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  1. Hui

    Debate >=D

    You're having fun entertaining yourself, wolfie? I don't like the idea of ANTHROmorphorcism in the first place. (MOOs at klep) I am under the impression that we CAN always doubt that we are the ones being "mechanically" characterized by "robots" or other beings. But because we MAY be characterized/programmed into such beings, we may not notice that we are not the ones controlling everything.
  2. I didn't know that, too. I'm pretty sure Japanese pronounce money yen as "yen". Is it really written as En?? They have a sign fer that, though... >_>
  3. Hui


    @Oracle: *whispers* Arggie's just lazy to change it into anything else. A lot of old ladies I know are lazy, too. @Indigo: that looks like so rm2k3 faceset material, lol. Must be the hair that triggered the mental image of Talia.
  4. PM sent. Thank you so much in advance, dearie. :loving:
  5. Please also refrain from giving out spoilers when you are trying to help others out. If you really have to include spoilers, please give a warning beforehand and colour the spoiler contents in white.
  6. well... seeing Indigo's comment reminded me of how thankful I was because Amaranthia opened up a whole new portal for me, I know so many international friends here, learn so much about other cultures, it really taught me a lot all these years.
  7. I wanted to list a few, but asling's got it all listed. grrrr. are you supposed to produce the currency for your assignment, or just list them and/or find out the exchange rate?
  8. @addie: that last part sounds so irresponsible, and sooo like what is going on in the world right now. @Lord_Maeglin: I'm saying if only. I'm idealizing. Apparently given the greed of the majority of the human population, it'll never work out.
  9. Dear wybrich, please contribute meaningfully to threads not just post redundantly, thank you.
  10. Hui

    Earth Day

    Last year there was the World Wide concert. Tons of people wearing green in Singapore to show the spirit. XD I may do so too this year, if there is another campaign going on. LiveEarth rocks!
  11. Hui

    Debate >=D

    @klep: eeeeeeeks. stupid typo. RAWR. And you poked fun at me! T___T Meanie.
  12. Hui

    Avvies and Siggies

    Wait til Maren gets back. She uses that, and her sigs are W00ts. I can only help with photoshop and a little bit of GIMP...
  13. Hui

    Post Your Picture!

    OWWWW MAE!!! My heart bleeds for you. SOBS. T____T Take care dearie, that must have hurt like hell. OWWWWW~~~ >.< @Rena: He says that all the time, but he's probably still stalking you any way. Be careful of where you go alone at night! @lion: gosh, and I been trying to get in between them fer as long as I can remember. ROFL. I used to want klep's attention, but I've changed. TEDS IS MINE AND MINE ALONE! RAWR! (I mean, MOOOO)
  14. Hui

    hazardous coffee?

    @teds, silvermist: I love milk tea, red tea, and floral tea. And I agree, black tea is tasteless. Of Chinese tea, I like Xiang Pien (Fragrant Flakes), which is not too bitter and there is a smooth delicate fragrance. I also like Chrysanthemum tea to bits. xD @gamegirl: like smell but not taste, so it's the same as Anna then.
  15. @count: plus, building dams create humongous amounts of environmental damage. >_> @Lord Maeglin: In my opinion, it just seems silly increasing the power usages of rich countries so ridiculousy and getting caught up in a frenzy about more power to use, when on the other side of the planet people are dying by tens of thousands every second because of starvation. Power usage ultimaltey benefits the better-off countries, as do new sources of power. Even if a place like Iran managed to get legalized nuclear power, only the rich in that country benefits. Consider even in relatively wealthy places like Canada, there is 1 kid dying every 30 seconds because of starvation. Now try to think of the Third World countries. Ultimately we are speeding up Earth's death because of the selfishness of the rich. If only we could, like KTC suggested, attempt an even distribution, it would help slow things down. But the damage is already there, it is worsening by the millisecond, and if new power sources are going to just bring more damage, we are just hastening our own deaths. Just a lot of randomness from a sleep-deprived Moo. I don't think I am making sense to most of you out there lol.
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