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  1. Oh hey, I'm alive!

    I'm sorry I haven't been on here a lot. I've recently been extremely busy with school, and during breaks, my focus tended to shift to other fandoms such as Trauma Center or VOCALOID. However, that does not mean that I no longer love Aveyond, as I still do and I'm glad to be a part of this small 'kind'gom. (Thanks, Moonie!)

    To express my love for Aveyond, today I present to you something strange... 


    A pile of ink and pencil markings. :)

    Just kidding. This is basically Emma being coerced into dressing up prettily and fake-smiling by Iya. As a result, Rye nosebleeds at the sight of his wife and Iya is very pleased with herself. 

    Who wouldn't like a relationship like that?! :rhen_love:

    I personally think Rye x Emma is really a very underrated ship, especially because there are so many possibilities for them in terms of their relationship and various headcanons that one can make out for them since they have the humour and attitudes of 'humans'. While they're supportive of one another, they're not afraid to laugh at one another, and I personally think friendship is the foundation to a long-lasting, loving marriage, which they already have in-game. 

    As a conclusion... Ship Rye and Emma more. :D They're such a cute pair!


  2. For MissArtisticDraws on dA. Hello everyone, I haven't been around lately, have I? :rhen_cry:

    I'm currently cringing at the writing... But I know the thought's the one that counts, and Moonie would throw a fit if I were to rewrite this...

    How does one hide posts!?!? Edit: Fixed! Thank you, @Ishti!




    Kitty Troubles

    When Edward and Stella bought the kitten for Jenna as her birthday gift, they should've looked after it overnight before giving it to the little girl. What chaos have ensued while cat-sitting for a night? One-shot.


    Because the scene between Edward, Stella and the shopkeeper when they bought the little kitten for Jenna could've been expanded on a bit more. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to MissArtisticDraws on deviantArt!


    "I want a kitten for my birthday," the little purple-haired child told Stella when said healer asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Stella had nodded happily, much too eager to cater to Jenna's request. As soon as she was done talking to the little girl and her mother, she exited the house with a giggly smile on her face, making Edward dread what was going to happen in the next few hours.

    "Okay, so... What does she want?" he inquired Stella immediately after he saw her open the door to leave the large house, slightly irked at how they had been dragged into attending the birthday party of someone they hardly knew.

    "A kitten," the lilac-haired woman declared proudly, taking Edward by the arm and  dragging him towards the shopping district in Veldarah. "And I know just where to get one!"

    "Wait, you don't mean—" Edward objected, before he was shut up by Stella stopping abruptly in her tracks and putting her free hand over his mouth.

    "Yes, yes, I am," the normally gentle girl said firmly. Edward sighed, his mouth still covered by Stella's hand. Nodding in defeat, he motioned for her to lead the way, and Stella's bright smile returned to her face before she pulled him into a familiar item shop.

    As the smell of perfume and gift wrapping paper invaded his nostrils, Edward suddenly found himself face-to-face with a friendly-looking middle aged man.

    "Hello, how can I help you today?" the man asked, a kind smile on his face. Edward bowed his head slightly as a greeting before he replied, "A friend of mine is here to get a birthday present for a child. Stella?"

    Raising an eyebrow when he found that his companion hadn't reacted to his call, Edward realised that his arm was free from the healer's grasp. In slight panic, he looked around before spotting Stella's lilac head bobbing up and down in the middle of the shop.

    She was kneeling down on the wooden floors, playing with something white Edward couldn't quite see clearly. Only when he approached her could he see that it was an adorable white kitten, nibbling at his friend's fingers.

    "Oh, Edward," Stella squealed as the prince knelt down next to his companion, eyeing the cat curiously. "It's so cute! Didn't Jenna say that she would like a kitten?"

    Edward exhaled deeply. "Yes, Stella, you just asked her barely ten minutes ago."

    Rolling his eyes as Stella paid him no heed and continued spoiling the kitten, he turned to the shopkeeper who was still standing behind the counter. "How much for this kitten, shopkeeper?"

    "You can have it for 10 gold coins," the man responded, looking up from his newspaper. Pulling out their coin pouch from his backpack, Edward fished the required amount of money out and gave it to the man, his movements slightly begrudging.

    "Hey, Stella, get the kitten over here. We're giving it to Jenna tomorrow," Edward called out. He watched her struggle slightly with the playful kitten that was fidgeting quite a bit before she managed to successfully scoop it up into her arms and set her on the counter.

    "Would you like it wrapped?" the shopkeeper queried. Edward and Stella exchanged a wary glance.

    "Uh... You can wrap a kitten?" Stella questioned, her hand stroking the back of the cat's ears. The shopkeeper nodded as he pulled out some brightly coloured paper and began to wrap the kitten.

    How he did it, the two travellers didn't understand, but in a few moments, the shopkeeper had accomplished in completely wrapping the kitten into a gift with nearly minimal effort, albeit with a few scratches on his face and arms.

    Edward had been too awed by the cat-shaped bundle of wrapping paper, but Stella had already offered to heal the shopkeeper's wounds as extra thanks.

    They left the shop with quiet steps, because according to Stella, "It'll scare the kitten!" if Edward walked like how he normally in his heavy, metal boots. With a roll of his eyes, he kicked off the boots and walked Veldarah's muddy paths with only his socks on.

    He was none too pleased when they returned to the inn and his feet smelled like soil.


    "Do you know how to take care of a cat, Stell?"

    Edward's enquiry incited a look of embarrassment on Stella's face, causing him to slap his forehead in frustration.

    "Well, no," Stella explained frantically, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly, "But I'm sure it can't be that difficult! Besides, it's only for one night."

    "Yeah. One night, and that cat might go missing on us because it saw a leaf dropping from that tree." Edward replied sarcastically, cupping his head with his hands as he sat in front of Stella, the kitten wagging its tail on the table they were seated at.

    Stella scoffed, unhappy at Edward's bitter behaviour at the kitten. "Oh, don't be such a sourpuss, Edward!"

    "Yeah, whatever." the male muttered before yawning and rising to his feet. "I'm going to bed. If that cat goes missing, Stella, you're looking for it and I'm not going to help!"

    Stella simply grinned at him innocently at that statement. "Of course you are, Edward, because it's already missing!"

    "WHAT!?" Edward yelled, his eyes widening to become as wide as saucers. Quickly stealing a glance at the wooden table the white cat had just previously been standing on happily, he realised that it wasn't there anymore, and that the window behind Stella was wide open and there was indeed a tree shedding its leaves outside. "Stella!"

    "Oh, come on!" the healer sang childishly, jumping to her own feet and grabbing her staff as she brushed past Edward. "Let's go, Edward. A wild goose, I mean, cat chase awaits!!"

    "Stella— hey, Stella—!"

    With another heavy exhale, Edward rubbed his temples and retrieved his swords from a corner in their inn room. This was the last time he was going to follow through with any of Stella's plans.


    "Argh, where can it be!?" Edward grumbled, his arms crossed and lips curled in a frown. "Hey, Cupcake, get back here! ... Urgh! Stella, this is all your fault..."

    Edward and Stella were hunting down the little white kitten in the dark city centre of Veldarah with only the aid of the light from Stella's staff to guide them (apparently, the Empress of Veldarah had deemed it unnecessary to have streetlights in her city) and the kitten's name that Stella had just thought up— Cupcake.

    "Why're you so cranky, Edward? This is great!" Stella exclaimed energetically, making Edward shoot an unamused glare at her. "We're looking for Cupcake at 3 in the morning, and the weather is cool and nice and the best part is, no one's looking at us right now, which means no one is thinking about how we're both being total idiots!"

    Edward grimaced at the memory where the both of them had danced on top of the academy roof for Stella's birthday and caused him to be the centre of gossip amongst the students.

    "... Your airheaded-ness knows no bounds, Stell," he finally said with a heavy exhale.

    They walked in silence for a few moments, Stella still sporting a bright smile on her face until a four-legged shadow crossed her vision behind the statue of the goddess.

    "Wait, I see her!" Stella shouted, running towards the large statue and pulling Edward with her. By this time, Edward didn't have the energy to complain nor whine, so he followed her without a word, only a tired facial expression.

    "... That's a gray cat." Edward said as Stella picked up a tom cat and stuck it right in front of his face. "Hey, why can't we just take one of these cats and give it to Jenna, anyways?"

    "Because Cupcake's special!" Stella replied with a huff, putting down the cat and allowing it to run off.

    "Stella." Edward said slowly. "No one will even notice!"

    "I will!" Stella was very adamant.

    "Stella!" Edward complained.

    "Oh, come on, Edward." Stella protested. Oh boy, Edward thought. It's started again. "If Mel was here, she wouldn't like you whining like a girl!"

    "Mel would agree with me on this!" Edward spat, stomping his foot like a child.

    "No, she wouldn't!" Stella whined.

    Edward opposed, obviously. "Yes, she would!"

    "No, she wouldn't!"

    "Yes, she would!"

    "Yes, she would!"

    "No, she wouldn—" Edward began, until he realised that he had been fooled. "Stella!"

    "Well, you agreed!" the healer pointed out defiantly. "Let's continue looking for her."

    "Stella, I want to go to bed!" Now, it was Edward's turn to whine.

    "No bed until we find this cat!"

    Edward sighed for the umpteenth time that night before he obliged. "Fine."

    They walked on for another short period of time before Stella suddenly halted in her tracks, almost knocking over Edward who was traipsing on without so much of a care behind her.

    "Maybe we should lure her out with some food..." she thought aloud, rummaging in her rucksack.

    "Like what? Cupcakes?" Edward asked sarcastically, before he realised that it could actually be true. "Stella, if you actually have a cupcake in that rucksack of yours—"

    "Of course I do!" the healer said, not missing a beat and pulling a traditional vanilla cupcake with sprinkles out of her leather sack. "Cupcake, here's a cupcake for you~"

    Edward bit back his groan of embarrassment as someone opened their window and looked at them as if they were idiots who needed to be sent to a mental institute.


    "Alright, alright! Home."

    Edward wanted to kiss her feet the moment those words left her mouth, but kept his smooches to himself and also to Mel.

    "Okay. And I'm telling you, Stella, if that cat goes missing one more time—"


    Cupcake jumped out of Stella's arms and was currently running towards a trashcan in an alley between some houses.

    Edward groaned again and buried his face in his hands.

    "Let's go, Eddy!" Stella shrieked joyously, chasing after the kitten.


    "Happy birthday, Jenna!" Stella exclaimed happily, Edward not far behind her somewhere and stuffing his face with cupcakes.

    "Mom, can I open it?" Jenna asked, taking the wrapped bundle from Stella. The two had spent the remainder of last night trying to wrap it again "Because Stella insisted," Edward would grumble.

    "Go ahead, sweetheart," her mother said, stealing a quick glance at her as she pulled more cupcakes out of the oven. Jenna grinned and tore off the colourful paper bit by bit before she, in a fit of joy, lifted the kitten up and screamed with happiness.

    "It's a kitten!!" she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling in wonder.

    "Oh, you shouldn't have!" her mother said, now kneeling next to her.

    Edward and Stella grinned. "It was no problem," Stella informed her.

    Edward grimaced while still keeping a courteous grin on his face, hand over his pant pocket that hid one of Cupcake's poop pellets.



  3. The puppet of the Rupert family. It's an interesting take on how Lydia truly feels beneath her spoiled brat attitude. The vibe that you incorporate into your story is stunningly frigid. It made me feel as if I was one of the ladies serving Lydia, and that I could sympathise with her.

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