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  1. i just love that fusion of characters i would love to second part with more characters possibly from stargazer ( young detective ) and edolie ( maybe characters can join temporary like i would really like to know more about the past of eliza from edolie )
  2. mjesec21

    Snow princes Iya

    same even though i used the sphere goodie i completed a game multiple times and saved on every with a different dress but i wish i can progress further with snow princes one
  3. mjesec21

    Snow princes Iya

    please does anyone know?
  4. mjesec21

    Voice pack

    is there any way to get the voice pack since it was removed. Please i saw a video on youtube and i really like it and want to download it
  5. mjesec21

    Snow princes Iya

    is there any goodie for this or can someone modify the game files so that you can pass the sewers and still keep the snow princes dress because that is the best dress in game.
  6. mjesec21

    Numina by starlit

    ok thanks a lot
  7. mjesec21

    Numina by starlit

    please can somene respond?
  8. mjesec21

    Numina by starlit

    Sorry if i caused confusion this is not my game and I really love it ( cannot wait for the second part ) but i have some questions about the quests in game and i dont really know where to ask them so if anyone knows any place please tell me and btw does anyone know how to revive that tree at the beach and is there any special or hidden exit in the lighthouse except for the doors ( entrance ).