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  1. sCREAM

    1. Mu11berry


      Ice cream???? :D

      Haha but I actually had no idea you could post on profiles so thank you for bringing this to my attention :lol:

    2. Honey Butter Chloe

      Honey Butter Chloe

      Chocolate ice cream!!!!11!!!!!11
      Really? It's so cool :lol: Have fun with this lololol

  2. do ye want summore chibi gyendal

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      Haha okay!! I'm totally confuzzled tho...

    2. Honey Butter Chloe
    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      Haha okay, I'll wait and anticipate this grand mystery then :D 

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  3. But to put it as 'reputation' seems a bit misleading, does it not? ^^;;
  4. @Mu11berry Hoorayyyy! xDDD It's like that really cool function on Instagram.
  5. This is amazing xD Keep up the good work~
  6. Is it coming soon? Sorry, I'm just so excited!
  7. One pillow~ It's uncomfortable sleeping with two pillows xDDD Te'ijal or Galahad?
  8. oMG RHEN AS A TROLL I'M LAUGHING You totally made my day xD
  9. Banned because you were being mean to poor LMHM XDDDDDD
  10. I've never had poptarts :3 Have you ever had anyone tell you that they dislike chocolate?
  11. 320 (I honestly think we took too long to do this xDDDDDDD)
  12. Haha, it does, doesn't it? And thank you! Aww thanks so much I'm glad you like them.
  13. Cap. Stuffed animals or action figures?
  14. Okay, Miss Amanda! I'm excited to see the new forum look; I don't like it now either because it doesn't fit the 'Aveyond' theme xDDDD I also hope that the spammer issues will be cleared up after the renovation. ;3 Happily awaiting the change.
  15. Thank you! Hahahaha, in the fanfiction, Lars cooked grilled venison for Rhen while wearing that apron using a compact mini-grill xD
  16. You said that you would make a meme-thingy one day, and you did xDDDDDD Looks like I got it wrong, then, for the thing you were telling me to guess (what you were working on) on Instagram xD All in all, I've did one of these before for the VOCALOID fandom and I never got it finished because you'll literally get lazy by the third or fourth day xD Maybe I'll answer all these questions at once as a piece of artwork
  17. Lolololol I'm glad! Thank you for the digital piece you gave me, though. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you!
  18. I still remember the Amaranthia forums back then. They looked like so much fun~

  19. Extra post today! A request/commission thingy for Queen-Of-Ice101! I don't remember her exact request (it was late at night when you requested it, so I'm really sorry omg), but I recalled her saying that she wanted to see Te'ijal turned into a child as an idea from one of her stories (I don't know which one, but I think it's an unwritten one ), so here it is! I really hope you like it, even though I've said this a million times over Instagram DM lolololol
  20. So, I really want to change the forum title, but I don't know how ;;;;; Putting aside that little thing, here's a very, VERY overdue piece of art. Have you guys heard of Lars' Diary by gabriela here on the forums? It's a very funny fanfiction centered around our dear Lars Tenobor and his diary! ^.^ Someone commented that they wanted to see a fanart of Lars wearing a certain apron from a particular chapter, so although extremely late, here it is~! Do tell me what you think!
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