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  1. Kiyomi lets out a horrified banshee scream as the noise is slammed onto her. "GUAAA!" She then shouts as he makes the volume louder, she attempts to tackle MMB just as soon as her ears got used to the loud singing.
  2. Kiyomi was unfortunately stuck in talking Japanese, seeing as how everyone else is talking English... She's stuck in a seccond language. She whines helplessly, chucking the snowball in the bus's direction, hoping to hit a headlight. "ā hora ! watashi hane...to omou yo...*" *Ah hah! I got it... I think...
  3. Kiyomi growls, pelted with icecream. She wipes her cheeks, then around her eyes and licked her lips. "Watashi dake de naguru n daro u...Soshite, aisukurīmu toriga.*" She whispers to herself, rolling her eyes. She digs her hands into the snowwy ground and prepares a snowball mix of icecream and snow. *I guess I hit someone... And triggered the icecream.
  4. Kiyomi blinks, being smacked with a snowball in the face. She cries out, "Ittai*!" She rubs the side of her face. Not only was she mad, but she can speak Japanese. She glares at the Chat Monster, not possible unless she was laying on the ground, But atleast she tried. She then hurls a snowball at the Chat Monster, hitting it because it's a huge target that cannot be missed. *That hurt!
  5. Kiyomi walked on, HOLY COW... Is that... She thought, eyes wide and mouth gaped, It's... A bowling ball... The size... Of a building. A building! She then tilts her head questioning, she fell far away from the other baka rangers. So where was she? Should she walk in the direction of the bowling ball..? Might aswell. I am a baka. (( Hum!~ Sebastian? Lol :3 ))
  6. Kiyomi dived down into the air, slamming into the tree that somehow moved over to catch her, she broke through ALL the branches trying to catch her. Her butt smashes into the snow, eyes going wide as a shot of pain goes through her back because of the snow. "Owww..." She whines, falling over to her side. After that, she tried to yell for the others, nothing came out but a hoarse wheeze. She mouths out a word, 'Crud.' She looks to the side, standing up and pulling the caprees she's wearing from her skin to empty the snow from... Touching her back. Then trudging in any sorts of direction.
  7. Speedy

    Pokemon (fan) RP

    (( Uh, I'm sorta lost when you end the paragraph with a buncha dots... ._. )) Amanda hopped around, she sprints in the random direction she was going in, "Run run run!~" She squeeled, jumping off a small ledge, floating there for a moment. For being in Vulpix form she was running down the cliff, catching herself at the bottem, still sprinting. "There's a city around here." She snorts, looking to the side as she tears out a small pokedex as she stops setting it down on the ground. "...Map." She commanded, a small map showing where she was and the nearest city was. "Good. Left then I'll end up in... Crud I can't pronounce it." It's the city that Ryo's in. She sprints in the direction after resituating it on her belt. (( ^^; I'm lazy, I'll look up the name after I post this, right about now! ))
  8. She plops onto the ground, "Chat monster? Sounds scawy." Kiyomi tilts her head, "So, When're we gonna go?..." She impatiently digs through her bag, pulling out something that looks like a lolipop, stuffing it into her mouth.
  9. Kiyomi gasps, her shirt pulling upwards, up the stairs, managing to her feet. "Iee! I can walk! Let me get my baaack paaack!" She whines, stumbling with each step the force of the pull was yanking her. She goes against the force and pulls to her backpack, latching her hand onto it, she trudges down the hallway again, passing the hole. She slams into the door, muffling words as she smacks her fist into the door, sliding her hand down the the handle, pulling it open. "Stop pulling me already!" She screeched at the badge. She was in the room, and supposably right near the door. (( Lol, she was not the last one. This was her reaction, I'd hope :3 ))
  10. Kiyomi blinks, eyes huge, she tries to hoist herself up onto the ledge. "Mm..." She has her leg bent, silver-ish hair draped over her face, looking up, peering at the other side. "H-Hey! Who put this hole here??" She yells, rather loud. She drops her foot, swinging her hands, mid air and misses the ledge, "Cr... Rud.." She screams, yet again, landing on her back on the ground.
  11. Kiyomi yawns, dragging what seems like a backpack, rubbing her eyes with one hand, "Jeeze... Who can sleep at a time like this?..." She murmurs, irritated she couldn't sleep in. She sludges across the hallways, turning and stepping on what seems to be a ledge, her eyes go wide. She falls on one knee, one foot latched onto the ledge and the other down, waay down, facing the ground of the basement. She yipes, backpack on where her foot is. She lets out a high-pitched scream of horror from not falling flat in the hole, her foot is still latched on the ragged ledge.
  12. :3 OMGosh I sweaaahh.. *cackles* I'ahm gonna join. Name: Kiyomi Age: 11 Gender: Female Appearance: Height- 4'10'' Hair- Long, bottem length silver-ish colored hair. Weight: About 100 pounds. Actual apperence in how Speedy shall describe: Kiyomi is a really, oddly tall for her age, and looks really thin when she eats... A whole bunch... Long hair and light blue eyes fix the normal-ness of her odd hair color, silver. She wears caprees in the winter and long, over sized pants in the summer. (That is all.) Ranger Color: Silver! Weapon of Choice: ... Her fists? Wait... Am I reading this right? *announcer goes to ask persons behind him what Kiyomi wrote down*... Yes. Her fists. Signature Moves (minnimum of 3): SOCK'EM~ Where she randomly punches in random areas of the attacker, shouting random things like 'WHO ATE MY PUDDING?' And such. ROAR~ She just roars feircly, idioticly, and of all sorts! RANDOM DANCING~ Do I have to explain this?... Oh well. She dances around, like a little child. FINAL SECOND~ She bows, then suddenly puts up one finger, her pointer, saying one word, "Second." Lol, Wait, Why is she so young?... Oh, It's only because she's a silly little kid who loves messing around, that's why... Oh... She also is always mis-pronouncing some words... SOME!
  13. Speedy

    Pokemon (fan) RP

    (( o,.,o Since when did this get revived? Good god, this's been awhile... ~.~ I thought this RP was a gonner. )) Amanda streatched, paws going apart, sleeping for almost two days was something that kids began poking at her. A small toddler was staring at her as she opened her huge jaws, snapping them closed. The kid's eyes were like... 'O_O'... She turned her head to the toddler, "Nn.." She murmurs, eyes half open. Prodding off.
  14. Speedy

    A Bedtime Story

    It's a wonderful story, very nice and it even is a Bedtime story for me XD Yay!
  15. Speedy

    Avvies and Siggies

    X3 Yus Ichigo~Chann Is nummy :3 And Ryo; I don't think the siggy is very girly
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