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  1. The aesthetics are adorable! The pictures don't look blury too me though XD If you want veey good quality pictures I suggest ZEDGE, it's an app on Android and a site on PC. I love Rhen lol. It's hilarious!
  2. Okay I have already love this... but I FREAKING LOVE THIS! Ohhh I especially love the pen version because I like the feel it adds to the drawing! ^^ <3
  3. French Fries. No internet or no school?
  4. Awww that's so heartwarming and cute I can't wait to see more drawings from you
  5. First, I want to say a huge thank you for all the reviews and support! I didn't think that a lot op people would like this story. It means a lot to me! Second, I also want to say sorry for not updating I just had a crazy week XD. More updates are coming I promise!
  6. I would love, you to respond to my reviews. If you have time of course Also are you thinking of leaving this pairing as it is or really making it as a couple? I'm just curious but if it's a spoiler I will wait to see XD
  7. @Mu11berry Oh I'm happy you liked it. And yes I think so too, Rhen is the most likely to do things like that XD. Ahhh yes I agree I love that part of her too! So here we go, next part! Day 2 What can I believe first? That I’m going to walk in the sun or that I’m joining the chosen one in a mission to defeat Ahriman? Both sound equally crazy to me. The others wanted to buy some things and rest so we will leave Ghed’ahre tomorrow. A couple hours ago the humans returned with the sunblock I asked, which suprised me. Noone in the right minds would allow a vampire to the surface. After Rhen told me the reason they’re travelling, I wanted to help. I wanted to go on an adventure and explore the overworld. The young sword singer said that I could join, only if I agreed not to eat any of them. The others looked at her like she was crazy. The scene was amusing. Their jaw dropped to the ground and they were scared that I would actually bite them. They’re lucky that I do not eat humans anymore. The truth is that I used to, but I decided not to a long time ago... I am not exactly sure why though. Even if I don’t feed anymore, I won’t let them know that. Then all the fun would be gone, wouldn’t be? I’m sitting on a tree on the town’s entrance right now, waiting for the children to finish shopping. The sorcerer has way too much fun with the travelling runes. It’s quite funny. Hopefully they’ll be back soon, I’m starting to get bored again. I can’t wait to leave this place.
  8. And yes I'm reviewing here as well, sorry for that XD! Okay that's just a-m-a-i-z-i-n-g! I love how they're now having a much closer and tense relationship. It's so interesting and exciting, I'm so excited for the next chapters. Also you really write fast and update in short times. I certainly can't do that XD
  9. Okay I am reviewing again! I can't tell you how much I enjoy this. It's OOC but that's completely fine with me because I love crazy stuff. AND I LOVE YOUR STUFF! Ahhh this is so great!
  10. Okay so I was inspired by other people in this forum and I wanted to write a diary. This is going to be Te'ijal's diary since she is my favourite character. In my opinion she likes reading and such since she's very knowledgeable about Aia's history, so I thought she could have a diary. Title credits go to Mu11berry! So let's get started, shall we? Day 1 Today was different. Finally I have a chance. A chance to walk the overworld. I thought I would never be able to do it again. Luckily, young Rhen showed up with an opportunity for me. I can’t describe my excitement! But let’s take things from the beginning. A group of young children visited our town a few days ago. Stupid enough of them, but at least they brought garlic necklaces. They seemed to be travelling. I heard that they defeated the demon inside the church. They sound brave and it was really nice of them to rescue Rashnu. I haven’t seen him in so long, due to the fact that I had no idea where he was. I thought he was too busy being a druid. Who knew he was trapped all this time? Anyway back to what happened. I was sharpening my arrows, when these children visited my house. I recognised their skills easy enough by their appearance. Can I mention that I had never so much fun reading humans’ minds? A purple-haired sword singer, a snobbish looking sorcerer, an exotic demon summoner and a sun priest who acted strange. I can’t blame him though. Ghed’ahre is certainly not a place for people who love light. Anyway, everyone seemed to keep a distance from me except young Rhen. I couldn’t help myself, so I mentioned the sun-block to them. Besides, they were the only ones able to bring it to me. Luckily, they agreed. Maybe my boring existance could change after all. What do you think? Does it worth an update?
  11. Okay it's obvious I have started reviewing all of the stories here XD! This is just hilarious and I loved it soo much!
  12. Hope this isn't spam XD! I just realised that I reviewed Shadows of my Twisted Destiny in this story.. sorry for that lol. Of course I am in love with this story as well!
  13. Ohh I re-read this because I had forgotten how CUTE it is! Loving it! ^^
  14. Okay I reviewed this in FanFiction but I think it deserved a review here! It's awsome! Really exciting and the Oracle part was really good! ^^
  15. Ohh that's really nice! I never imagined Lars thoughts like that. I liked it ^^
  16. I know that it has been years but your story EsmeAmelia is awsome!(like all of your stories) You write Te'ijal and Galahad so cute! Probably you won't continiue it though T.T
  17. Omg your drawings are soo good I am so useless I can't even draw a table lol XD I loved the RhenxDameon ones and of course the Tei and Gal one ♡ And pirate John looks so handsome here that Aveyond itself lol.. Plz draw more I think you realised who I am ♡
  18. Omg these are so cute! And an amaizing author and a fantastic artist? I think you rock! Btw I 'm Rodania that reads your fanfictions! Always a supporter of you! ♡♡
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