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  1. Oh. I apologize. ; I think shes talking about the avatar for your game, Lydia
  2. Hm... i have a unique fur pattern xD The lad on the left is me in wolf form. Only i wish i could imagine him standing upright as a werewolf Still. ...*examines it over* ...This was hand drawn right? It looks so like like. I love its eyes. Whats this character?
  3. hm... Maybe not if you have a photobucket account. Its free Upload them there and show here
  4. that be publicity for you~ Its best to put up some news that will let us know you'll be busy often with a play and will work on the game when ya can
  5. Beautiful~:loving: Be sure to add your own touches. however you like to it, Lydia. this is yours too
  6. Your welcome. Mind adding also, in bold text "First ever Survival Action rpg!" On the top before the first Authors comment? I forget to do that ;
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