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  1. As writers, our words weave worlds, but is that always going to be true?

    1. Scrivener of the Gods

      Scrivener of the Gods

      That's surprisingly deep.

  2. Happy New Year, everyone! :heart:

    I've been thinking a lot about how I should improve my writing, and most of my beta-readers have suggested that I work on how I develop my plots, so that's my New Year's resolutions for this year!! 

    Hopefully, it doesn't go to the trashcan 20 minutes after I make it. XDXD

  3. I should take the time to repost my edits and art, since most of them have disappeared along with my personal Instagram.

    1. Honey Butter Chloe

      Honey Butter Chloe

      But I'm thinking of just deleting everything altogether...

  4. My Secret Santa is going to kill me... Why, oh why, did I not play AV4 yet!? T.T

  5. Hello! I'm back~ And crying because my partner for the Secret Santa has tastes that I'm not familiar with, sobs...

    So, uh, update on my life if anyone is interested, I just turned 13 a few weeks ago and I'm really happy and also really sad because I still want to be childish (:kawaii-happy:) and I'm now welcomed to the life of people saying "Oh, it's because she's a teenager." Welp, what is life? :kawaii-nervous:

    I'm also going to the Miku Expo that's actually tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!) and I'm so excited because I'm so shocked that my childhood dream actually came true when I had almost given up on it! I'll have to pinch myself a few times at the venue to tell myself that this isn't a dream and I'm living in the present, ahahaha!

    Welcome back to @BlackPrincess too, by the way! Did you do well on your exams?

    That's all I have to say, I suppose. XD I'll have to start clearing out whatever is new in the kingdom!

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      Aaaaaaah thats so exciting that you'll be able to go see the Expo!!! I hope you have a completely amazing time :kawaii-love:

    2. BlackPrincess


      Y don't u try browsing some topics based on ur secret Santa's taste.  It'll b of help 

      thanks for the welcome. I did very well 


    3. moonpeace


      Teenagers are more childish than actual children sometimes ;) And I think I told you this before, but congratulations on getting tickets to the Expo! Have all the fun :D

      And re: winter exchange - If you want, PM me and I can try to give you suggestions or details? I don't remember who I gave you to be honest 9_9 Princess' suggestion is also a good idea

  6. It annoys me when people act smugly when others apologise to them, expecting an apology back as negotiated with before. 

  7. I don't need Rhen x Dameon...










    I need Rhen x Dameon.

    1. Mu11berry


      lol me too, Chloe, me too

  8. Although quaint, I find this site quite comforting in a rather strange way. It reminds me that I would never be good enough, yet I don't have to try so hard.

  9. I'm done with exams, which means more time to write. I have like six stories for other fandoms lined up right now, but an Aveyond Halloween idea just struck me... I must write it!

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      yaaaaaay halloween idea:D

  10. Also, excuse my terrible grasp of the English language. I don't even know why I write when I'm so bad at it... Why am I saying these weird things again? I must be losing my mind 

    1. Rodania


      you are totally losing your mind XD your English is amazing gurl

  11. Has it ever dawned on anyone that you honestly,  really want to write for a fandom after a really long writer's block, but exams/schoolwork is staring at you right in the face?

    School is... Hypocritical. :D

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      I have had that, it sucks -___- Hope that school works out for you and returns your free time back to you soon!!

  12. My heart has been smashed to smithereens; I need ExM fluff, and lots of it, pronto! :kaiwaii-super-happy:

  13. Random thoughts...

    Why are humans... Human? Because God made us that way.

    I'm sure, when everyone was like three or four, they wondered. Why am I myself? Like, we pondered over why we had control over our own bodies. Why didn't we have the control over our mother's body? Why not our father's?

    Life's greatest mystery to a child. XD

  14. For Miranda's birthday (which was on the thirtieth of September), I wrote two fics and drew a doodle. One of the fics is a sweet one while the other is the complete opposite. In fact, it's rather mature.


    I'm too scared to post it here.

  15. I need me some Edward x Mel fluff, the one Queen wrote for me isn't enough to sate my craving~

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    2. Queen-of-Ice101


      XD XD I have conference this weekend so I won't be able to do much by way of writing but come next week I will work at getting another one written~

    3. Honey Butter Chloe
    4. moonpeace


      @Queen-of-Ice101 What was your Mel/Ed fic, btw? I don't think I've read it.

  16. I want to eat eggs and drink bubble tea

  17. Guess why I'm Honey Butter Chloe!

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    2. Honey Butter Chloe
    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      ......I am at a loss....... erm let me think, um you also love sweets and your skin is a caramel/golden like honey can be?? XD XD I dunooooooooo

    4. Honey Butter Chloe

      Honey Butter Chloe

      Ewwww, honey-coloured skin sounds disgusting... But nope! xDDDD @Queen-of-Ice101

  18. I like warm people.

    Are you thinking sensual thoughts?

    If not, then congratulations. Because I like people who aren't cold.

    Are you thinking sensual thoughts now?

    Snap out of it and look up the definitions of warm and cold in a dictionary.

  19. I don't need fluff...



















































































































































    I need fluff.

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