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  1. Hello! I'm back~ And crying because my partner for the Secret Santa has tastes that I'm not familiar with, sobs...

    So, uh, update on my life if anyone is interested, I just turned 13 a few weeks ago and I'm really happy and also really sad because I still want to be childish (:kawaii-happy:) and I'm now welcomed to the life of people saying "Oh, it's because she's a teenager." Welp, what is life? :kawaii-nervous:

    I'm also going to the Miku Expo that's actually tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!) and I'm so excited because I'm so shocked that my childhood dream actually came true when I had almost given up on it! I'll have to pinch myself a few times at the venue to tell myself that this isn't a dream and I'm living in the present, ahahaha!

    Welcome back to @BlackPrincess too, by the way! Did you do well on your exams?

    That's all I have to say, I suppose. XD I'll have to start clearing out whatever is new in the kingdom!

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      Aaaaaaah thats so exciting that you'll be able to go see the Expo!!! I hope you have a completely amazing time :kawaii-love:

    2. BlackPrincess


      Y don't u try browsing some topics based on ur secret Santa's taste.  It'll b of help 

      thanks for the welcome. I did very well 


    3. moonpeace


      Teenagers are more childish than actual children sometimes ;) And I think I told you this before, but congratulations on getting tickets to the Expo! Have all the fun :D

      And re: winter exchange - If you want, PM me and I can try to give you suggestions or details? I don't remember who I gave you to be honest 9_9 Princess' suggestion is also a good idea

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