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    How can Talia learn a new spell?

    There are a few other spells she can learn. You unlock others when you join one of the many guilds.
  2. aveyond5855

    what is the "worn slipper" quest

    Its a quest unlocked at Grunwich Vineyard after you talk to the guard of he underworld. You can also help the "dead" lady from Devenshire. You can choose which one you want to do or you can do both if you like . You gain a death somthing (I forgot) to get past the guard.
  3. aveyond5855

    Ahriman's Prophecy Enhanced Edition

    Heres some bug and stuff. -Make the stars on equipment in the shopping menu thicker. Its really hard to tell between those stars! -When saving Alica you can "avoid" stepping on the event tile that triggers the fight "The place devin is standing when they confronts him ya'know" He him fight you. -Maybe speed up the intro, just by 5 seconds. The intro even for a 4-year old, is way too long! -When you catch Jack, when you try to kill him, make it an actal battle. What I mean is that he'll fight back like a easy boss. The same thing with the girl you save after the death relic that gives you a shovel.
  4. A new project of mine Story incudes: All the inner and outer scouts. http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/8884/mariet.png[/img]Marie- Age:13 Eye Color:Blue Hair:Purple with a red ribbon. Favorite Food:A bread loaf of any flavor or kind Life:Born at a poor farming village where she spent most of her life as a villager tending to fields and fields of crops all day long. Height:5,6in. Weight:97 Pounds Story: It was just normal day at school and a new girl came in Usagi's classroom, named Exilain as a new student. By the end of school, Usagi and Exilain were great friends. Later that day Luna senses the powerfulest arua yet, from Exilain! Usagi says its complete nonsense. But they agree to follow her anyway just to make sure. A new enemy is constanly after her. The sailor scouts jump out every time to save her regardless that she keeps saying she can totaly handle those guys. Later they stuipidly wander after her through a portal to another world where they spend a BIG, BIG, 7/10ths of the games trying to find a way out of the magical land. As you progress thoughout the game you slowly find out what and who she is. Screenshots:My maps and facesets are still being developed in a day or few I'll have a couple days out but I can show you a charaset from another story I edited. The sprites look like complete GARBAGE but it just the best could do...http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/6138/sailors1.png[/img] Demo?:Yeah, but I will be a couple of weeks or months though. When I make some progress or have a major uptate, I'll let you know that very minute, I promise!
  5. aveyond5855

    irekismaren1011 - The Blacksmith's Apprentice

    Pretty great and amazing srceenshots!
  6. :cry: i can't get that gaven and niclois goodie to work! i have version 2 replaced the maps many times and it won't work! :Ambulance:
  7. How do you get to seri for greystone pass? iv'e looked all over and i can't find it!could somebody please help me?
  8. aveyond5855

    Ahriman's Prophecy v2.2

    a good thing to fix is when you when your defeating dark sprite after defeating the girl the dark sprite will just sit there till you hit the spacebar and during that time you can open the menu
  9. aveyond5855

    how to gather screenshots?

    how can you make sceenshots useing rpg maker xp
  10. aveyond5855

    galaxy solgers

    the sreenshots are almost done
  11. aveyond5855

    galaxy solgers

    im working on a game called galaxy solgers it will be a while till its finshed the charters and demo are not even close being finshed but the graphics are not so great but its still a good rpg
  12. aveyond5855

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    i found a very funny salior moon prism transformation!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blJ3Grr4xXg&NR=1 it make funny sounds and goes in a fast speed
  13. aveyond5855

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    i finally finshed version 5.2 its a great game!!!
  14. aveyond5855

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    i got stuck again i have the gardin of time and rei i need to find the telaporter to japan i can't find it in the room it should be in
  15. aveyond5855

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    im haveing some trouble find boy in the i still have not found him
  16. aveyond5855

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    im stuck in the desert next to mandora city looking for a boy i,ve searched the desert for him and i can,t find him anywere
  17. aveyond5855

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    what does a mercury syempol look like?
  18. aveyond5855

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    i've been stuck in the earth teple trying to get past the 3rd door for months does anybody else know how?
  19. aveyond5855

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    im also stuck in the earth temple how do do you get past the 3rd door?
  20. aveyond5855

    BadLuck - Ara Fell (rm2k3)

    im stuck in the ruins geting the master key in the 4th room with those glowing things on the floor i don't know the combination
  21. aveyond5855

    BadLuck - Ara Fell (rm2k3)

    im stuck in blood forest alter how do you get the masters key? to open the locked door