALL THE FLUFF (ridiculous (and beautiful) amounts of fluff) ALL THE LAME HUMOR (not our fault) (IT WAS LARS, I SWEAR!) ALL THE AVEYOND PRETTY MUCH We are not responsible for the following symptoms: A sudden obsession with the pairings inside of this fanfic, the sensation of being drowned in fluff, sudden fits of hysterical laughter or numerous and frequent facepalms, or the sudden need to go through all the Aveyond games again. No suing us for dying of randomness overload!! {We have cassia leaves, we can bring you back. We are broke, you shall get nothing out of suing us anyway…} Please read responsibly. (please...very responsibly) {but with zero expectation of maturity} --------- Will They Survive? ___ "Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to Will They Survive! *annoying TV show music* We're in the front yard of Thais castle, here on Aia, and with an exclusive episode for you! Let's meet with our contestants starting with Rhen Pendragon!" Rhen leaped to the forefront of the screen, knocking the host over and yelling something fearsome about defeating the demon and protecting her people and our gracious host could be heard to stutter behind her, "Wait, that isn't what this show is about-- your highness, please-- what--" Next to the seat that the Thais queen had been occupying a gentle man dressed in similar finery rose quickly, grasping ahold of Rhen's shoulders to gently pull her back and whisper hurriedly in her ear. "....reality show.....prize....no demon....angry vampire.....shhhh..." Turning pink the young queen nodded and allowed the man to pull her back down into her chair. "My apologies." The host cleared his throat nervously and nodded, "Of course highness. Now to introduce her companion, Dameon!" The host left out a quiet sigh when the queen edged back to her seat. "Based on the latest gossip, rumors say that Dameon and Rhen have a very unique past. The audience is waiting for answers! Mr. Dameon please talk to us!" The man beside the queen stood again. "Well... I'm not sure what you've heard, but I was... In a bad place, and Queen Rhen got me out of it. So I'm certain she can get us through whatever happens during this contest." He turned and smiled at her and she turned more pink and yanked him down into his seat again. Behind them, a red haired woman snickered (or was it a woman? Perhaps creature of darkness would be more accurate? The paladin beside her wasn't sure). The host then turned to a young woman sitting several chairs away, black hair pulled out of her face with a large bow and appearing quite bored. "Now I'd like to introduce our next contestant, Mel Darkt-" He was cut off mid word by a dark voice finishing her last name...a tad differently. "Ravenfoot. Mel Ravenfoot" The host met the eyes of the glaring male vampire next to Mel and swallowed hard. "Of course. Everyone meet Mel Ravenfoot and her er-consort Gyendal Ravenfoot. Moving on..." The man's eyes wondered around and decided not to question Mel's husband, since he wanted his life. He decided to give a try to the vampiress... "Moving on, we have two of the main characters that have appeared through the entire Aveyond series!” Te'ijal glanced at Galahad and gave a sigh. "This is getting ridiculous. Can we move on? Is this TV show even satisfying the viewers?" The man adjusted his tie awkwardly and swallowed hard. He whispered to his microphone something about not getting paid enough and then he coughed. "I’m sure you can tell us something Mrs. Ravenfoot." "You know I am vampire again right? Don't mess with me human. “The paladin next to her gave a sigh. "As much as I hate this annoying host, you promised not to eat any humans wife." Galahad said, surprisingly smirking. "Anyway!" The host said, with a half-grateful, half-horrified glance at Galahad, "we also have Lars Tene-" "Lars Tenebor, high sorcerer of Shadwood Academy and cousin of the empress." Lars had stood and taken the microphone from the host. "I'm the sane one, and I'm sick of this. We also have this weird butterfly lady who is apparently Mel's friend--" Stella opened her mouth to say hello but Lars kept talking-- "And someone from the second and fourth games might show up later but the current writer is not creative. Can we get on with this?!" The host grimaced slightly as he snatched his mike back. He was not paid near enough to do this. "Alright, thank you for that.... Anyway, it is now time to explain the rules!!! All eight of our contestants will be placed into a secluded area of the Thais castle for the duration of one week. They must last that week without harming each other or destroying things, and if they do they will win the grand prize!!!" There was unenthusiastic applause and the host felt his eyelid twitch. "Now, it is time for our contestants and their things to be taken to the private guest wing of the Thais palace, offered to us for this endeavour most generously by king Edward Pendragon!" A brown haired young man gave a gleeful grin and waved, laughing about justice for his suffering or something of the like. "We will cut to break during this time but don't go away!!" He glanced over at the advertisement cards being held up behind the cameras and sighed before pasting on a smile. "Will They Survive is brought to you by our sponsors: Herbert's Coffins where the very latest styles are always available, and the great sculpture who is world renowned for his Hercules disaster--I mean masterpieces!! ___ *after a "short" break filled with pointless marketing* "Hey again dear viewers! This is Will They Survive and--” The host glances behind the camera guy and sighes. “Another sponsor? And I'm still not getting paid enough! Unbelievable! I mean Chibjamas are now on sale! Fuzzy red pyjamas with Gyendal chibis on them! If you want one you can call 24680547-" A shout is heard from the other room. "GET ON WITH THAT!" The host sighs pulling his hair violently. "ANYWAY! Let's move on with this lame reality show!" Mel raised an eyebrow at the man who she was apparently married to. "Chibjamas?" Gyendal shrugged. "I didn't make them. But when I find out who did..." He let the threat hang unspoken in the air, and Lars seemed rather more pale than normal. Probably because of the bright studio lighting that had been set up. Yep, definitely the lighting. "Okay!" the host said, exasperatedly-- er, excitedly. "The first challenge our contestants must face is to arrange their sleeping quarters without killing each other! Let's see how they handle it!" ___ “That room is mine!!!” “No way in hell!!” “Get off the bed with your shoes!!!” It was utter chaos in the seclusion wing as they fought for where they would sleep. Lars had of course claimed one of the rooms as his own, as per fitting of his noble blood. That plan however was quickly changed with the arrival of a certain vampiress and her dark paladin… “Sorcerer, if you value your comfort and your humanity you will remove yourself from the bed. Humans may be amusing and at times adorable but even I have my limits and I will not go the week without a room of my and Galahad’s own.” Te’ijal said, her tone relaxed but her raised eyebrows making it clear she wasn’t playing around. “Why should you get the bedroom?! I got here first, finders keepers!!” Te’ijal hissed softly and behind her Galahad cracked his knuckles ominously. Letting out an undignified squeak Lars jumped to his feet, darting around the vampire pairing before fleeing the room. “Fine!! I’ll go use the other bedroom!!” Te’ijal and Galahad exchanged looks. “Should we stop him before he dies?” Galahad questioned curiously. Te’ijal grinned. “Oh I wouldn’t worry about it, this is a survival of the fittest kind of game and I’m sure Mel and Gyendal will take care of that just fine.” A shrill scream punctuated her words and the door to the other bedroom was opened and slammed before Lar’s took off the the demon king himself was on his tail. “See? It’s working out already.” ___ Lars stalked out of the room half-terrified, half-annoyed. When his eyes fell to another door he flew inside and shut the door behind him so that no one would steal this place too. The sorcerer closed his eyes with a satisfied nod. "Finally, a decent room for someone with royal blood." A cough was heard behind him. “Hell no!” He turned around, facing the rest of the room when he realised he wasn’t alone. Lars saw Mel adjusting her bow in front of a mirror, looking at him with a massive grin. "THERE'S NO WAY I AM LEAVING THIS ROOM TOO!" The room's balcony opened and Gyendal stormed in. The dark mage stood face to face with Lars and the sorcerer swallowed hard. "Three...two..." Before Gyendal could finish his words Lars ran out with a scream and the mage left out a quiet chuckle while Mel looked at him laughing. "That should do." He said, slowly making his way towards her. Gyendal placed his hands in her shoulders looking at her reflection playfully. Mel just shook her head in amusement and mumbled something out with a chuckle. “The powers of the great Lord of Twilight...” ___ In the next room over, Rhen was already crawling into the bed. She needed to be well-rested if she was going to survive a week with all these crazies. And anyway, if she pretended to be very exhausted Dameon would give her a back massage to help her sleep. Actually she could probably just ask, but then he wouldn't have that silly sappy smile he had when he thought she wasn't paying attention. "Dameon," she muttered mock-sleepily, reaching out towards where he was pulling the windows closed. But then she was interrupted by a frantic banging on the door. "What in Aia--" she bolted upright, and stared at the door, and then at Dameon, who looked just as shocked as she was. He went to the door, slowly unlocked it-- "LET ME IN, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!" Suddenly Lars was trying to tumble into the room, looking decidedly pale and this time there was no studio lighting. Dameon caught him and stood him upright outside the door. "What's the matter, Lars? People are sleeping, keep it down--" "DEMON KING! MURDEROUS VAMPIRES--" Lars coughed and cleared his throat, and stood up straighter. "I mean, um-- all the other rooms are occupied." Dameon looked him over. His robes were disheveled. His hair was sticking up in all directions. He looked rather like he had just seen three vampires consecutively. Dameon looked back at Rhen, who had already settled back into the bed and closed her eyes. Her purple hair was spread out around her like wings and her arm was hanging tiredly over the edge of the bed. Well, they had gotten to the room first. "Sorry, Lars, you can't sleep here." Lars crossed his arms. "Why not?" "Because," Dameon thought quickly. "This is... a supply closet." And he closed the door. ___ Lars stared at the door that had just been closed in front of his face for a moment, contemplating breaking it down with magic before remembering that if anything was broken they would lose the contest. Muttering sullenly under his breath he stalked into the main living area, making his way to the couch where he dropped down with a grumble. “Lars?” Jumping slightly he turned, looking to see the butterfly girl, Stella he believed they had introduced her as, standing several feet away. “What?” He snapped, only to feel awful about it moments later when the girl’s face fell slightly. “I apologize about disturbing you, I was just wondering if you were planning to sleep on the couch tonight.” Lars instantly knew what she was about to ask and pointed an accusing finger at Stella. “Yes it is and no way in hell am I giving it you!!! It is mine!!” He patted the couch emphatically. “MINE!” Stella gave a soft smile and retreated away, setting herself down on a small padded window seat that looked cramped even for the slight female. “I understand. Goodnight Lars.” He grumbled under his breath and laid back, closing his eyes as he got comfy on the couch. Comfort came relatively quickly, sleep on the other hand did not. He tried to ignore it, he really did! But he kept on opening his eyes and looking over at the girl sleeping uncomfortably and the gentleman that he had been forcibly reformed into over the course of the quest just wouldn’t leave him alone until with a muffled curse he stood. He carefully crept over to where Stella was sleeping and with the gentlest of movements slid one arm under her knees and the other behind her back, carefully avoiding her wings. Hoping against all hope she wouldn’t wake up he gently carried her over to the couch, settling her down without crunching her wings and then covering her with a blanket he found on a nearby stool. Then, with an impressive glower he stalked to the window seat and dropped down hard into it, squishing himself inside. The next time he saw Elini he was going to thank her for ruining his life from her “gentleman training” with a plague curse.
  5. I love this for so many reasons! First being Daena is one of my favourites too XD The silk is just amaizing and I love her pose! It turned out so awesome!
  6. June! Sorcere or sword singer?
  7. My cat XD <3 What's your favourite song ever?
  8. Marvel Summer or Winter?
  9. Actually as it comes to not crack shipping, I love MelxEdward and this fanfic was amaizing! I don't really like StellaxEdward but since they're canon there's nothing I can do XD I loved this fic!
  10. I've already told tou how much I LOVE this so I am not going he rant XD
  11. Snow <3 Movies or TV shows?
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