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  1. With Norton it sometimes works to add Amaranthia back to the safe site list. If you see it disappear you can find it in quarantine from the home page and readd the program.
  2. The new site seems very user friendly and I hope everyone retuns.
  3. It is neat to see where the games are created.
  4. If you include plenty of time for homework, studying, and projects you my be able to carve out some fun time. My schedule varied throughout the semesters, but sometimes I could keep a chunk of time open on Tues, Thurs, and Sunday for fun stuff including games. A friend of mine who did more gaming did school stuff everyday from 7am - 7pm and had evenings open.
  5. Thanks for posting the update. I liked playing both of the games.
  6. This game has been fun to play so far (I just came back through the wall). If you get frustrated the tips in the thread may be helpful.
  7. Kirroha your art is beautiful! I like the emotion displayed in the last couple picture as well.
  8. I generally like installers better since different versions of Rar/zipfiles sometimes do not open.
  9. It is always fun to from rags to riches since there is some feel good vibes. But riches to rags can add some other character development. I also like impoverished royalty/ nobles finding a way to get some money.
  10. Mereko, I love the quote in your siggie. It makes me want to read the manga.
  11. If you have time could you help with my file. The pirate ship disappeared from the dock outside Venwood. If possible I would like to have the boat back to continue the game. https://rapidshare.com/files/132342170/Save03.lsd
  12. Even though it isn't exactly fantasy there are some books in most library systems about costumes throughout history. Your librarian might be able to find the ones that compare the historical ones to the fantasy drawings.
  13. The framing of the hyrax with the flowers is a pretty look in the picture. It is neat that you have them in the garden.
  14. I finally found some of my photos of the local wildlife. The animals are a little farther away, because I had to race and find the camera. Coyote- He was a little crazy and wandering around one afternoon. http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/866/coyoteg.jpg[/img] Raccoon- The family of raccoons would hang around for a few hours every afternoon to eat some of the berries from the palm tree. http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/4063/raccoonsh.jpg[/img] Tortoise- The gopher tortoise liked the mulchy spot that was left after we removed the giant pine tree. http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/8956/tortoisez.jpg[/img]
  15. I like the background and have the urge to explore the cave and investigate the blue vase.
  16. Bryce, The seal looks so cute and sleepy! Aeternus, The picture of the muskrat is really neat. Chipmunks are cute little creatures.
  17. Shyvanna, you look cute in your pictures and the hat looks warm. Kenneth, You look nice in your photo.
  18. Congratulations on your new baby boy. He looks so cute!
  19. You all take some great pictures. I am away from home right now, but there are some amazing cranes walking around that I will have to find with the camera.
  20. Popcorn is a great salty snack food full of fiber and not at bad unless you use lot of butter and salt. Hummus and sliced veggies (some suggestions: carrots, zucchini, radishes, cucumbers, bell peppers) A sweet dessert - dried dates, apricots or figs For other beveages besides water try fruit teas (strawberry is great in summer)
  21. I like bards that can do magic, play for food, fight, and convince other strong players to join the party. I also like characters with multi person attacks- they really help when you encounter several enemies at once.
  22. Slimmeiske, I like your costume. I can see why the people on the train were surprised.
  23. :laughing: The video was hilarious. Congrats on the wedding.
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