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  1. Both are AWSOME CANNOT decide Boyle Wolfbang or Pendragon? XD
  2. First Av4 fanfic yayy! I loved it! BoylexIngrid are my fave in Av4 and this was hilarious! Boyle wanting a hobby ahaha XD Please write more Av4 because this was AWESOME! And the Pendragon reference was awwww
  3. Patrick XD Nike or Adidas?
  4. Ahh Eithera is adorable here XD I especialy love the little spell book
  5. I never had problems with the other Aveyond games but I had this message pop up in Av4 as well. The only thing I did was to turn off the computer and then on again. I cleaned some cache (like Clean Master) and then it fixed. I got that message pop up again a couple days later and I did the same and it worked :/ Maybe try that until they fix it?
  6. I am loving the changes too The signatures were so cool so I hope they'll come back soon! The only thing that restricts me is the like limit since I love showing support to others by liking Everything else is great though!
  7. Ahhhh Boyle's my fav too from Av4 I agree with Berry that the beard looks just like his I love this and it's the first Av4 aesthetic! I've reached my like limit too
  8. These are adorable! Rhen is just awsome and Iya is sooo cute! Good job, these are great!
  9. The fire looks sooo realistic and Talia is just adorable! I loved how you did the dragon it looks sick! I loved this one is so well done
  10. @Mu11berry all of these are just awssome! I love Gyendal and the vackground is lovely (I found Mel XD)! I love the others too of course Rhen looks stunning! She's soooi pretty in that drawing!
  11. Aveyond for sure XD Why do vampires need to sparkle in Twilight? XD
  12. Okay since I'm kinda new here, I will post something XD Hey all, my name is Rodania and I am a gamer pretty much. Not having a a good pc though sucks, so I can't play a lot of games. I fell in love with Aveyond when I was 7 years old and I never thought there was an Aveyond community out there! It's really exciting to know there are so many fans. I love singing, writing and drawing but I suck at all these haha. My favourite game is Aveyond (if you can't already tell) and specifically Av3! But I love RPG games in general. Also English is not my mother language so I'm trying to make it as decent as possible, so sorry for any mistakes.
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